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Sunday 22 December 2019

Nearing Christmas

Bjørn was in Elverum to exchange Christmas presents with his father. On his way home, he picked up Amalie and Benjamin. So nice to have them coming home for Christmas! I have been grocery shopping. We might have food for four months... :) I also bought a few things for Aro, since we are too busy to walk him all day. He needs to have something to do. He embraced the idea!


Saturday 21 December 2019

Busy, busy, busy

Both Bjørn and I have busy days. The weather is awful. Never-ending rain. And it is so dark. Today is solstice, which calls for champagne. One can only take this much of the combo darkness, rain and mud. Aro seems to be able to live with it though...


Friday 20 December 2019


I was home getting the house a bit more ready for Christmas, while Bjørn was out shopping. Had a walk with Aro, of course!




Thursday 19 December 2019


The task I have been working on this whole week was finished today. It has been quite a lot of work, and I have been really stressed. I am glad it is now done. And done well, I must add. And this is my last day at work before the holidays. I have home office tomorrow, and will need work with my online pupils, but it will be good to do it from home. And come weekend, I will finally have some time to prepare for Christmas....

Wednesday 18 December 2019


Bjørn was in Sarpsborg to exchange christmas presents with Irene. She also had my 50th birthday present there:


Tuesday 17 December 2019

All work and no play.

A dull girl indeed.

Monday 16 December 2019

A new task

I have been asked to do something at work that I have not done before. So though I had planned on going home from work early and getting everything ready for Christmas, I have to work long days. The material I need to use for this task, was handed over to me, but it was of little use for me. It was too old and shabby for me to want to use it. So today I have started making something new.


Sunday 15 December 2019

Jørgen's birthday

I went to Ås to celebrate Jørgen's birthday. He is a teenager! God, I am getting old! Mum, her cohabitant Per, Amalie and Benjamin were there also!


Saturday 14 December 2019

Christmas shopping

Time flies way too fast, and we need to get ready for Christmas. Bjørn and I have both been out and about, shopping presents and food. I did so together with Astri. We met in Ski, and spent a day at the mall there. Not much fun to be at the mall so close to December, but it helped that we were two, and that we had frequent breaks for chatting and coffee.

Friday 13 December 2019

Dropping social events...

I should have been at my job's Christmas party this evening. I still feel tired after my three days of stomach flu, and since I am not the most social creature even on my energetic days, I chose not to go. Instead I had a good and useful day at home. We are hosting Christmas this year, and I am nowhere near being ready for it. I tried to do some planning from home, while Bjørn took the car and had a day out in the world, buying presents and getting practical things done for the both of us. He also got a haircut :) I ordered sushi which he stopped by the restaurant to pick it up on his way home. On recommendation from my colleague Per, we got the "Chef's special" this time. Oh my. That was not at all bad.

This corner of the world is now a very dark, muddy, rainy place to be. It is driving me a little nuts. Days are only getting shorter, nights longer. We are soon down to only 6 hours of "daylight", and because of the fog, the clouds and the rain, it is never really daylight. It has been like this for weeks and weeks, and it never seems to end. By now my brain is a foggy, dak, misty and grey place. I really do hate it. A thin layer of white snow would have made a huge difference, but climate change is upon us, and there has been precious little snow so far this year. All the mud means that after three minutes outside, dear Aro needs half an hour of making him ready for indoor life again.



Thursday 12 December 2019

Back to work

Far from well, but I did my best. A mail for me at work about a new task I need to do, that will keep me working long days every day until the holidays.

Wednesday 11 December 2019

Our Street by Sándor Tar

This novel was a gift from my Hungarian friend Zoltan, and I finished it early this morning. I had got up, thought I was getting ready for work, only to realise I was in no shape to leave the house. So instead I sat down with this novel and finished it. It has been a good read. I have never been very fond of social realism, but this was a little different from Norway's social realistic literature from the 1970s. It was more modern in its form, which is not surprising, since it was published in 1995. But it was also minimalistic and with a very subtle underlying humour that made it a treasured read.


