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Wednesday 26 June 2019

Amalie's graduation

We have no tradition for graduation ceremonies in Norway, and it was not even a thing when I went to University. But the department of physics and chemistry arrange a ceremony for their graduates, and we were thrilled to be invited. It was a very nice event, and Amalie was the only one of the graduates who chose not to just describe the project of her thesis, but to give a personal speech where she also thanked for the support from her closest. That was touching. And her closest is no longer just me and Bjørn, but also her new boyfriend. This was the first time we met him, and he comes across as a very good guy.

After the graduation ceremony, the four of us went out for dinner at an Indian restaurant to celebrate both Amalie and me. This really has been the never-ending birthday.

From Amalie and her boyfriend, I got flowers, a bottle of my favourite wine and a gift certificate to the theatre. Overwhelming.


Saturday 12 January 2019

Amalie and her friends visiting

Today Amalie and her two friends Ida and Yoomin came here. I know Ida from our stay in the cabin in Holmsbu this summer, and Yoomin we have met several times. It was so nice to have them here. I picked them up from the train station, we shopped groceries and when we came home,we made dinner. How nice to have dinner with the girls, and then an evening of chatting.

Amalie and Yoomin






Saturday 1 September 2018


Bjørn was in Oslo, helping Amalie out with her computer. I drove to our storageroom in Ørje to store away the beehive that Bjørn got from my colleague Trond yesterday. When back, mum and Per were here visiting Anja and Espen, so I went upstairs and joined them. Family time for about 5 hours. Then mum and Per drove home and Bjørn came back from Oslo. The last hours of the day were spent watching a couple of episodes of "Suits".

Friday 10 August 2018

Moving and going to a wedding

The first part of the day was spent moving.The truck from the moving company came. Anja were there to help out. I did practical things like getting us insurance for our two storage spaces. I then drove to Askim, showered, changed into a dress and waited for Bjørn to come. We were going to Eira and Axel's wedding. Funnily enough, when Bjørn had come home after being at the storage room, he had parked in the garage, and then power had gone, so that he no longer could open the garage door. He phoned to tell me. We were running short of time, so I told him to take a taxi and I would drive and meet him half way. So he did, I drove us to Sarpsborg and we came to the wedding just in time. Amalie was also there, looking as beautiful as ever.

Since the bride and groom are both transsexual, it was a Pride-themed wedding. Bjørn was so worn out that he fell asleep a couple of times, and he was completely shattered at the end of the day. Pride.jpg


Wednesday 18 July 2018

Going to Hell

I discovered that close to the cottage, was a row of Giant's kettles in a nature park called "Helvete" which is the Norwegian word for "hell". We drove there. It was really cool. We walked the steep path down into the biggest of the giant's kettles, and walked along the old water path to a place where we could walk back up. It was fascinating.













When we were back up, we had a meal at the restaurant, and then we drove back to the cottage for a last late evening of our own versions of "Tabboo".

Monday 16 July 2018

Ridderspranget, Valdresflye, Hulderstigen

A day of sightseeing. We got up early, pack our rucksacks and drove to Ridderspranget



From there we drove over Valdresflye, one of our 18 national scenic routes.



We drove over the mountain passage and back. At the end of it, we stopped for a walk on "Hulderstigen".





We would have been late back to the cottage as it were, and when we took a wrong turn and added 45 minutes to the drive, we returned back really late and soon went to bed.

Friday 13 July 2018

A mountain walk

After breakfast we packed our rucksacks, got in the car and drove to the Peer Gynt Road which is a dirt road over a beautiful mountain area. It was so very difficult to decide where to park the car and start walking in the mountains because it looked perfect everywhere. But eventually we just decided for a place. The sun was shining, it was warm, moods were good, and we had a perfect day.


















Sunday 8 July 2018

Holmsbu, Støa and Rødtangen

Had a good breakfast at the cottage. Drove to Støa where we first went to the wonderful stone building that houses Henrik Sørensen's art. I have been there many times, it is always good.

Amalie and Ida outside the museum, enjoying the sun.

