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Saturday 27 April 2019

Joanna's birthday.

Went to Joanna today to celebrate her 50th birthday. I was a little tired and left early, but it was nice there as always. Lots of people and an enjoyable mix of Norwegian and Polish guests.

Friday 26 April 2019

Three days of same old.

24th - 26th: Working, sleeping.

But I did saw spring onion seeds.

Tuesday 23 April 2019

Back to work

Back to work after more than a week off. It was a bit hard to work two places and have a full day today.

Monday 22 April 2019

Amalie is home

Yesterday and today, Amalie has been home. Always good to have her here!



Saturday 20 April 2019

Spring has finally sprung

At the vicarage



A walk


Friday 19 April 2019

A very quiet day at home

Checking up on the garden and my indoor flowers. Unpacking. And relaxing.

Thursday 18 April 2019

Driving home

Slept a little longer than on our other days here, and then got up and had a long breakfast. Packed our things, got in the car, and started driving home. The drive home was long and fairly uneventful. Good to be back home also! Especially for Bjørn who had needed to do all the driving since the tendinitis in my right arm had made it difficult to as much as lift a cup of coffee. Anyway - home, sweet home!

Wednesday 17 April 2019

A day trip to Jylland's west coast.

Yesterday we drove East to the island of Sjælland; today we drove West to the island of Jylland. Today we spent the entire day on the West coast. I had no idea Denmark had such amazing beaches. Quite exotic for a Norwegian. Another long and nice day. Our first stop was by the white men at the sea. A 9 meter tall monument made by Svend Wiig Hansen in 1994to mark that the town of Esbjerg was 100 years old. We stayed for a couple of hours since we were also quite mesmerized by the tide water coming in.








Then to the island of Rømø, on Jylland's west coast, where we stopped on the bridge to walk out into the dry seabed.




On Rømø we found an amazing beach.



Another Jylland beach



BOB (Bjørn on beach)



Birds on beach also




Driving back, walking into town, ending the day with a drink.


Tuesday 16 April 2019

To the island of Sjælland for a dose of modern art

We wanted to go to the famous Lousiana museum of modern art on Sjælland, but we realised that we should do that on another holiday when we live closer and can spend a couple of days there. So today brought us to another museum of modern art on Sjælland: Arken.

The museum


Outside the entrance


A bird's cage outside of the museum


Some of what we saw in the Damien Hirst part of the museum





There will of course always be some things you like more than others. My favourite piece at this museum was a huge tapestry, that I did not photograph. Another favourite was this one - Andrea Golders "The road to happiness".


Strolling around at Arken


A significant part of the museum was dedicated to a Patricia Piccinini exhibition. The museum writes quite a bit about the thought behind this exhibition, and I am quoting what I personally thought stood out as the purpose of her art:

"Piccinini’s fascinating aesthetic makes use of hyperrealistic means, and by bringing hyperrealism into an imaginative dream universe she shakes our expectations of the well-known. Her aesthetics are made of contrasts: the playful and loving meet the odd and alienating. Piccinini challenges cultural norms of body and beauty: Why do we see certain features as beautiful and familiar – and others as unknown, dangerous or confusing? Unlike Hollywood’s dystopian version of science fiction, where strange aliens, monsters or robots pose a dangerous threat to humankind, Piccinini celebrates everything that is ‘different’. Here we find poetry and beauty in the connected, the strange and the diverse. She invites us to meet her creatures with curiousness and openness. Perhaps we can see ourselves in them and their relations?"











A few other pieces from the Arken collection:





We needed a break and a cup of coffee. We had not eaten for about eight hours, but the food was hysterically expensive there, so we settled for some of the famous Danish pastry...


After the museum, it was back to the hotel, dinner and then some well deserved sleep.

Monday 15 April 2019

Odense and Jylland

We started the day in Odense, just walked around for a bit, had some coffee and a lunch, window-shopped and saw more of the historical part of Odense. A very charming town it is!






Denmark is divided in to three islands. Sjælland in the East, Fyn in the middle, and Jylland to the west. Our hotel is in Fyn, and we want to spend a day out by Jylland's west coast. We decided to spend the last part of this day driving out to the cost to get a better idea of what we want to see and do on that day. We drove all the way out to a small island called Rømø, and were in awe at what we saw: The Wadden sea. What a mesmerizing place! It was quite overwhelming, and we understood that we need lots of time to explore Denmark's West coast. We also went to Denmark's oldest town, Ribe to find a place to eat. The town was charming and wonderful, but the restaurant might be the worst restaurant experience we have ever had, so we'll pass that one in silence. Back to the hotel at around midnight.

Sunday 14 April 2019

Odense and Langeland

First today, the beautiful town of Odense. We strolled around in the historical part of town, and explored Hans Christian Andersen's Odense.
















