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Friday 9 February 2018

Bjørn home from hospital

When I woke up, I drove home to be there when Bjørn came. He was sent home by taxi and arrived in the early evening. He was on strong painkillers, in a lot of pain, but the good thing is that he is very much alive. We had the calmest of evenings.

Thursday 8 February 2018

Bjørn in a car accident

I had just wrapped up after an evening of teaching and come back to the teachers' room when I saw I had a missed call from my sister-in-law Anja. She had also left an sms. It told me to phone her as soon as I saw the message. Bjørn had been in a car accident and was in hospital. I should not worry, he was not seriously injured, but I needed to phone her. I did, and she told me that he had driven off the road, and his car had flipped around and been on its roof before it was back on its wheels again. The car was a total wreck, but Bjørn seemed to be as fine as could be expected. Knowing I would be in the classroom all evening without my phone on, Bjørn had told the nurse to phone Anja instead of me. She said the plan now was for me to drive to their place, and then she would drive me to the hospital where Bjørn was.

We were there at around 11pm. It was good to see him. He was bruised and battered, but it could have been so much worse. all his clothes were in shreds because the ambulance people had cut them off his body. Amazing Anja suggested we'd drive to our home, find him some clothes and a few other things he needed, and then drive back. We were home at around 1am, and back to the hospital at around 2.30 am. Then Bjørn was sleeping, so we just left the bag with a security guy who said he would bring it to his room. We were back at Anja and Espen's place at 4am, and Anja who was hosting an important seminar on animal welfare the next day, was finally allowed some hours of sleep. While we were at hospital, Espen has made the bed for me in their basement, so I slept over. It was a spooky day.

The hospital:

Kalnes okt 2016

Wednesday 7 February 2018

The usual

Online pupils, housework, French, reading, Go... and horrific nightmares.

Tuesday 6 February 2018

More winter

The winter that just keeps on giving. So much snow, such demanding driving conditions.

Evening class as always on Tuesday. Nice bunch, and the class is growing.

Monday 5 February 2018

Oot and aboot.

To the doc, to my Askim job, but not to work. I miss my colleagues there, and it was good to see some of them. Lots of hugging and nice words. Especially good to see Geir again. We sit next to each other in one of the teachers' rooms, and I am so used to talking with him throughout the day. Also good to see my two online-course-partners-in-crime. And of course Nina from the office who dropped by just for a hug.


Sunday 4 February 2018

A weekend visitor

Bjørn's brother was at our place over the weekend. So nice to see him again. I sat up talking till around midnight on Saturday, while the brothers kept it going all night. Sunday was on the calm and quiet side....

Friday 2 February 2018

At the doc's office

The second, so we wanted to go out.. We had planned to take Anne with us and do something today, but she lost her mum yesterday.

We had a gift card we wanted to use, so we drove to Askim and bought a Römertorpf. Been so many years since we had one, and it really is excellent for making healthy and incredibly tasty dishes.


Thursday 1 February 2018

A good old fashioned winter

It has been so many years since we had a winter like this. So much snow, and temperatures stay low, so it does not melt away. Instead we keep getting more of it.

Not much happening today. Work in Kolbotn was good as usual. When I started working there, there were 6-7 pupils in the evening class. Now there are 18. It makes me feel I am doing a decent job.

Wednesday 31 January 2018

Oh well

It has not been the most fantastic of days, but to be on the positive side, I'll only mention the plantar which I think is getting better. I dare not hope too much because this has been with me every day for so many years now. But for a couple of days I have felt no pain, and that is the first time for at least 8 years.


Tuesday 30 January 2018

Driving to work

I really should have stopped on my way to work and taken pictures of the beautiful winter landscape. It was so stunningly beautiful at places, that I forgot how much I hate winter for the entire drive.

But eager as I was to get to work, I just took a really bad picture of a not so interesting landscape out of a dirty front window. I just had to have something to remember this magic drive by.


Monday 29 January 2018

A burst of energy

Have been able to get quite a lot of things done today. And still have some hours left of the day. Not at all bad. Bjørn left for a Red Cross meeting, used longer time than expected to get there, and could report that roads are snowy and slippery.

I am both doing housework and brainwork, and hope I will benefit from both. Have needed quite a bit of coffee to keep going though!


