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Wednesday 10 July 2019

Maihaugen with Astri and Amalie

Got up early, had a long, chatty and nice hotel breakfast. Then off to the main attraction: Maihaugen.. I have not been there since I was a little girl. Amalie had never been there.

We walked around at the outdoor museum for 6 hours. A perfect day!






























By the time we had walked back to our hotel, we had been on our feet for 7 hours, apart from a couple of breaks for coffee and lunch. We had an hour of rest in our rooms, and then we walked to the nearest restaurant - which was just a across the street. We got a great table at a quiet place, and had excellent food. And desert was served along with a fancy thingy since the girls had told the waiter I turned 50. This really is the birthday that keeps on giving. We sat eating and talking for almost three hours, and then it was back to the hotel. And again, I phoned Bjørn and then fell into coma.

Saturday 15 June 2019

Oh my.

Went to Oslo today to meet Astri. Oslo was packed with people, it took us ages to get to our restaurant. Astri paid for dinner as a birthday present, and she also sent with me a bag of pressies.


As always we had a wonderful day, and chatted away for hours. Time flew, and suddenly it was on time to go back home. Bjørn picked me up at the railway station, and we stopped for some grocery shopping on the way back home.

I already felt quite spoilt, and then Bjørn came with my 15th birthday-month-present: A white wine with an owl on the label. Gotta love the man.


And now it was time to watch the movie I got yesterday. Great stuff!

Saturday 13 April 2019

Driving to Denmark

We started from home in the early morning hours. I drove for the first three hours, by which time my arm was no longer able to hold the wheel, and Bjørn took over. We drove straight to our hotel in Fyn, with only a couple of stops for fuel and food along the way.

Driving over the Öresund bridge. Known from the TV-series, The Bridge, brought us from Sweden to Denmark.


We found our room:


unpacked a little and did a google search to find a place to eat. We found an Italian restaurant that looked very promising, booked a table, and walked the 30 minutes it took to get there.

It had been a long day, and we decided to go for luxury and the Angus beef. That was one of the best meals we have ever had. We planned on walking back also, but it had started raining, so we went for a taxi instead.

At the restaurant



Saturday 17 November 2018


After a nice Saturday morning, I went to Oslo where I met Astri. We had dinner at Jaipur and looked around in a couple of shops. Big mistake of me to look in book stores for Christmas gifts since I find about one hundred things I want myself for every potential Christmas present.

The streets were crowded, so the Christmas hysteria has already started. We sat down for a cup of coffee, and then it was the train back home. Bjørn came to pick me up at the railway station. He had been to Fredrikstad today to buy a birthday present for my brother who turns 40 on November 21st.

Home and an episode of the excellent French "Le Bureau" before bed.

Oslo is ready for the Christmas crowd


Sunday 2 September 2018

The 2nd

Started the Sunday early with a session at the gym together with Joanna. Felt pretty darn good about it, and when I got in the car afterwards, turned on the radio and heard "We are the champions", I nodded in agreement. Home, breakfast, two episodes of "Suits". Love that series. Then onto something a little less fun - I paid the 40.000 NOK that I owed in taxes.

Fortunately I could get my mind off it - we celebrated the 2nd by going to Ås Bistro for a meal, and then to the movies. We saw the latest Mission Impossible movie. It has been talked about a lot here since one of the more impressive scenes was filmed in Norway. in the movie though, it is supposed to be in India. Anyways, it was good entertainment!

Monday 13 August 2018

Last time at Bergly

Bjørn was at Bergly to hand over the keys to the new owners today. The house is officially not ours anymore. I went to the physiotherapist and did some exercise. Then I carried some boxes from the van and in to the basement apartment here at Ås. I went to the library in Askim and then to the storage space in Ørje to empty the van.

Eventually we both came back to Ås, relaxed a little, showered... and went out to Ås Bistro to celebrate the start of better times.


Wednesday 27 June 2018

Celebrating my birthday

Being 49 continues to be good. We drove in to Oslo where we met up with Amalie to celebrate my birthday. We went to Jaipur which is often my restaurant of choice.



After dinner we went for a stroll, and the walk took us to the Oslo Opera House. I think it is one of the few great buildings in Oslo, and I love to walk on its roof. It was nice to be there as the sun was setting. I had forgotten my camerat at home and my phone camera is not as good, but I took a few pics all the same. Bjørn tok lots of pictures, but in raw, and it will take a while for him to be able to send them in a good format, so it will have to be my pics.




