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Sunday 10 March 2019

Ups and downs

I felt a little down this morning and shared my frustration with Bjørn. So he joined me for a walk. Brought my camera, and had a good time.

Hedge. Snow. Sky.


Rødenes Church


Winter still.




The beach.




Bet the trees long for spring.


When we came home, our neighbour-to-be was there with her dog, Buddy.


He came running through the snow as fast as his Corgi legs could carry him.


Quite a little charmer!


Fed the birds, photographed some of them. We have hordes.

After the walk we had lunch and did some things at home. Life was better by the time I went to bed....

Monday 18 June 2018


Decided not to go into work today, but to work from Ås, and to get the unpacking done sooner rather than later. Only one week left of work before the summer holidays. These last few weeks have gone by so fast!

In the basement where I now live, there is a kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom and a livingroom In the livingroom there is only one chair. When I came into that room today, the dog of the house had found the chair and made it her own.


Sunday 17 June 2018


Woke up early, I never sleep more than 6 hours these days, usually less. But I felt quite rested. Had breakfast, and then my brother came and invited me up to their breakfast as well. I had a cup of coffee there, and a nice chat. The weather was rough today. We have had rain, heavy rain, pouring rain, hail and a veritable hailstorm. A perfect day to move the rest of the stuff from my family's old house to the new.

We all went there, and me and Bjørn emptied the basement while Anja and Espen packed more of their stuff upstairs. Though I have not quite befriended the Caravelle yet, it scores some extra points for having been incredibly practical now that Bjørn has helped Amalie after the fire, and today when we are moving. We got all that was left in the basement, and a great deal of Anja and Espens things also into the Caravelle. When we came back here, we orded some food and had a meal before Bjørn left. I do look forward to the day when we live together again.

At the dinner table..


Thursday 8 March 2018

Walk and work

Anja and Espen both had to leave very early today, so I walked the boys to school. I came back here just to take Jazz with me and go for a forest walk. Then a few hours here before it was off to work. Had a fun evening in the classroom. We had more snow today. It is just insane. I have liked this winter more than I usually like winters. But it has been five months. It would be good to see the end of it now.



Tuesday 11 April 2017

Having Astri over

Astri came for a visit today. We met in Ørje, and went to the infamous Bakergården for lunch. Then we did a bit of grocery shopping before we went home. Said hi to Bjørn who was on his way out to another Red Cross course, put the groceries away , and then drove to a forest path. Walked for nine km, and then drove back home where we chatted the evening away. Astri left at 9.30 pm, and half an hour later Bjørn came home from his course.

Astri brought Brando with her, and it was nice to be around a dog again. I miss that.

Brando enjoyed the great outdoors.

And back home he enjoyed a big of destruction.

Sunday 24 July 2016

Home-owner visit again

Anja had a break from her holidays to look in on her bees. I had the pleasure of her nice company and of her ordering sushi :) Not to mention hearing a bit about honey production! Her brother came to pick up Martin, and the doggie was very happy to see him. Anja spent a good part of the night making a cradle for her brother's baby, and I sat up for the chatting.

Friday 22 July 2016

Visitors again!

I mentioned to Bjørn that I'd like to go and buy bread, but that I did not want to leave Martin. So he offered to come for a visit today also, and buy a few things I needed. We went for a short walk and roamed around in the garden with Martin. Bjørn left after a few hours, but it was nice to have had him over :)






In the evening I went for the third walk of the day. We walked for about 6km, and I enjoyed it immensely :) As did Martin.




My next visitor cannot really be said to be a visitor, since he owns the place. Espen had promised to play with a band at a music festival way up in Hamar, and came to sleep over and fetch his instruments. Absolute ages since we have had some hours alone, and we sat up half the night, talking. Not the wisest thing for him, since he had to get up early the next morning to drive to Hamar. I had planned to get up as well, but happily slept through him packing up and leaving in the early morning hours.

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Martin for the win!

Walking Martin, playing with Martin, petting Martin....

Reading a lot, sleeping a bit.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Friendly furry fellow

Walked 7.6 km in the morning and 3.9 in the evening. Getting to know Martin, who is is a nice doggie.

Other than that, I have been reading quite a bit, done a bit of housework, and phoned Jan. The latter was way overdue. When he phoned me in February, we talked for a couple of hours, agreed we should stay in touch on a regular basis, and I said I'd phone in a week or two. And then four months passed. So, when he picked up with the line "Well, that wasn't too soon!", it was difficult to disagree. Had a long talk again and agreed to meet in August. I'll try not to let that become December.....I really do need to work on being more social.