Prosten og hans forunderlige tjener by Arto Paasilinna

Just finished a funny little pearl of a novel by the Finnish author Arto Paasilinna. In English the title would be something along the lines of "Reverend Huuskonen and his remarkable Manservant", or "Reverend Huuskonen's Beastly Manservant" as Wikipedia suggests. Unfortunately this novel has not been translated to English though. It tells the story of Reverend Huuskonen who gets a bear cub on his 50th birthday. The bishop who already is troubled by Huuskonen's many strange ways, is not at all happy about this. Huuskonen himself lost his faith a long time ago, and now also loses his wife and his job, and sets out on a strange journey with his new found friend, the bear. Finnish warm and strange humour at its best.


Sunday 28 January 2018


I wish I had got more done today, but everything considered, I am happy I am still on my feet. I need to be a little kinder to myself and realise I am not completely flawed when I am not able to combine present living conditions and all it brings with it, with being at my very best. I have read a bit, studied Go, learned more about my camera, done some hours of work (online pupils), started planning the winter holidays (we have made some strange travelling plans indeed!), done my plantar-exercises and done a bit of housework. It could have been worse.


Saturday 27 January 2018

Meeting Amalie and Astri in Oslo

Bjørn was going to a party for Red Cross members, and was there from 6pm till around 4am. I went to Oslo and met Astri and Amalie. I drove to Mysen, parked the car and took the train to Oslo where I met them at the station. Amalie chose where to eat, which means we finally got to try another restaurant. Nice as our Indian restaurant is, it is so good to try something new. Amalie first suggested an Italian place, but it had not opened yet, so we walked on and ended up at a Thai restaurant. It seemed so anonymous and unnoticeable, but it was brilliant. Service and food was excellent. And both the young comedian/actor who sat there when we came in, and the long queue that started forming shortly after we sat down told us that we were now at the place to be. With such good food and such good company, and such friendly waiters, it was easy to ignore the line of people waiting for a table, and we stayed there for a long time.

I have stolen Amalie's picture:


After dinner, Amalie went home, while me and Astri spent four more hours in the big city. I had a really good day. At 8.30pm, I took a train back, and was in Mysen at 9.30pm. By then it was snowing like hell, and my weather app warned me that our area had "dangerous driving conditions". It took me a while to get home. When home I had 30 minutes of TV and a beer before I went to bed.

Bjørn wake me up when he came home, just as I was dreaming I stabbed the neighbour with a pair of scissors, after he had broken into our home. I did manage to fall asleep again, and having forgotten to set the alarm, I slept for absolute ages.

Friday 26 January 2018

Seldom do I do as little as what I have done today


Thursday 25 January 2018

Having a driver

Oh, what luxury. Bjørn was going in to Oslo today to drive Amalie to places where she had bought cheap second hand furniture. Since my Kolbotn work place is along the way, he drove me to work, and was back to pick me up at the end of the workday. Sweet!


Wednesday 24 January 2018

I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes


An old fashioned spy thriller, and a such it was brlliiant. Had I liked the genre, it would have been great.

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Winterly driving conditions

Had shock wave treatment today. Painful, but I hope it will help. Then I drove on to Kolbotn to teach. Driving to and from work took concentration today. The roads were so slippery. I was glad I made it without any incidents. Even more so when I came home and read the news from this district. More than 100 accidents today, and a few serious ones. Winter may be all nice and pretty when you are skiing in the mountains. But it is really impractical when all you want is to move from A to B.

Monday 22 January 2018

Sleepy day

Did not sleep much tonight, and that has made for a very sleepy Monday. Have got some things done though.

Sunday 21 January 2018

Meeting Amalie and Yoomin in Oslo

Today was our first chance to see Amalie after she returned from yet another stay in Iran. We grabbed it with both hands, and drove in to Oslo. She and her friend Yoomin met up with us at a Chinese restaurant. It was so very good to see her again, and also nice to see Yoomin again. We chatted away for about four hours, and they passed way too fast. It was such a perfect way to spay a Sunday.

Me, Amalie and Yoomin


Amalie and Yoomin


Me, Bjørn, Amalie and Yoomin - taken by Amalie


Yoomin brought me flowers


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