Then we walked down to the small houses at Støa where you find other art exhibitions, and a craft exhibition. The art exhibition have different paintings each summer, and this summer's was the best. I enjoyed most of the paintings there, and some I liked so much that I would have bought them if I had had the money and a wall to hang them on. Then we sat down in the sun and enjoyed the idyllic little spot that Støa is.

After Støa, we drove to the beach at Rødttangen. Astri and Ida went for a swim, claiming the water was warm and lovely. Me and Amalie stayed dry.

Back to the cottage, we made dinner, and then it was time to pack. Astri drove the girls to the bus at Sætre, and herself home. I stayed on to tidy and clean the cottage. I was done at about 9pm, and then I drove to my mother and said a quick hello before I drove back to Ås.

Bjørn's day has been spent at his father's and visiting his brother in his new house.

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Celebrating Amalie's birthday!

We met up with Amalie in Oslo and went to a Persian restaurant for dinner. Four hours passed in a heartbeat.



Wednesday 21 March 2018


Went to Oslo. Met Amalie, had dinner, then went to see the musical HAIR. I enjoyed it a lot.


Saturday 3 March 2018

Birthday celebrations in Oslo

What a perfect day this has been.

Bjørn came here in the afternoon, we spent some time talking with Anja and Espen, and then we drove to Oslo. We were there a little early, visited the store "Outland", but without buying anything. Then, since it was bloody cold, we walked to the restaurant and asked if we could sit and have a cup of coffee, though we were half an hour earlier than announced. It was the first time we were at the Italian place "Baltazar". I have read a lot about it and knew it was supposed to be very good, so I had booked a table here for me, Bjørn and Amalie. When Amalie came, we ordered food, and we had a lovely evening. Such a cosy place, and the food was beyond words. At least on the top ten list of the best meals I have ever had. We could not have wished for a better place to have a birthday dinner. Amalie took some pictures along the way, and I have stolen them.





And finally one I took


We walked from the restaurant to the Concert house where we had tickets to see Jethro Tull and their 50 year anniversary tour. It was excellent, and I enjoyed every second of it. I also met a former colleague from Øvrebyen who i had not seen in 5 years. She told me that all the teachers of Norwegian who were there had quit, except for Hjørdis. And all the new ones who had started, had also quit. So now they were on their next generation of teachers of Norwegian, and they would undoubtedly quit as well. They really do need to do something about the work load for teachers of Norwegian... Anyway, back to the concert. I have never listened to Jethro Tull before, so their music was new to me, except for the tune "Heavy horses". I still had a very good time, as did Amalie who no doubt was one of the youngest there.

After the concert we walked together to the tube where Amalie said goodbye, and me and Bjørn drove to Ås. He slept over here, which means he could have a glass of the whisky that Amalie had got him for his birthday :)

Sunday 18 February 2018

Meeting Amalie in Oslo

We went to Oslo today and met up with Amalie at one of the restaurants I have been to most often in Oslo - Jaipur. So good to see her again, and I am very glad that we meet up so often these days. We all ordered dinners that we had not tried before, and the food was excellent. We agreed that neither of us had ever had something quite as tasty as this at Jaipur before. Brilliant conversation, perfect company and superb food. Can't ask for more than that.

The "Thanks for a lovely evening" message she sent me after Bjørn and I were on the train, heading back to Ås, was so charming that I stole it, and will put it here!


Saturday 27 January 2018

Meeting Amalie and Astri in Oslo

Bjørn was going to a party for Red Cross members, and was there from 6pm till around 4am. I went to Oslo and met Astri and Amalie. I drove to Mysen, parked the car and took the train to Oslo where I met them at the station. Amalie chose where to eat, which means we finally got to try another restaurant. Nice as our Indian restaurant is, it is so good to try something new. Amalie first suggested an Italian place, but it had not opened yet, so we walked on and ended up at a Thai restaurant. It seemed so anonymous and unnoticeable, but it was brilliant. Service and food was excellent. And both the young comedian/actor who sat there when we came in, and the long queue that started forming shortly after we sat down told us that we were now at the place to be. With such good food and such good company, and such friendly waiters, it was easy to ignore the line of people waiting for a table, and we stayed there for a long time.