After the Opera House, we went to the hotel we had booked for the night. It is on the main street of Oslo, Karl Johan. And it quite clearly put hipness way above comfort. But we did get some sleep and some rest!

Sunday 20 May 2018

The Bohuslän coast

Today we drove west to what is said to be a wonderful part of Sweden, the Bohuslän coast. It was difficult to find roads that brought us down to the coastline, so we have seen a lot of the green Swedish country side!

But then we, a little by accident, drove down to a very charming place called Grundsund.

It was a little chilly and we had not eaten much, so we were happy to find a little restaurant hidden away on the docks, "Smultron and Tong.

It was open for one more hour, and it had the nicest staff you could imagine. The waitress was so friendly, and after a while the chef came out and joined us also, and he sat by our table for a while and told us which route we should take back home to Norway. We felt very welcome. And the food left nothing to be desired. My prawn sandwich:


My dessert


And Bjørn's


A couple of hours here, looking at all the coastal charm, was more than enough to make up for a long drive. Well at east for me. It is poor Bjørn that does all the driving.

We drove on, and saw a lot of nice places along the way. But we did not stop to take many photos, it was late, and we were also ready to head home. But here are a couple...

We drove back to Ås, Bjørn got a short break and then he drove back home.

I am glad we did this trip. We had a good time, we saw and experienced a lot, and we really are at our best as a couple when we travel together.

Tuesday 1 May 2018

Celebrating Amalie's birthday!

We met up with Amalie in Oslo and went to a Persian restaurant for dinner. Four hours passed in a heartbeat.



Monday 19 March 2018

What a day!

I went in to work today. Since I am going back to my Askim job after Easter, I felt the need to find out what sort of classes I would have and to start preparing for them. I also wanted to have met my colleagues again and have that out of the way. It was a little scary to go back after such a long time. I need not have worried. I had just come into the the study room I sit in, when one of the teachers saw me, threw herself around my neck, and said "I love you" repeatedly. And then she said she hoped I was back to stay. Next came Lene and more hugging. Then Geir and more hugs.... and the day continued like that. So much love and friendliness, it was overwhelming. At one point, when I was having lunch, one of them said "Unni, being here again must feel like coming home!". And that was exactly how it felt. These are my people. I have missed them so much, and it was so good to be back. My boss asked to talk to me, and she asked me if I perhaps wanted a softer start than the one I had planned. Because our social welfare system offers the opportunity of not starting up with a 100% job when you have been away for a while on sick leave. They want to make sure that the employer starts up again in the best possible way, to make sure that the workload will be bearable. It was just such a tremendously good offer. And I felt such a relief when it was given, so I understood that it would be good for me to say yes to that offer. We then talked about what sort of tasks it would be good to have a break from, and found the best solution ever. I can not wait to start now. I used to be a little apprehensive, and wonder if I was ready for it. With this solution is place, I will cope without difficulty. I really do have the best work place in the history of work places.

I was at work till 4pm, and then Bjørn came to pick me up. We went to the mall in Ski, and I picked up three books at a book sale. I should not, I have so many unread books at home. But they were SO cheap, and they were all quality books. I think I was a good girl to only pick out three. Bjørn paid for them, which was a nice gesture. Then we went for a meal before he drove me back to the parking lot at work where my car was. back at Ås, I went for a short walk, since I want to try to do a bit of walking every day. Then I logged on to the net to talk with Bjørn about our Easter holidays. He was booking place on a ferry from Sweden to Finland. We chose a ferry that goes in the evening and that will be in Turku on Sunday morning.

Three perfect days in a row. When did that last happen? There have been many enough horrid days in a row earlier, so I think I deserve it.

Saturday 3 March 2018

Birthday celebrations in Oslo

What a perfect day this has been.

Bjørn came here in the afternoon, we spent some time talking with Anja and Espen, and then we drove to Oslo. We were there a little early, visited the store "Outland", but without buying anything. Then, since it was bloody cold, we walked to the restaurant and asked if we could sit and have a cup of coffee, though we were half an hour earlier than announced. It was the first time we were at the Italian place "Baltazar". I have read a lot about it and knew it was supposed to be very good, so I had booked a table here for me, Bjørn and Amalie. When Amalie came, we ordered food, and we had a lovely evening. Such a cosy place, and the food was beyond words. At least on the top ten list of the best meals I have ever had. We could not have wished for a better place to have a birthday dinner. Amalie took some pictures along the way, and I have stolen them.