Tuesday 10 December 2019

Still not well

Not quite sure what is wrong. I have absolutely no energy, it is as if I am running on batteries, and that they have been taken out. A lot of pain, and so tired that I am not able to stay awake, but keep falling asleep. A little sick and a bad head ache. Home from work today also, but will try to go in tomorrow.

Monday 9 December 2019

Silly body

Hardly slept tonight because of pain. Got up this morning and had breakfast, but had to give up on going to work. Bjørn went to Eidsvoll by train to borrow his brother's car. I have been reading and relaxing as best I can.

Sunday 8 December 2019

Getting things done.

Have been getting all sorts of things done today. have also been in a lot of pain. I wish there was something to do about that... Walked Aro, slipped and fell which did not make anything any better. But, by the end of the day, a lot of tidying, washing and decorating had been done, so all in all it was a good one.

Saturday 7 December 2019

Walk with Aro

Had so many plans for today. Ended up doing close to nothing. I went for three walks with the doggie, the first one lasted two hours. But that was pretty much it. Had quite a nice walk though. We were down at the beach, and where there usually is grass, there was now just water. Aro did not mind...


Finding a good place to pose


And again...



Deciding for a swim in the December-cold lake


In summer we can walk over to this small island on dry land. Not now.


And then the dramatic part of the walk. When Aro came to us, his balance was extremely poor. We have been working on it almost on a daily basis, and now his balance is extremely good. Not only that, but he loves his new skill, and often jumps up on things and balances on them, looking smug. And today he jumped up on a tree, and walked along it. The problem was that the further out on the tree he walked, the further he was up in the air. There was 5-6 meters down,and had he fallen, he would have been seriously injured. I was really scared. He walked further out than on this pictures, but I had to stop taking them and just be prepared for the worst. Anyway, he turned on a dime and strolled back as if it was the most natural thing in the world that dogs behave insanely.




Friday 6 December 2019

Frelseren by Jo Nesbø

Finished the audiobook today. Listened to it on the way to Hurum and back.had to drive slowly on the way back home, so that I could hear all of it before I came home. A very well written crime story with good characters. Not at all bad.


A very busy day

After breakfast, I drove down to Ørje. I tanked up my car and gave it some windshield washer fluid. I went to "Felleskjøpet" to buy some food for the birds, and some extra for my mothers' birds. Then to the grocery shop to buy a flower and some chocolate. Drove in to Askim where I stopped by the mall to buy some lightbulbs, and a Christmas present for my nephew Vemund. Next stop was the library. A while back, Per lent me a book that I never got around to read because there were too many other books waiting in line. After a while, he bought the audiobook and put it on my desk, so that I would be able to get to it right away, by listening to it in my car. I had given up on audio books a while back, because my mind always drifts off when I listen to them. But this time it went well. It was a Nesbø crime novel. A true Nordic Noir, and Per has fed me all the other novels in this series, so I have grown interested in the development of its main character. Anyway, for once, I really enjoyed spending my car time listening to a novel. I thought I would be able to finish it today, so I went to the library to lend the next novel in the series. They had it, so now I am ready to continue the story when the present audio book comes to an end.

Then I drove on to Hurum to visit my mum. I had lunch and dinner there, handed over flowers and chocolate... and brought home lots of Christmas decorations that she no longer has room for. It had been too long since I had seen her, so it was good to spend some time there again. Her house is of course all about Christmas now...




The handsome, young man on the picture there, is my father who passed away too early at the age of 67.


On the way home, I stopped by Anja and Espen. Only Espen was home, and he was out in the garage, skinning a deer he had just shot. He came in with me, and I gave him a bottle of wine for the birthday he recently had.

And of course there was cuddling with dogs. Good old Jazz is now ten years old. The new addition to the family will become a hunting dog. But this evening all it hunted for was attention...

5._Archie.jpg We had a nice chat, and it was later than I had planned when I drove back home.

Was home at around 8pm, and relaxed for the rest of the day.

Thursday 5 December 2019


Work all day, and having my first lesson in a newly started class. Pupils from Syria, Sri Lanka Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, The US and Eritrea. Home - walking Aro. Such a chilly wind today.

Wednesday 4 December 2019


Working, walking and driving on dangerous ice, grocery shopping, coming home, crashing. Freezing and feeling very tired.

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