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Saturday 29 December 2018

White lightening by Justin Cartwright

My colleague Guro said she had read a novel that made her think about me. It had baboons. What can I say? I have now finished it, and I enjoyed it. I am not yet sure what to make of the main character though, I will have to think about it for a while.


Friday 28 December 2018

Morning walk at Rødenes.

I love where I live. I love the Vicarage, the old medieval Church, and the Rødenes lake. Today I brought the wide angle lens that Bjørn gave me for Chrustmas, and went for a morning walk. I also love my camera and the new lens!!













Thursday 27 December 2018

My day of doing nothing.

One day a year it must be allowed to do nothing. Today was my day of laziness. And with a year of 140% work, neighbour hell, moving out and moving in, Bjørn's recent surgery and my own health issues, I made plans quite early that this should be a day of not feeling guilty about doing absolutely nothing. And I followed through! No alarm clock, which was heaven. Woke up, read a little, slept a little more.... We got out of bed at 1.30 pm. Then to the sofa for more reading and more sleeping. Eventually a dinner followed by reading, TV and sleeping. And then going to bed. OMG what a treat!!!!!

But I did take a photo out of the window to test my new wide angle lens!


Wednesday 26 December 2018

A job well done

After breakfast I went to the house that Nina is moving away from, to help her clean it. The owner comes back tomorrow, so she had today, and had no help. I was there for 9 hours, and apart from a short break to have some food, the day was all about washing, scrubbing, cleaning....

I was dead tired when I came back home.

The day is represented by Nina:


Tuesday 25 December 2018


Amalie slept over from yesterday. And in the early afternoon, Bjørn's brother Kjetil and his youngest daughter Ingrid came here. Another nice and social day!

Monday 24 December 2018


The first year when we hosted the Christmas party. We had nine guests: Amalie, Mum and Per, Anja, Espen, Jørgen and Vemund, and Anja's parents Dag and Torun. I made dinner, with help in the finishing minutes by Amalie and mum. It was a mixture between crazy stress and Christmas cozy.

From now on our Christmases will be here at the Vicarage, and then we will just see who wants to be here with us in the years to come....

Three generation women in the kitchen. The picture was taken by Espen with a text saying he was happy with the kitchen personnel...


Jørgen and Vemund by our Christmas tree, also taken by Espen.


Amalie, with the usual "Nisse"-gift from grandmum

The always beautiful Anja

Sunday 23 December 2018

It was the day before Christmas...

Getting help from Amalie to get everything ready for Christmas. Made a lot of the food also, so that I only need to heat it tomorrow.

The dining room is ready for tomorrow's Christmas party!


Saturday 22 December 2018

Coming along...

While unpacking some more bags, I came across the hat one of my Thai pupils once made for me...


In the evening Amalie came home. Good to see her again!

Friday 21 December 2018

Last day of the semester.

Drove to work. Had planned on only spending an hour or so there, but ended up being there for many hours. Both because so many of my nice colleagues were there, and now we all had time to chat, and because I discovered things that needed to be done. Then it was off to to do Christmas shopping, and then home to prepare for the big day.

We will be 11 people here, and there will be many presents. We know from experience that unwrapping gifts can take 4-5 hours. So we decided to make Christmas Eve a little less strenuous, by unwrapping some of our gifts this evening.


Thursday 20 December 2018

Fixing the ear

Went to see a specialist in Askim today. He removed all the puss and fluids in my ear, and like the doc, he told me it looked really bad. I got an antibiotics/cortisone ointment to drip into the ear three times a day. I am already dripping Bjørn's eye three times a day with a combo of antibiotics and cortisone, so it is kind of funny. It was a painful ordeal to be at the specialist, but it immediately felt better afterwards. Then more Christmas preparations.

Wednesday 19 December 2018

Out and about

Did quite a bit of shopping for Christmas today. Both presents and food. So happy I am on sick leave, the ear gives me a head ache and it hurts a lot. So tired after having been out in the world.

Tuesday 18 December 2018

A much needed trip to the doc.

So I finally went had a doc's appointment today. I hear very little with my right ear, and it hurts like hell. It is getting worse by the minute. At her office, she looked at my ear and exclaimed "Oh god, that was really bad. Really, really bad." And then she went to the phone, rang someone and told the person in the other end that she had a patient who needed a specialist as soon as possible. I am now on antibiotics, I am on sickleave and I will see the specialist on Thursday. I was not quite the sissy I thought I was, and I should have gone to the doc a lot sooner. I have tried to relax a little today and only do a bit of Christmas preparation and some tidying.

Bjørn still in pain, and still not able to see much with his left eye....

Monday 17 December 2018


My ear hurts so much, I could not sleep. I phoned the doc, and got an appointment tomorrow. One of us is blind on one eye, the other deaf on one ear. Both in pain. Not able to do very much today, but decorated the house for Christmas.

And photographed the sun rise.


Sunday 16 December 2018

Christmas preparations

Getting work done and preparing for Christmas. Bjørn still in a lot of pain and still blind on one eye. I have had a painful ear for a while, that now is very painful. I can hardly hear and it now keeps me awake at night. I should have been in Jørgen's birthday today, but was not able to because of the pain.

Irene came for a visit, and it was nice having her here. She is giving away things from her home since she will be moving to a smaller apartment in a year or two. We got a book of psalms from 1908. And we got a bed spread that her mum had once bought abroad, but never used since it was too special. We talked about how we all have a tendency not to use special or nice things because we want to save them for special occasions. And how sad it is that they often simply end up not being used at all then. We all decided there and then to use and wear out special and nice things rather than stuff them away somewhere.

Bjørn got me a Christmas soft toy. He enjoyed the bedspread.


Saturday 15 December 2018

Getting things done

Cleaning, packing gifts, trying to get the house ready for Christmas.

Friday 14 December 2018

Christmas shopping with Astri.

One of my classes today was visiting their teacher. I only had my three afternoon hours with my Afghan pupil. I have worked a little too much this year, so I asked Lene if I could take Friday off. That I could. I drove to the Ski shopping mall where I met Astri. We got a bit of shopping done in a hellishly full shopping centre. We also had a couple of breaks, some food and plenty of coffee. After about 5 hours of mad shopping, Astri came with me to Ørje where we did some grocery shopping, and then she came with me home. The first time she has been at the vicarage, and it was nice to show it to her. In the late evening I drove in front of her to a place she could recognize, and then I drove back home :)

Thursday 13 December 2018

Christmas is nearing

Working - preparing.

Wednesday 12 December 2018

Me, the car expert

I made a set of questions for my one to one pupil today. All about car mechanics. I now know more about cars than I ever thought I would. I would not know how to actually fix one, but the nomenclature is under control :D

Tuesday 11 December 2018


Poor Bjørn has to sit alone in a sofa for a whole day while I am working. Here I am at my Kolbotn work.


Monday 10 December 2018

Working from home

Very good to have a day where I work from home. It makes it possible to get other things done also. And now that Bjørn is in pain, is blind on one eye, does not sleep at night and are not allowed to do anything, it is up to me to get the house ready for Christmas and to buy presents and prepare for our Christmas party. I need to be effective.

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