And finally one I took


We walked from the restaurant to the Concert house where we had tickets to see Jethro Tull and their 50 year anniversary tour. It was excellent, and I enjoyed every second of it. I also met a former colleague from Øvrebyen who i had not seen in 5 years. She told me that all the teachers of Norwegian who were there had quit, except for Hjørdis. And all the new ones who had started, had also quit. So now they were on their next generation of teachers of Norwegian, and they would undoubtedly quit as well. They really do need to do something about the work load for teachers of Norwegian... Anyway, back to the concert. I have never listened to Jethro Tull before, so their music was new to me, except for the tune "Heavy horses". I still had a very good time, as did Amalie who no doubt was one of the youngest there.

After the concert we walked together to the tube where Amalie said goodbye, and me and Bjørn drove to Ås. He slept over here, which means he could have a glass of the whisky that Amalie had got him for his birthday :)

Sunday 18 February 2018

Meeting Amalie in Oslo

We went to Oslo today and met up with Amalie at one of the restaurants I have been to most often in Oslo - Jaipur. So good to see her again, and I am very glad that we meet up so often these days. We all ordered dinners that we had not tried before, and the food was excellent. We agreed that neither of us had ever had something quite as tasty as this at Jaipur before. Brilliant conversation, perfect company and superb food. Can't ask for more than that.

The "Thanks for a lovely evening" message she sent me after Bjørn and I were on the train, heading back to Ås, was so charming that I stole it, and will put it here!


Saturday 27 January 2018

Meeting Amalie and Astri in Oslo

Bjørn was going to a party for Red Cross members, and was there from 6pm till around 4am. I went to Oslo and met Astri and Amalie. I drove to Mysen, parked the car and took the train to Oslo where I met them at the station. Amalie chose where to eat, which means we finally got to try another restaurant. Nice as our Indian restaurant is, it is so good to try something new. Amalie first suggested an Italian place, but it had not opened yet, so we walked on and ended up at a Thai restaurant. It seemed so anonymous and unnoticeable, but it was brilliant. Service and food was excellent. And both the young comedian/actor who sat there when we came in, and the long queue that started forming shortly after we sat down told us that we were now at the place to be. With such good food and such good company, and such friendly waiters, it was easy to ignore the line of people waiting for a table, and we stayed there for a long time.

I have stolen Amalie's picture:


After dinner, Amalie went home, while me and Astri spent four more hours in the big city. I had a really good day. At 8.30pm, I took a train back, and was in Mysen at 9.30pm. By then it was snowing like hell, and my weather app warned me that our area had "dangerous driving conditions". It took me a while to get home. When home I had 30 minutes of TV and a beer before I went to bed.

Bjørn wake me up when he came home, just as I was dreaming I stabbed the neighbour with a pair of scissors, after he had broken into our home. I did manage to fall asleep again, and having forgotten to set the alarm, I slept for absolute ages.

Sunday 21 January 2018

Meeting Amalie and Yoomin in Oslo

Today was our first chance to see Amalie after she returned from yet another stay in Iran. We grabbed it with both hands, and drove in to Oslo. She and her friend Yoomin met up with us at a Chinese restaurant. It was so very good to see her again, and also nice to see Yoomin again. We chatted away for about four hours, and they passed way too fast. It was such a perfect way to spay a Sunday.

Me, Amalie and Yoomin


Amalie and Yoomin


Me, Bjørn, Amalie and Yoomin - taken by Amalie


Yoomin brought me flowers


Saturday 6 January 2018

Being social

I am still struggling to get my sleep pattern under control. Bloody annoying.

The rest of the day, however, was very nice. In the early afternoon, Erik and Linda came for a visit. Erik is Bjørn's oldest friend and a very easy guy to get along with. As is his wife. Not to mention their three dogs. Unfortunately I could only be in their good company for three hours, because I had already arranged for Anne to come pick me up, so that we could have an evening out. A little while later, Bjørn sent me this photo... Someone was rather happy to see my chair empty...


Anne and I went to the cinema to see "Den 12. mann" (The 12th man). A survival story based on the true story of the Norwegian resistance man Jan Baalsrud's escape from the nazis. They were a company of twelve, he was the one that survived. It is a well known story in Norway, not to mention a well known man, Norwegian movies can go either way; this one was, much to my surprise, really good.


When we got out of the cinema temperatures had dropped to minus ten Celsius. Thankfully our preferred restaurant was just around the corner: The Thai Orchid. We had good sushi and suddenly it was closing time. Back home at around midnight, where Bjørn and I watched an episode in the brilliant French TV-series "Le bureau des légendes", and then it was time for bed.