Monday 18 July 2016


Started the day by a trip to Ski to go to the dentist. He simply put the crown back on, so that was cheaper and less of a hassle than I had feared. I went grocery shopping, and then it was back "home". Sat reading for a bit until Jørgen came to hand over the Flat coated Retriever "Martin" who will be in my care this week. When Jørgen left, Martin and I went for a 5 km walk. It is nice to have a canine companion again, it does make walking a whole lot funnier.

Before he came, his owner told me to hide tennis balls. If they were lying around, Martin would just be very insistent on playing with them, he said. So I looked everywhere, and found one tennis ball that I put away. I sat down to read, and noticed that Martin was sniffing around, walking out to the garden and so on, but I did not pay much attention until I had finished my chapter. Then I went out. There was Martin, tail wagging. He had rounded up no less than eight tennis balls, put them all at the same spot, and looked them with much happiness. God only knows where he had found them, but I have to say I was impressed!

Back inside we rested, and Martin found out where he prefers to sleep.


Saturday 27 September 2014

Day one of autumn holidays: Linnekleppen

Today is the first day of autumn holidays. All of next week I am off work, so a total of nine days of free time. Originally we wanted to go North to Lofoten on one long trip, but that was not possible. We do want to get something out of these days though, so we have thought them through and planned each one of them.

Today we walked up Linnekleppen. It has been on our to-do-list for a while. The walk up there was so very nice. Beautiful autumn colours and small waters along the way. I was a hundred percent charmed every bit of the way. And it was enough uphill walking to be good exercise for the Bergs. Maya was running free and had a great time. At one point it was so steep that there was a ladder to help us along, and tough little Maya managed to climb up the hillside beside the ladder all by her little self. The view from the top was really something.

We had started our walk a little late in the day, and darkness falls quickly at this time of year, so we could not stay too long at the top, but we had a short rest. AND my dear Bjørn helped me find the geocache that is up there. The walk down was just as memorable. We will be back here many times.









Saturday 26 July 2014


We want to spend a few days on some sort of summer activities. We had made plans for four days. Today's plan was to go to Fredrikstad. There we would buy a couple of things we need, then drop by our friend Erik for a short coffee break, and then go sighseeing in the Old Town in Fredrikstad. We have never been there before, and it is a charming, historical site. Anyway. We drove to Fredrikstad. And did some shopping (clothes for us both). By the time we were finished I was about to die from the heat. Then we went to visit Erik. Walking from the car and to where he lives took two minutes and was awful. We sat down outside in the shadow where Erik served something cold to drink. That helped a little. At the time when we had planned to move on, I told Bjørn I needed to test my tolerance for the sun. I walked into the sun, stood there for half a minute and was about to faint. No way I would be able to walk around doing sightseeing in that heat. So we stayed on at Erik's place which was a nice way to spend the day; it had been a year since we last saw him. Then home were we focused on doing nothing.

Erik's dog, a Rhodesian Ridgeback was not happy about today's temperatures either:


Sunday 20 April 2014

Ertsvika with Astri and Brando

Today I drove to Hurum and met my childhood friend Astri at my mum's home. Mum and her boyfriend were in Riga, so the house was empty, but I have a key. We had a chat and quick meal before we drove to Tronstad where we parked the car. We walked to the small cabin that Astri and her brothers own by the nice and sandy beach at Ertsvika, which was about a 2 kilometer walk. I have not been there for something like 20 years, so this was nostalgic. We went to the cabin first, by an old forest path. We had to cross a bridge on the way. Astri crossed the bridge first, and gentleman Brando refused to walk further before I had come over also.


The cabin


Drinking water Brando-style


A real charmer!


After a rest and a chat at the cabin, we walked down to the sea. We walked along the sandy beach and then went to sit on the rocks. It was warm and sunny and beautiful!



We sat and talked, ate biscuits and oranges and enjoyed what had become a very summery day. Then we walked back up to the cabin, played with Brando for a bit, had cold mineral water and walked back to the car. We drove back to mum's where we prepared prawn sandwhiches and kept talking. At around 7pm, we headed back to our respective homes. I was home at around 9pm, and I saw an amazing sunset over the Rødnes lake on the way.