I have stolen Amalie's picture:


After dinner, Amalie went home, while me and Astri spent four more hours in the big city. I had a really good day. At 8.30pm, I took a train back, and was in Mysen at 9.30pm. By then it was snowing like hell, and my weather app warned me that our area had "dangerous driving conditions". It took me a while to get home. When home I had 30 minutes of TV and a beer before I went to bed.

Bjørn wake me up when he came home, just as I was dreaming I stabbed the neighbour with a pair of scissors, after he had broken into our home. I did manage to fall asleep again, and having forgotten to set the alarm, I slept for absolute ages.

Sunday 21 January 2018

Meeting Amalie and Yoomin in Oslo

Today was our first chance to see Amalie after she returned from yet another stay in Iran. We grabbed it with both hands, and drove in to Oslo. She and her friend Yoomin met up with us at a Chinese restaurant. It was so very good to see her again, and also nice to see Yoomin again. We chatted away for about four hours, and they passed way too fast. It was such a perfect way to spay a Sunday.

Me, Amalie and Yoomin


Amalie and Yoomin


Me, Bjørn, Amalie and Yoomin - taken by Amalie


Yoomin brought me flowers


Sunday 10 September 2017

Family weekend

Amalie came here on Saturday morning. We were at home for a few hours and then went to Anja and Espen for pizza evening. We were home late, went to bed, and next day we went to Hurum. Anja and Espen came there also, so we were nine people around the dinner table. Not often that happens, so it was really nice. On the way home, we dropped Amalie off at the train station, so when we came home, we were alone. That almost felt strange.


Sunday 5 March 2017

The bestest

Sleeping in and bathtub made for a very good start of the day. Having Amalie here did of course make the day brilliant. She made a birthday cake for Bjørn. It was very good to have her at home again. We had a day full of quizzes (which we are excellent at), tacos, Amalie's yummy cake and lots of nice conversation. In the evening, Bjørn drover her back to Oslo. While I fell asleep.


Saturday 4 March 2017

Amalie at home

So good to have her home again, it has not been often enough lately. Bjørn and Amalie went out in the world to do some shopping and to have a little trip. I am so tired, and I have a very tough week ahead, so I stayed at home to relax. They were gone for about five hours. I read about 200 pages. They brought gifts home to their tired mum. A cool windbreaker jacket from Bjørn that I have needed for a long time. And red wine, an owl notebook and a a beautiful orchid from Amalie. What a lucky person I am.

Back home, it was quiz-time. We all did well.


Friday 3 March 2017


Worked 13 hours straight today. Had three 90 minute lessons, and then had tons of work to catch up on, so I stayed on at work till 9pm. My last lesson on Friday is in a class that is quite new. I have only had them 5-6 times, and I only have them in the last two lessons on Friday. I LOVE being in that classroom. I like all my classes and think they are all wonderful. But there is something about this class; I am so charmed by them. This Friday I had taken one step into the classroom when one of them, a young Syrian, smiled and said "Unni - we love you". The feeling is very mutual, I love them back. They had questions about grammar that they said they had asked other teachers about without getting an answer they understood. So I explained, and they asked me why all other teachers could not be like me, because now they understood everything. And when the lesson ended, they gathered around me to tell me they wanted to have me in every lesson. They are just such a lovely gang of nice, charming, friendly, positive, enthusiastic people.

I was home from work at around 10pm. Meanwhile Bjørn had gone to Oslo to bring Amalie home, so she was here. The day could not have been better,

Sunday 21 August 2016

Sunday, shmunday.

Bjørn went to Oslo to hand over one care-package to Amalie and one to her friend Yoomin. They are starting a new semester at University, and could need a bit of encouragement :)

I was at home, doing nothing. Nothing apart from going nuts.

Saturday 30 July 2016

Could have been a walk!

Sun was shining and me and Amalie decided to go for a walk.

First we went to the small cottage in the forest where 9 people used to live (one very small room, no sanitary arrangements...), because I wanted to show it to Amalie. Then to our next stop.

We parked by Trollbergtjern, walked until the scenery started looking nice, and then when Amalie suddenly got the thought that she might have left the car unlocked with keys inside, we turned... Amalie jogged back as fast as she could while I inspected every cm of the road to make sure it had not just fallen out of a pocket along the way. The key was in the car, and the car was still there, so a happy ending to a walk we will never forget.


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