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Saturday 5 October 2019

A 9 km walk to the grotto






Tuesday 6 August 2019

Late summer





Home from walk, enjoying the garden.




In from the garden, enjoying the sofa.


Monday 5 August 2019

No rest for the wicked.

Doing my exercises, walking Aro, helping Bjørn write a job application, painting fence for three hours and getting all sorts of things done.

Oh, and breakfast today was Wasa with cream cheese and my own homegrown spring onion and oregano. Perfect!


Sunday 4 August 2019

The Fall

Started the day with a long morning walk with Aro. We saw the Common Buzzard which always is a treat. Only had my mobile camera, if not I might have got a half way decent photo of it. As it is, I only got a strange black spot in the sky.


Had a nice long breakfast with the young ones, and then they packed their bags and got ready to leave. Me and Aro came with them, but got out of the car to follow a dirt road into the forest while Bjørn drove on to the railway station. It was very nice to have both of them here, and we much look forward to having them back. Aro and I were happily walking, but then I suddenly stumbled and fell. The knee with the torn cartilage hit the ground first and carried all my weight for some seconds. That was more than enough time to get properly worried about whether or not I would be able to walk a single step more. Trousers torn, knee bleeding, but the pain was not as bad as it could have been. So we walked on.


An hour later Bjørn was back, and we were safely in the car. By then it was no longer much fun to walk. Darned knee.

In the evening it was time for a short evening walk.


And afterwards, sofa and cuddles.


Saturday 3 August 2019


Walked Aro for over an hour in the morning.


Caught in the middle of a yawn, looking funny


When I came home, we had breakfast. Love having the kids home, it brings life to the house! After breakfast Amalie and Benjamin took Aro out for a two and a half hours walk in the forest. When he came home, he was a little tired.


Dinner, and an evening of playing cards and drinking Gin :)

Friday 2 August 2019

Amalie and Benjamin

Amalie and Benjamin came for a visit today. A very nice way to spend the 2nd!

Thursday 1 August 2019


To the physiotherapist. Had doctors been half as eager to help their patients, people would have had better lives.

A walk with Aro. Nature showing itself from its best side.


Wednesday 31 July 2019


Today was mainly about him!


Tuesday 30 July 2019


Started the day by going in to Ski for some X-rays. Bjørn drove me there since I did not want to have the car for the rest of the day. Had breakfast at the mall in Ski and then got on a bus to Oslo. The bus replaces the train as it does every summer because there is work done on the railroad tracks. They told me the bus would take me to central station, but it stopped at Brynseng, so I had to find the closest metro station and go on from there. Met Astri downtown. We went to a pub for lunch and beer, and then, who should have thought, to a football match. Manchester United against the local Norwegian team from Kristiansund. Manchester has a Norwegian manager now, and he is from Kristiansund. Though not planned, Amalie and Benjamin were at the match also, and we were able to spot them n the audience. A lot of waving going on there for a while :) Manchester unexpectedly did not wipe the floor with Kristiansund, but they won 1 - 0. It was a cool experience to be there.


Walked down to the central station and got on a train to Lillestrøm where Bjørn picked me up and drove me home.

Monday 29 July 2019

Road trip times two

I looked after the dogs while Bjørn and Kjetil were out on a road trip.



They came back, and me and Bjørn wanted to bring Aro with us to do something. We put him in the car and drove to a dirt road in the forest which we walked on for fifteen minutes. Then to a lake where we walked for a little while and where Aro had a swim.


Then we drove on to a petrol station where we bought something to eat. We had also brought dinner for Aro, and the three of us sat outside eating. Then we drove around for a little while before we went back home.

Sunday 28 July 2019

Kjetil visits

Bjørn's brother came here today. Always nice to meet Kjetil. He brought his dog along also. A male dog who came rushing in, and tried to dominate Aro. And Aro behaved well. Love that doggie!

Kjetil brought tools to help us in the garden, and a lot of help it was!

Kjetil's dog, Leo


Saturday 27 July 2019

Aro impresses

Another lovely summer day. Bjørn did the morning walk with Aro, and when he came home, we set the table for breakfast. I went out to get a couple of the spring onions that I planted this spring, and Aro escaped out with me. He had no collar, so Bjørn handed me some dog-goodies to increase chances of it going well. Me and Aro walked over to the spring onion, but then he ran off with great speed. Turned out Mette had been for a walk, and now came back home with her dog on a leash. Aro and Buddy have not quite settled their small dispute of which of them who runs the neighbourhood, so me and Mette have decided to let them meet over the fence for a while before we let them have another go at meeting face to face. This meeting with Aro without collar and Buddy on a leash was not what either of us wanted. Mette looked at me and said "What do we do now?". I decided not to run after him, but instead calmly called for Aro to come to me. It took two "come here" before he came running to me, and sat down right in front of me. Mette was really impressed, and I have to say I was amazed myself. Not only did he sit down, he also raised his front paws, like a circus dog, and sat looking at me. I think this one can be trained to do just about anything.

