I tried to make up for Bjørn having to be alone yesterday, by having the birthday celebration today. I got up early and drove down to Ørje to buy some breakfast treats, and then I made us a nice breakfast. I got an SMS that meant I did not have to go into work today, so I stayed at home. My original plan was to go into work quite early, and catch up on all the work I have fallen behind with while I have been ill. But the temptation of just staying at home was too big, so I will have to do that on Monday instead. I already have net pupils on Monday evening, so that means I will both day and evening work five days next week, but that seems to be a prize I am willing to pay.

So, today was about Bjørn. Already 5 minutes after midnight, I told him what his birthday present would be, and I know it is something he has been wanting for a while. Then the breakfast. Then we watched some of his favourite TV-shows together before he went off to Askim to reconnect with an old friend.

While he was gone, I did some housework, and went for a walk. Nice and sunny today.


I also photographed some of the birds at our bird feeding place. There are more birds at the feeding place here than any other place we have lived. And today I even saw the relatively rare Stillits. That was cool.

We have a big delegation of Eurasian Tree Sparrow (Pilfink in Norwegian).

And another big delegation of European Green Finch (Grønnfink)

And quite a few Eurasian Blue Tits (Blåmeis)

And the rare European Goldfinch that I have never seen in real life before (Stillits)

When Bjørn came back, I made us a dinner worthy of a birthday, and we spent the rest of the day in the sofa. We had an early night, since he is arranging a seminar with the autism organisation this weekend, and we need to get up early tomorrow.