Sunday 14 July 2013

Hurum weekend

Bjørn drove me to Hurum on Saturday. Met up with my childhood friend Astri at my mum's place. We all had coffee and waffels before Bjørn went off and Astri and I went on a Hurum quest. We started at the Filtvet lighthouse which lies right next to Villa Malla. Astri had found out that they have started having exhibitions in the lighthouse, and suggested we go there. Several painters were represented and there were many good paintings. The ones I liked the most were by Terje Risberg. We thought about having food at Villa Malla, but we just were not hungry enough to eat at this point, so we continued on down to Holmsbu. We went to a second exhibition at Støa. Astri had read about it in the newspapers, and since it was said to be a provocative one, we were curious about it. Turned out it was a Viskum - thing and you have to be a very delicate soul if that provokes you. As I said to Bjørn, he is a fairly bleak copy of "that-artist-you-know" (whereupon Bjørn looked at me and said "Damien Hirst", which was what I meant, only Bjørn was a tad more accurate...)

Pics I took in Filtvet:



Unprovoked, we went to have a look at a place where they sell expensive, but really nice arts and craft stuff. Had I been a millionaire, I would have bought a couple of things there.

From here we went on to the Holmsbu gallery which has a permanent exhibition of Henrik Sørensen's paintings. I have seen that many times, but it is always nice to see it again. And they always have a couple of other painters represented as well, and the ones this year were very good. The museum building itself is such an architectonical pearl!

By now we were quite hungry and we tried to find a place to eat in a crazily overcrowded and super-touristy Holmsbu. Parking had already proved to be impossible, but Astri, fortunately, had a bright idea. And while lots of cars were constantly circling the harbour in search of a parking spot, she brought us to an empty parking lot where we would not normally be allowed to park. We still were, and all was well in the world. Finding a place to eat proved to be just as difficult though. Restaurants were not only full, but people were standing in line outside them. In the end we gave up on restaurants, and settled for sitting outside in the sun down by the harbour while having fast food from a kiosk.

Then we drove back to mum's where Astri stayed a little while before she headed home. I was up talking with a sick mum (flu) and her new partner, then went for a walk with Jazz (mum looking after her for my brother and his wife) and then went to bed.

Today I was up at 6am to have breakfast with mum before she went to work. Being so ill, she should not, but there you are. Jazz and I spent some hours in the garden for some experimenting with the macro lense that I use all too seldom:
















Then I sat down to read in Bjørn's suggested "The blade itself" and sat reading till Bjørn came to pick me up and drive me home. I reached page 20 and already am quite intrigued. I will enjoy this one.

The day has been uneventful after we came home, since we are both tired. Well, uneventful with the exception of a mail from a good friend. What he had to tell left me speechless for quite a while, and was enough of an event for the whole evening. And here I thought there was no longer anything in this world that could completely stun me. But the world is a strange place. A very strange place indeed.

Now I will soon be off to bed, since I want to be up early tomorrow. I intend to have a good morning.

Monday 8 July 2013


It is Monday today, so obvioulsy we have just been through a weekend. Not sure where it went to. Oh wait: Washing, lawn mowing, forest walk with Bjørn and Jardar. And yesterday Irene came to pick up Jardar so we had half a day of nice chatting. We also had someone knock on our door, wondering if the Collie they had found wandering about was ours. They had decided to go where it lead them, in hope that it would go home. It had walked to us with great determination. We thought we knew where it belonged and pointed them in the right direction. We also said that if they did not find the owners, they could bring it to us and we could take care of him until we found its owners. They did not come back though, so it probably belonged to who we thought it belonged to. It has good owners, but that is Collies for you... they are the exploring types :)

Saturday 1 June 2013

Ode to the forest - trip to Østre Pulltjennet

There are so few things in this life that stay forever, and that stay forever good. Having been born close to a big forest and born into a family of lumberjackers, the forest has always been part of my life. When we moved from Oslo, my most important criteria for a new home was that it had to be close to a forest. It is so good to be able to walk for hours at places where the only sound you hear is that of birds singing and fish jumping in the lake and where there is beauty wherever you look. No matter how stressful and disasterous life should be, being in the forest is always about the here and now. When people tell me they have had a religious revelation, when they have had spiritual experiences, I always imagine it is the civilization version of how I feel when I am mid-forest. It changes me, if only for the moments I am there. And being horribly un-spiritual, it would never cross my mind to think of it as a methaphysical experience. But it brings calmness, balance, tranquility, perspective and what I can only think of as "inner peace". Combining walking, photography and the forest is as close I will ever come to "sacred". And for mid-forest companionship - Bjørn and Maya.

