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Sunday 17 February 2019


I slept most of the day. Got up to go to Joanna's house-warming party. lasted four hours, by which time I was worn out and needed to go back home and find my bed.

Back to work

That was a little early, it has been terribly strenuous. I slept long, went in to have one class, and then had Hafiz in the evening. Good to come back home to bed.

Thursday 14 February 2019

Berge by Jan Kjærstad


Finished while home with the flu. Asked Per if he had it and could lend it to me a while back. Of course he had, and of course he did.

Throwing in the towel

I had to stay at home today also. All I have done is to sleep. I had breakfast and dinner,but apart from that, it has just been about sleeping.

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Good and bad

From I came home from work on Friday evening, till today, there is really only one thing that I have been doing, and that is having the flu. High fever, joint and muscle pain, lots of coughing. Bjørn started a couple of days before me, and I do not think I have ever seen him this sick before. And then I followed suit. I did not go to work on Tuesday and Wednesday, and I doubt that I will go in tomorrow. Next year I will get the flu shot, because this has just been ridiculous.

But it has not been all bad. Amalie is doing well these days, and she will be interviewed for several Ph.D. positions. And for the first time in 6 years or so, things might seem to go the right way for Bjørn also. I can only hope that there is a lot of brightness ahead.

Thursday 7 February 2019


Did today's walk in a break at work, and was joined by Anne and Lene, which made for a nicer walk than usual.

That meant I could be home a little earlier, but it did not help all that much since driving conditions are really bad, and traffic goes slow.

Coming back to the car after my evening course..


Wednesday 6 February 2019

Need a new body

Needed to sleep a little longer today. Breakfast, drove to work, had my day lessons and my evening pupil, Hafiz. Today's charming moment was when a pupil came knocking at the door to the teachers' room look for another teacher. He used to be in one of the classes I teach. He told me he missed me, and on his way out, he asked me if he could have a hug. He could. There are so many young men who have left their homes, their family, their country and come to Norway all alone. I wish I could be a mum for all of them, they really need it.

I was home at 7.30 pm, and then I shovelled snow for an hour. We have had constant snowfall for two weeks not, and this horrid white stuff makes walking and driving a bit difficult. I long for spring. Anyway, over the last year I have gradually gotten more and more pain in this silly body. I am now at where I wake up almost every night because the pain is so intense. I have more and more days when getting dressed in the morning is quite a challenge, and more and more days when lifting a glass of milk or opening a bottle is so painful that I choose not to. I take between 2 and 8 painkillers every day to be able to live a somewhat normal life. I have a doc's appointment at the end of this month, because it seems on time to mention this to a doc. I wonder if it might be some kind of rheumatism. Anyway, though I did not feel worse than normal while shovelling snow, the pain set in afterwards. I can now hardly move my arm, and writing this is extremely painful. I have still done quite a bit of housework because it needed to be done, but right now I am not able to do a thing more. And I will need quite a few painkillers to be able to deal with the pain and to have any hope of sleeping. I will see what the doc has to say when I go there. I am at least hoping she will have some suggestions in terms of pain management that will work better than normal painkillers.

That will be it for complaining for a while.

Tuesday 5 February 2019

Askim museum

Today we had a half planning day at my Askim job. That was in the evening after work, which means I did not go to Kolbotn to teach this evening. A quite new planning day experience today; we went to the museum in Askim and got a brilliant lecture by a man from the local history group. I learned a lot. Then we had a very enjoyable dinner with lots of funny conversations as usual.

Monday 4 February 2019

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce


The second novel that Guri lent me. Very enjoyable about a man who walks out of the house to post a letter - and keeps walking.

Evening meeting with the online pupils.

Getting a few things done at home at daytime before I drove to work. This time in a brand new Renault station wagon. Bjørn drove my car to the garage today so that they would fix the damage that was done when he was in the chain-collision some time back. They lend us this Renault while we wait for my car to be fixed. Though it is 3 years newer than my car, and would cost almost twice as much, I am happy to say that my own car is much to prefer.

Though I am not to fond of winter, I will admit that it can be beautiful.



Sunday 3 February 2019

Getting to know the new neighbour.

A quiet day at home, getting lots of things done. And then we were invited over to our new neighbour Mette for coffee and cake. What a friendly, social, sweet and cool woman she is! We ended up being there for a couple of hours, and I already feel that she is a good friend. She has a lovely Corgi named Buddy, and when she moves in permanently in May, she is going to bring a couple of horses also. Talk about a radical change in living situation from the hell we spent almost 5 years in!

A 2 km walk ensured that I still have gone for a walk every single day of 2019 so far.