We had not eaten since breakfast, but were in hurry to get to Church on time (!!!), so we settled for an Easter treat....


It is Sunday, it is Easter, and we are in the town where Thomas Kingo once was bishop. Between our hotel and downtown Odense, we had walked past Thomas Kingo's Church (not the one on the pictures, that must have been where he was bishop), and we had seen online that they had an Easter passion concert that included Bach, Brahms and a choir. We went there, and listened to some amazing music and some truly wonderful voices.


There was more left of the day, and we wondered what to do. Bjørn went online, found a map, and said there was an island in the south connected to the Fyn mainland by a bridge, and that we could go there. He started driving while I googled to see what we should do and see on Langeland. And there was one thing that stood out: Langeland had wild horses! Now that is something neither of us thought we could find in Scandinavia, and of course that was what we wanted to see. So I guided us towards the nature reserve where they should be found.

On the way to Langeland, we drove past so many places with crazy names. Some of them crazy because they had funny meanings in Norwegian, like "Tullebølle" (Silly bully)


Others because they meant the same crazy thing in Danish as in Norwegian. The most dubious one being "Ball of semen"


Once we had parked, the first thing we noticed was the birdlife. Birds everywhere, and large flocks of them flying over our heads. After some minutes of searching, we found the entrance point to the reserve. As everything else in Denmark, it was flat. A huge field of grass, and at the far end, the sea. I had read that there was a hill you should walk up to have an overview and look for the horses. In a flat landscape, even the smallest of hills stand out, so it was easy to see where we should go. We walked up the hill, and from there we could indeed see the wild horses of Langeland. And then a huge flock of birds came and landed in the nearby trees. They were quite big to be sitting on branches, and I think it looked really cool. We walked down the hill towards the sea, and walked about for a bit. It is so cool how we sometimes find pearls like this - just by completely randomly going somewhere.











We said goodbye to birds and horses, and planned on going back to the hotel. But google talked about a "Dovns klint", and signs pointed in that direction. Out of curiosity, we drove on. We came to a parking place with a path leading down to the sea. At first we said we were tired and that we did not want to do more walking just to see more sea. But then we thought that after all we are here now, and we should do as much as possible while we have the chance. We were glad we did. We walked down to a charming place where lots of people were fishing. A path to the right let us see a light house in the distance. And then walking down to the people fishing, we discovered w could continue along the shore on a path around the cliff. While walking there, the sun set, and it was all really beautiful.





It was midnight before we were back at the hotel. We had not eaten much, so we grabbed some food from the local petrol station and had a snack before going to bed.

Saturday 13 April 2019

Driving to Denmark

We started from home in the early morning hours. I drove for the first three hours, by which time my arm was no longer able to hold the wheel, and Bjørn took over. We drove straight to our hotel in Fyn, with only a couple of stops for fuel and food along the way.

Driving over the Öresund bridge. Known from the TV-series, The Bridge, brought us from Sweden to Denmark.


We found our room:


unpacked a little and did a google search to find a place to eat. We found an Italian restaurant that looked very promising, booked a table, and walked the 30 minutes it took to get there.

It had been a long day, and we decided to go for luxury and the Angus beef. That was one of the best meals we have ever had. We planned on walking back also, but it had started raining, so we went for a taxi instead.

At the restaurant



Friday 12 April 2019

Working and getting ready

Two days of working and preparing to go on holidays in Denmark. We are packed and ready to leave. We are driving to Denmark, so we will try to start early tomorrow.

Wednesday 10 April 2019

Getting ready

Working, and preparing for a few days of holiday!

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Nothing new under the sun

Working. And working. Funny how it seems a tad harder to go to my second workplace now that the thought of how it would be to only work a 100% has found a home in my brain.

Monday 8 April 2019

Buzzing about

Working from home means getting all other kinds of things done also. So cold today that I needed to do this:


Sunday 7 April 2019


A quiet weekend at home. Planning our Easter holidays. We will go to Denmark this time. Talking with our neighbour Mette who was here over the weekend as usual. She will move in on a permanent basis in early June.

Friday 5 April 2019

Home a little earlier than usual

Ah, that is quite a treat. I came home from work earlier than usual, and did grocery shopping along the way. Very nice to have such a big part of the Friday at home.

Thursday 4 April 2019


Forgot my phone at home today. It is strange how lost one feels without these things now.

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Me here, he there

I started the day at the physio. He is such a service-minded fellow. When I am not able to come to him during work hours, he opens shop earlier. I was there at 7.15am. He used to work with rehabilitation at one of our best hospitals, and it does seem as if he knows what he doing. Then work before I came home. Bjørn was not here. He visited his father today, and then Kjetil, and was home late.

In the physio's waiting room in the early morning hours...


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