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Monday 1 July 2019

Me at 50, after a trip to the hairdresser.


Sunday 30 June 2019

Lovely life

Bjørn went to visit his brother. He drove up there on Saturday, and they came back here at around midnight with some furniture and stuff that Kjetil needs to store here. Then they both drove back up to Eidsvoll. And while he has been there, I have been busy as hell with house, garden and everything else. Life is good!

Friday 28 June 2019

Getting things done

Bjørn and I have had two days of getting lots of things done. Lawn, fence, garden, house, chatting with Mette..... Perfection :)

Wednesday 26 June 2019

Amalie's graduation

We have no tradition for graduation ceremonies in Norway, and it was not even a thing when I went to University. But the department of physics and chemistry arrange a ceremony for their graduates, and we were thrilled to be invited. It was a very nice event, and Amalie was the only one of the graduates who chose not to just describe the project of her thesis, but to give a personal speech where she also thanked for the support from her closest. That was touching. And her closest is no longer just me and Bjørn, but also her new boyfriend. This was the first time we met him, and he comes across as a very good guy.

After the graduation ceremony, the four of us went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant to celebrate both Amalie and me. This really has been the never-ending birthday.

From Amalie and her boyfriend, I got flowers, a bottle of my favourite wine and a gift certificate to the theatre. Overwhelming.


Tuesday 25 June 2019

A perfect 50th birthday

The recipe for a perfect 50th birthday:

Waking up early to a nice morning and a good breakfast prepared by Bjørn.

Doing gardening in the nicest of gardens



Helping Bjørn tend to the bees





Having flowers delivered from Hjørdis


Opening presents from Astri






Going for a walk...



... while Bjørn drove to Askim to buy us sushi

Getting two wonderful presents from Bjørn. A new phone and money to travel. I am really thrilled about both!

A quiet evening with Bjørn and a glass of wine.

Never have I enjoyed a birthday this much!

Monday 24 June 2019

Having Anne over and going shopping

Anne came for a visit today. Always so nice to see her.


She gave me a scented candle as a birthday present, and then she gave me this:


... and she said it is to symbolise that we are friends on sunny days and rainy days. I loved that.

After she left, we drove to Fredrikstad to shop for a new suit for Bjørn. We found one that looked perfect on him. And I got to choose today's birthday month present. I have needed this:


On the way home we drove to Sarpsborg to eat out as a birthday treat. We went to my favourite place there, Dickens. We had pizza there for the first time, and it was the best pizza I've ever had. Could not have been better.

My very last day as 49, imagine that.

Sunday 23 June 2019

House and garden

Have been washing fence, and doing all sorts of work in the garden. A very good day.

have finished washing the part of the fence that goes from the gate and up to our house. It is the shortest of the two lengths, but it has been quite a bit of work.


Today's birthday month present:


Can't wait to read it!

Saturday 22 June 2019

I am loving this holiday already!

First day of summer holidays! Been all good!

Though it has not been very warm, it has not been very cold either, and we have not had any rain! I have decided to have one day of just relaxing before I start the summer's big hose and garden project. Bjørn has spent most of the day making the upstairs living room look great. I helped carrying some heavy furniture upstairs, but that was it.

Bjørn's bees seem to be busy, which is good. They have not had the best start here, since it has rained and been terribly windy every day since they arrived, and I have been worried they will not make it. But at least some of them seem to be alive and thriving. I bought a lavender today also, as a shared gift for me and the bees.

Today's birthdaymonth-present from Bjørn was a the second Harper Lee novel. If I understood the fuzz when it came out correctly, it is not a prequel to "To kill a mockingbird", it is a draft that was made before it. I know it was slaughtered by many, but it will be interesting to read it.


Sweet neighbour Mette dropped by today with flowers for my 50th birthday. And a very nice card. God, I am being so spoiled this year.


And the vicarage garden is beautiful.


Friday 21 June 2019


Last day at work, now starts summer holidays! That will be good, I am quite tired. Was invited to Guri's class, and had a very nice lunch there. The pupils told me before I left that they were confident I was born to be a teacher. That was sweet.

They celebrated my 50th birthday at work today. With flowers, a gift certificate, a speech, a cake... and of course buttons.



After work, me and my friend and colleague Anne went to a sushi restaurant in Askim and she paid for my sashimi dinner as a birthday present. It is always so good to talk with her, she has become a very dear friend.


Then home to Bjørn. I brought with me some sushi for him (that Anne also insisted on paying for), and the rest of my birthday cake.