Saturday 2 February 2019

In Oslo, meeting Jan and Amalie

Today I had arranged to meet Jan in Oslo. In spite of all our good intentions to meet more often, it has now almost been a year since I saw him. Since I would spend the second being not-at-home, Bjørn went to his brother. I came with him in to Oslo, and had 3 hours to wait before Jan could come. I started by going to a theatre to pick up tickets for a Peer Gynt play in May. Zoltan is coming to Norway with his daughter and his girlfriend, and he wanted to see an Ibsen play when here. This Peer Gynt play is the only option for the days he is here, so this it will be.


Then I wandered about in Oslo for 5 km - here represented by the Town Hall.


It was a cold and snowy day, and at one point I was freezing so much that I had to think of a way to make it end. I went to the "Gold Mountain" Chinese restaurant and ordered their hot Peking soup.


After a while I got a text message from Jan, saying he was onhis way downtown, suggesting I met him at the pub Eilifs. It was, as always, good to see him again. And as always we agreed that we are such good friends and enjoy our conversations so much that we need to meet more often. Bjørn and I will invite him to the vicarage as soon as we have a suitable weekend. As an historian, he'll enjoy this place.

After two and a half hours I said goodbye to Jan and met up with dear Amalie. We went to Egon and had dinner.


We had such a nice time there. And then it was off to the theatre to see "We must talk about Faust", which was strange and absurd, and not quite our cup of tea. Not saying strange and absurd can not be good, but this time it was a little too much. Anyway, it is a much-talked-about play, and I am glad to have seen what the fuzz is about.

At around 10pm, Bjørn came, and we drove back home.

Friday 1 February 2019


That was yet another week over and done with. My evening pupil was ill again, so I could go home a little earlier. A short and very snowy walk. It has been a long, cold and snowy winter. And it is is only February 1st.... But the days are slowly becoming longer, and it does help to have a little more daylight!

Wednesday 30 January 2019

Having my ear looked at.

After breakfast we drove to Fredrikstad so I could have my ear looked at at the private clinic. I still had the infection, I still had a fungus infection on top of that, and now I also had an eczema on top of that. At the ear doctor in Askim, the examination was extremely painful, but at this place it was not. It was a very pleasant experience. It was of course also very expensive, but if it helps, it will be worth it. The doc seemed very competent, and for the first time I did not get the oily antibiotic drops that I have now used four times in a row. I am quite optimistic. I am glad Bjørn drove me, so that I could just relax in the car. On the way home we stopped by Irene for a cup of coffee and a chat. We also dropped by the second hand store in Sarpsborg, and we did some grocery shopping. A km before we came home, Bjørn dropped me off, so I could walk home and have the day's walk over and done with. It is cold now, we have been at minus 18. It hurts to be outside, so I keep the walks short.

Tuesday 29 January 2019


Did my two jobs. Walked one km. Far enough in these temperatures.

Monday 28 January 2019

This and that

Housework, online pupils and a walk. My ear is driving me absolutely crazy, but I have made an appointment at a private clinic and will go there on Wednesday. A bit tired from yesterday.

January has been long and cold, but it is good that days are becoming longer.

Walked to the church


Coming back home to the vicarage


Sunday 27 January 2019

Chest, waffels and walk.

One of my colleagues, Trond, runs a second hand store. He had posted a picture of an old chest on facebook, and I have been looking for one to keep in the library. After breakfast, we drove to Trond's second hand store and bought the chest. From there, we drove to to Hurum for a short visit to my mum. We were not at all hungry, but she did not want to hear on that ear. So first she served dinner, and when I had politely nibbled to some of that, and felt stuffed, she brought out waffels....


Back home, I did a 3.3 km walk, and then the rest of the day was mainly about resting.

Saturday 26 January 2019

Helping Joanna move.

Was at Joanna's from 10am til 6pm. Helped her clean her old apartment. Nina was there also. The day was an equal mix of having fun and wearing myself out. Now that me and Bjørn have moved, and I have helped both Nina and Joanna move, I have pushed my body a little further than I should. Hopefully it will be a little while before more of my friends decide to move...



Friday 25 January 2019

A nice day at work

Had the top level class. They were only 4 today, so I dropped my original plan and did something more suited for a small class. A very nice lesson. I found a pupil's missing book after the lesson, and sent her an SMS. She wrote back: "I love you. But you already know that". Can't blame me for loving what I do. Later, my colleague Geir sent me an encrypted mail that needed a password. I figured out the password, and the mail said it could only be read if I believed in "the supernatural", a holy all-encompassing power, and the glory of the angels.". And it ended with "May the force be with you!". My workplace is the best!

My evening pupil was ill, so I came home a little earlier than usual, and did a very short walk (1km) before I simply enjoyed the Friday evening.

Thursday 24 January 2019


Work and walk. 3.1 km today, tried a new round.

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