''It is not so much for its beauty that the forest makes a claim upon men's hearts, as for that subtle something, that quality of air, that emanation from old trees, that so wonderfully changes and renews a weary spirit.''

Robert Louis Stevenson

Here are some pictures from today. None of them good, but all of them good memories.












Friday 3 May 2013

A day of hiking

We have spent nine and a half hours hiking in the woods today. It has been fantastic! I first had to go to the doc's office to give blood for some blood tests that Joseph had set up an appointment for. That being done, it was home to pack the last things we needed for our hike - and off we went!

The trip on a map

It was chilly, but I knew I would be warmer from walking, so I started the walk with layer upon layer of clothes. That way I could adjust to temperature changes by taking some layers off when it got too warm. That proved to be smart, since temperatures, wind and walking speed kept changing.

Even though we have always enjoyed walking in the forest, neither of us are outdoor people in the sense that we have done much more than go for a walk and then come back home for dinner. We have been wondering if we would be able to change that, and today was our first attempt. The goal was to walk up Hetfjellet (a hill), have dinner there and walk back. We tought that it would take us about 5-6 hours from we left home till we were back. Two hours to walk each way, an hour for dinner and up to an hour for shorter coffee breaks and for taking pictures along the way. But the terrain was a lot more rugged than we thought; at times you had to be careful about where to set down your foot, and that slowed us considerably. I most certainly am nowhere near being as fit as I was some years back, and Bjørn had to adapt to my pace and to my needs for the occasional break to gather strength. And since the forest is not full of arrows pointing you in the right direction (mind you, that also is the charm of it), we made a couple of short detours. Fortunately Bjørn had very wisely brought his compass. Without it, we might still be out in the woods since it was a clouded day with no sun to guide us. So, not 5-6, but 9 1/2 hours hiking in the woods. But they were 9 1/2 amazingly nice hours.

The good thing is that from our house and till we are in the forest, it only takes about ten minutes. The walk started with a lot of uphill walking, and I soon had to remove and pack away one layer of clothes. We had not walked for more than 40 minutes or so before we came to Kroksjøen lake and a bench. I needed a rest. I also needed an energy bar and an energy drink (I said I am in bad shape!). It soon became too cold to sit still however, so on we walked. When we had walked about half the length of the lake, we came across a shelter that was not there the last time. These kind of shelters (we call them "gapahuk" in Norwegian) are built here and there in the forest, and they make for great places to rest and have shelter from the cold or the rain. They are very different, some are huge and have fairly sophisticated arrangements for sitting and cooking, others just give you three walls and a roof.

This was one a simpler one, but it had some practical equipment:



Right outside it, there was also the possibility to bbq food in a safe concrete construction.


While we looked at the gapahuk, Maya did silly things


We had of course brought stuff for her to eat also, so she got a snack here.


Anyway, we had no need for food or shelter, so we continued to walk along the lake. We left Kroksjøen and started on the more rugged and difficult-to-walk part of the trip. We knew we needed to go straight south and Bjørn's frequent looks at the compass kept us going in the right direction. We walked by the water "Svarttjern" which offered the worst walking conditions of the day. We had to walk slowly and be careful about where we put our feet down. It felt very good to find a path again and to be able to walk without fearing a broken ankle. After a little while, we took a wrong turn and found ourselves off-track. Without the compass, I dare say we would have been a little lost there. But map and compass told us the direction and soon we were back on a path. We continued walking to Kroktjenn which is a beautiful small lake where there is a bench. We had been out for 4 hours, walking for most of them and I was so tired. After we had been sitting for a while, I was also very cold. We had about a 30-40 minutes walk to reach the hilltop. The hilltop would be an even colder place. And I just did not feel up for it. It speaks to Bjørn's sympathy and willingness to make sure I was OK, that he agreed on giving up on our goal of reaching the hilltop. He really wished to continue and no doubt would have done so if he had been alone. But it was the right choice for me, I felt so dead, and it made such a psychological difference to know that the next steps I took would bring me closer to home and not further away from it. It was too cold to eat where we were, so we decided to have our dinner when we were back at the shelter we had seen earlier. But before we turned around, we rested a bit.