His birthday month present for me today was a cake baked by Stine, since he could not know that we would have cake a-plenty.

Thursday 20 June 2019

One of those days

Second last day today, and not much to do at work. Lots of end-of-term parties going on in the classrooms, and a lot of good food from their home countries.

Bjørn was feeling down today, and since there was nothing I could do to make it better, I went for a long drive out to the woods. I saw a moose, a deer, a hare and a falcon on the way.




Was home right before midnight.

Today's birthday month gift - "Flaxlodd" - no idea what it is called in any other language.

Wednesday 19 June 2019


Work in Askim, and work on the garden and fence at home. Work on the fence goes so slow, since it rains every single day.

While I was at work, My mum and Per were here. Bjørn gave them coffee and lunch.

Some clouds our over neighbour Mette's property today


Our rose tree


Today's Birthday month present was a foot massage. Could not have been better!

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Closing a chapter

Today I had my last day at my job in Kolbotn. I do not manage to work 140% any longer, so I have resigned from the 40% position in Kolbotn, and today i said my goodbyes. The principal waited for me to come in the evening, gave me flowers and some very nice words. My colleague Per gave me flowers, My pupils gave me flowers and some other gifts. I have been there for about three years now, and it was strange to be there for the last time. We had an hour in the classroom, and then the two classes joined, and we had a party to mark the end of the school year and my leaving. I felt a strange mix of sad and relieved.

Back home, I got today's kind birthday month present; a drinking bottle. Since my kidney is not working as well as it should, I need to work on drinking more. I will try to keep this with me during the day, and hopefully it will help :)


Monday 17 June 2019


I did a lot of gardening today. Working on the long fence that I have pledged to paint this summer. So far just washing it, which is quite a job.

Today's birthday month present from Bjørn was 5 different kinds of perennials. No need to say they were treasured and welcomed!

Here represented by a net-photo of cat minth since they ones I got are not blooming yet.


Sunday 16 June 2019

Sundays for the win!

Sundays are brilliant. I was up at 6.30, and started the day with breakfast and the exercise program from my physiotherapist. I have been not been doing it this last week because life has been a little too busy. Then it was on to 50 minutes of much needed housework before I sat down to go through the assignments from my online pupils. Then Bjørn woke up, and we had a chat about today and who does what, and about trips to celebrate this year's 25th wedding anniversary. The rest of the day has been about housework, gardening and online pupils. For Bjørn it has been about gardening and the bee hive. We got so much done today!

The hive


Today's birthday-month-gift from Bjørn were two very nice blue glasses. That called for a "cheers", and we had Madeira.


Saturday 15 June 2019

Oh my.

Went to Oslo today to meet Astri. Oslo was packed with people, it took us ages to get to our restaurant. Astri paid for dinner as a birthday present, and she also sent with me a bag of pressies.


As always we had a wonderful day, and chatted away for hours. Time flew, and suddenly it was on time to go back home. Bjørn picked me up at the railway station, and we stopped for some grocery shopping on the way back home.

I already felt quite spoilt, and then Bjørn came with my 15th birthday-month-present: A white wine with an owl on the label. Gotta love the man.


And now it was time to watch the movie I got yesterday. Great stuff!

Friday 14 June 2019

Soon holidays

Friday done, and only one work week left before my holidays! I am looking forward to that! Had to get up really early, since a colleague of mine was driving me to work. Was there at 7.30, which gave me quite a bit of time before my lesson at 1pm. It is good to have some extra time, so I can tidy and wrap things up before the end of the school year. Bjørn picked me up after work. Grocery shopping and home.

Today's birthday-month-pressie was a very nice surprise indeed. I loved the first film, and have waited for the second! Needed to see the first one again, so I can see this one tomorrow. A very nice way to spend the last hours of the day.


Thursday 13 June 2019

Work and vase

My 13th birthday month gift


Wednesday 12 June 2019

Being spoilt

A fairly uneventful day. Apart from, of course, the daily birthday month present! Such a sweet idea, this.


Tuesday 11 June 2019

A birthday bird!

Work times two. Then home, and today's birthday month present was a bird for my small bird collection. Perfect! I love turning 50 :)

The white one:


Monday 10 June 2019

Beezy day!

Spent over an hour with my online pupils, done some housework, but first and foremost I have helped Bjørn prepare stuff for his beehive. I have done quite a bit of paining!

Today's birthday month present was a rescue tool. Nice to know I have a husband who wants me to survive after all these years!


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