Aro, the garden and the vicinity










Friday 26 July 2019

30 degrees!

In the shadow!

Aro lies flat on the floor and tries to survive. As do we all. But it is really good to have some warmth. This kind of heat will only last a day or two, which means it is possible to enjoy it. In Europe, when they now have up to 40 degrees and more, and it lasts for weeks, it is quite horrendous. But it seems that people need to die by the million before we start changing our ways.

Aro had only had two very short walks so far, it is far too hot for him. We did some obedience training in the garden which was fun. Bjørn is off to Sweden for grocery shopping - I hope he does not melt on the way.

Yesterday I got a message saying that an American friend of mine and her grandson might come for a visit next summer. I would love that.

Aro continues to be good, and fits in so well here. We had a nice evening walk.


Thursday 25 July 2019

The sense of an ending by Julian Barnes


Read this earlier this year. It was a good one.


28 degrees today. Wonderful to have some days with real summer. Me and Aro went for a morning walk. This is what I woke up to this morning:


We were out for 15 minutes, came back and had breakfast with Bjørn. After breakfast we went out again, and we were out for two hours. I brought water to put in him and on him. The last part of the walk was by the lake, and he jumped in and frolicked around for a while.


Then me and Aro did some gardening (well, mostly me), and I had a chat with Mette.

Bjørn went to Eidsvoll after breakfast to give back the car hhe had lent from his brother, and Kjetil drove him back down here. Nice to see him again, as always.

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Summer is here!

Finally a bit of proper summer warmth. Up to 27 degrees now. I walked Aro in the morning, did a few things around the house, and then drove to Askim to have summer lunch with colleagues. We were ten people, who chatted away for four hours. I had brought a gift for Per, a T-shirt with a print that was just perfect for him. It caused a lot of laughter. He sent me text message when he came home, saying it had made his wife laugh :) It is Lene who now has made it a tradition to invite all those who can for summer lunch at her place, and it is always such a treat to be there.

The rest of the day was dedicated to Aro, of course.


Tuesday 23 July 2019


Today has mostly been about the dog. He has been taken for three walks, he has come with us for a drive, we have trained obedience in the garden. He is amazing.


Photo by Bjørn:


Monday 22 July 2019

We have a dog!

We drove to have a look at the dog today. And when we left, we did so with the dog. We are dog owners again! The dog is a beautiful Australian Shepherd, an American breed in spite of the name. He is absolutely adorable. He does have a troubled background, and I hope he will settle in as part of our little family.



The rest of the day was dedicated to the new member of the family!

Sunday 21 July 2019

Drowsing the day away.

Low pressure, humidity and 20 degrees. I never woke up today. Got out of bed at 7.30am, but this has been a day in the sofa. Been so sleepy and tired the entire day. Have blogged a bit, read some, played some online boardgames, said happy birthday to my very young friend Zoltan, made tacos with Bjørn and just lazd about.

But I have also looked at dogs for sale, as I have done every single day for the last half year or so. And today there was this one dog.... So I contacted the woman who owns it now, and she told me its story. And all of a sudden we are going to her tomorrow to meet the dog and see how we get along. I am both excited and anxious. The dog has a troubled background, and might be more of a handful than what I should take on. Here's to trying to use both heart and good sense when I see it.

Saturday 20 July 2019

Bees, Visitors and etting things done.

Got up at 6.15. Got dressed, had breakfast. To help my kidney along, breakfast is now accompanied by one big glass of water, one with juice, and one with milk. And after breakfast I have a cup of tea. I then sat down to start reading the book that dear Cassie gave me: "A country year" by Sue Hubbell. I loved it from the first page! Bjørn started the day by tending to his bees. The hive looks very active and healthy in some places, and quiet unwell in others. I came with him and took pictures, so we can show them to more experienced beekeepers and get advice. There is an endless amount of things to learn about beekeeping if we are to continue the project.





I made preparations to start the big belated spring cleaning of the house, and Bjørn to go to Sweden for some grocery shopping when my friend Geir contacted me. He wondered if we were home so that he and his wife could drop by for coffee. They ended up staying here for almost four hours. Geir is a colleague that had to leave our school because we now have fewer pupils. He became a friend, so we have stayed in touch. We have stored some things in their barn, and have combined visiting them with bringing home things we have stored. He is married to a very sweet and lovely Danish woman. When they left, I went on to do housework while Bjørn drove to Sweden to do a week's worth of grocery shopping.

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