Bjørn peeled oranges for us to eat


Maya got a chewing bone


Then started the walk home. We mindlessly followed Maya (who was good at finding the right way most of the time) and did another small detour, but we were soon back on track. On the way back, Bjørn suggested avoiding the part with the roughest terrain, and staked out another course for us. MUCH better! Though I was really tired, the forest really is beautiful, and it was both a funny and a very nice walk. And of course I never got any comments about being too much of a sissy to have walked up the hilltop....

A curiosity we came across: A bench and right by it a sign. It told the story of an incident between the year 1808 and 1814, during the war between the Norwegians and the Swedes when a group of Norwegians had came across a group of Swedes at this place and the Swedes had stolen all the butter and the fish from the Norwegians. The sign is written in the dialect of this area and it tells the story in a funny way. Very amusing.

The bench had its own charm, and Bjørn suggested I took some pics.



We walked for almost two hours I think, before suddenly, in the middle of absolute nowhere, there was another bench. At that point we were both tired and legs and backs were aching a bit, so we decided to sit down for a rest and a cup of coffee.

The path from which we came:


Fine feather found


Maya no longer running like crazy



Me, enjoying a well deserved break. And coffee! Coffee rules!




Tired and hungry, we walked on. It was still great to be out in the woods though. And it was good that we had chosen a route that was easier to walk! We were, however, quite happy when we saw the shelter. We made a fire and had a barbeque dinner. As Ray Mears always says: "Light a fire. It is good for morale!" It really was. And it gave enough heat to keep us warm. We had brought potaotes, corn on the cob, onion, mushrooms and hot dogs. It was delicious. Maya got hot dogs, a bone and a bit of cheese. Tired and fed, she found a quiet spot and lied down to sleep.



Food eaten, water drunk and morale restored, we were ready to walk home. I will admit the first few steps after dinner was a bit of an ordeal, though. Right before we came home, darkness started to fall and we felt five, six raindrops. Shoes were muddy, jeans muddy and wet. After nine and a half hours, it felt like the right time to come back. We opened the door for Maya, she stepped over the treshold - and that was as far as she was willing to move. She lied down right there. Bjørn and I got out of our muddy outfits and hit the shower. When we were done, Maya was still in the same spot. As she was three hours later when we went to bed.

Saturday 15 September 2012

There's always tomorrow....

I might not have done a lot today, but what I have done, was done properly!

I had set my alarm clock to 06:00, but will admit that when it rang, it seemed a little early for a Saturday. Especially for a Saturday when my body still is completely controlled by the mighty powers of Flu. Hence I snoozed till 07:00 before I was ready to start my day. It has been a while since Maya had a long walk, so as soon as I had clothes on, me and her went out. She was so happy and so full of energy, it seemed fair to let her be outside for a while. We walked for two hours and twenty minutes. It was a little cold to start off with, but after a while the sun started shining and we had a good time. It is so good to see Maya full of energy again. She is an amazing little dog, I love her to pieces. She offers brilliant companionship that one.

Because of all her strange skin problems, we should bathe her frequently with a special shampoo. I should have done so earlier this week, but a lot of work and a lot of flu has made it difficult for me to keep up with all my tasks. Maya herself is not complaining. As soon as we got back from the walk, I put her in the tub. She looked deeply depressed from the second I opened the door into the bathroom for her and she understood what was about to happen. She stands still and suffers in silence though.

After having given her a bath, I needed one myself. After one minute in the shower it became clear that the drainage was blocked, so I needed to be quick and then try to unblock it with what few remedies we had available.

Then, finally, feeding Maya, giving her pills and having my own breakfast. A couple of wasas later, I headed to the store to do grocery shopping. I bought chemicals for the drainage, and Bjørn later took care of that while I sat down with my French. I needed to prepare for this Tuesday's French lesson. So much to read - that took quite a few hours. I now know more about a lot of things :D

And then, the garbage. Since I have not had time to empty the garbage this week, it had started to take over the kitchen. It must somehow have been able to open the doors to the cupboards where it is supposed to be confined and had somehow snuck all the way up to the kitchen counters and down to the kitchen floor. The kitchen was well on its way to look like the room of one of those horders that you occasionally see on TV (well, "saw" in my case, since TV-channels are a thing of the past in the Berg home). Then I tidied the downstairs halls. I started a project last week: I will thoroughly clean and tidy one and one room and then make sure that these rooms stay ok while I move on to the next ones. The downstairs halls are already taken, but they needed a bit of attention to be at their best. After the heavy medication and the bathing, Maya no longer sheds as much as what she used to. Still, it was starting to show that I had not vaccuumed since last weekend. Thus.... I vaccuumed the entire house. Then it was on time to get back to my French. By next literature session, we must have finished "Candide", so I read 30 more pages. It takes time, both because there are a lot of words I have to look up, but also because there are many footnotes in my edition that explains a lot of philosophical and historical stuff - and I want to read that as well. From Candide, today's to-do-list took me to the main bathroom where I tidied, washed and scrubbed the floor. By then the flu really had taken its toll. I was exhausted and ached everywhere and I do think my fever has risen again.

I managed to do one more thing though, this time work related. Pure administration - counting and archiving (80% of a teacher's job these days). It had to be done by Monday, and I have postponed it since it reminds me of the side of this job that I do not like.

That is all. I had more on my list for today, and normally I would have managed a couple of things more. But I do feel very unwell at this point. And there is always tomorrow.


Wednesday 15 August 2012

Last day of freedom

Up at 7.30. Had breakfast and then drove to the car repair shop for the obligatory EU-control. Bjørn came with me and together we walked back home. Quite a nice way to start the day! We came across this beautiful creature on the way:


A short coffee break before I went to Skotterud to buy paint and brushes and do some grocery shopping. Then back home to paint! I started outside with laying foundation for the white paint I will put on later. Then inside to paint the first coat of white on a livingroom wall. When that was done, we went off to get my car back - but not on foot this time!

Bjørn made one of his excellent salmon dinners, and then he said that since this is my last holiday-day, he thought we should do something nice and somethng that I would enjoy. So what did I want? I opted for a drive where I brought my camera. I love the drives we have when we just venture out and explore and stop whereever I want to take a photo. Pure therapy! So, off we went.

We had not been driving for long when I saw these really cool goats:



There were about 20 of them, but I could not stay there forever. Next stop was by a nice lake. We watched the swans and I photographed everything in sight. It made me aware of the fact that summer is slowly turning into autumn.




Moving on... and suddenly I spotted five deer. They are completely impossible to photograph, shy as they are...


The drive lasted a couple of hours and I had a wonderful time. Back home, we spent some minutes in the garden, photographing all sorts of things. Like me.



And of course the furry friend Maya!



I might not appreciate all the rain this summer, but the lawn and our four rhododendrons are thriving. Here: lawn and one of the rhododenderons.


A flowerbed in a corner of our garden. All plants planted this summer before we left for France.


And speaking of Bjørn.....



Finally, some colours from our garden!



Back inside for an evening meal, and since then I have been blogging while hubby has surfed the net. He also put on a documentary about dogs and their long and special relationship to man. One of the best I have seen. Educational and very moving.

Midnight now. Work tomorrow. I need sleep!

Saturday 4 August 2012

Sunny Saturday

Oh finally a bit of sun again today! We had breakfast and then went out for what was meant to be a four hour walk on this new path that Bjørn had discovered. About 45 minutes into an otherwise perfect walk though, dear husband becomes so ill that we have no choice but to turn back and go home. Apart from him feeling lousy, we really enjoyed walking there, so we will come back for the rest of the path once he feels better.

As always we brought mad Maya with us, and a few minutes into the walk, she leaves the road to explore something. One second I see her, the next second I don't. I hear a "splash" though. I expect her to to have jumped into a small stream and I keep my eyes at where I last saw her, expecting her to show up. She doesn't. I start running towards her, and just as I reach the place where she disappeared, I see the head of a struggling and very stuck German shepherd. It was no stream. It was a very deep hole in the ground, at the bottom of which there was a pool of stinking, thick mud-water. The hole was just big enough to fit a German shepherd. That is, a German shepherd who crazily insisted on fitting. Thank goodness she had been able to turn around and get her head above water. A good thing also that I for once had a collar on her, so I could have a better grip when I pulled her back out. She was full of stinking brown mud, and when we passed by a lake later on, I threw sticks in the water repeatedly so that she could bathe in clean water. My mad Maya. She might not make my life easier, but she certainly adds... something!

Because Bjørn was ill, I did not stop to take many pics, but there were a lot of nice colours along the way. Here are those I did take:





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