An important resolution this year was to be more social, another to get out more and see movies, plays, exhibitions and so on. At least I am getting off to a good start.

Sunday 24 December 2017


Slept long. Had a moment of missing the family Christmas. Went to the only place in this city that served dinner on Christmas eve; the restaurant at the Clarion Post Hotel. And the hotel itself was clearly prepared for Christmas. Dinner was perfect. It could not have been better. The food was excellent, the atmosphere was relaxed and nice, the waiters were as good as they come. And Bjørn and I kept ourselves entertained by making stories about the others guests and why they were not at home for Christmas. All remains of melancholy was soon gone, and the evening was enchanting.

After dinner, we went to the hotel bar and had four rounds of drinks. All good, and the bar was a friendly and laid back place that we really enjoyed.



Friday 20 October 2017

A get-away weekend

Tried to wrap things up as early as I could at work. Drove home, packed our bags, and drove to Vestfold county, Tønsberg town. Vestfold is Norway's smallest county, but it has so much to see and experience. It is only a couple of hours from here by car and ferry, but we seldom go there. We spent a weekend in a hotel in Horten, Vestfold last year, but that has been it. Vestfold has a rich and long history with lots of finds from th stone age. A lot of Viking history there also. Tønsberg is the oldest town in Norway, so that seemed like the place to live while there.

We arrived at our hotel at around 9pm. After we had put our stuff in our room, we went out to find a place a to eat. We walked along the Tønsberg harbour, and I was so charmed by the place. We found a restaurant that was more exclusive than the ones we usually go to, and our dinner was amazing and quite an experience in itself. Paparazzi on the Tønsberg harbour might see us again one day. Then a short walk before we went back to the hotel and had a night cap there. It already feels like a holiday!

Tønsberg Harbour: Picture from Wikipedia:


Saturday 25 February 2017

Celebrating Bjørn

Bjørn turns 51 on Tuesday when I cannot be at home, so we celebrated him today. We went to Oslo, did a bit of shopping for things he on his wish list, and then met Amalie at the restaurant "Mother of India" where we last were when we celebrated MY birthday. Nice dinner and nice company. While in Oslo, weather turned hellish. Snow. Snow everywhere. Took some time to drive home, and I will admit I am glad there is nothing planned for tomorrow.


Friday 20 January 2017

The Theatre!

Had three 90 minute lessons at work. Then met up with Bjørn and drove in to Oslo. We went out to eat at Peppe's. Our table was right by an indoor fire place. Very cosy, I loved it! We walked from Peppe's down to Torshov where the theatre is. There we met up with Amalie. We had a great time. We saw "Rossum's Universal Robots, based on Karel Čapek's novel. A truly amazing play. The actors were brilliant. This play will stay with me for a long time!

After the play, we drove home, and Amalie came with us.


Friday 12 August 2016


Bjørn drove me to my physio appointment today, where I had another round of shock wave therapy. Painful stuff, I can only hope that it works. I told my physio about having walked around in Stockholm, and how the pain now was worse. He, of course, told me that if I did want to try getting rid of this pain once and for all, I now had to get off my feet and not use them. They will only have a chance of healing if they get rest. All my years of experience with this condition, tells me he is right. It is just so damned difficult not to be on my feet. His second advice was to keep on losing weight. It has been a little while since I mentioned the weight project, and that is pretty much because not much has happened. I have lost ten kilos, but not more. I am becoming ever so impatient with this halt, but try to be happy with the fact that at least I am not gaining the ten kilos back. It will be a phase, and it has been difficult to keep to a rigid regime over the holidays, so I think I will go back to losing once work starts again. Anyway, he wanted me to exercise without using my feet, and of course the best ways are swimming and riding a bike. Neither of which are on my repertoire. He ordered me to get a stationary bicycle, so i will look into that.

After the physio, we drove to the agency we have decided to use to sell the house, and talked to our agent there. We have talked a lot about this lately, and it is such a difficult decision to make. On one side, this is the worst time for us to sell: We will not get enough for this house to be able to afford something new. Bjørn is still unemployed, and the future is very uncertain. My work is the only thing that has tied us to this spot, and now with all that has happened at work, it might no longer do so. I will give it some months to see what the changes there will mean for me, but chances are I will want to resign. If so, the best place for us to live, will be where I find my next job. And since I know nothing about where that will be right now, buying a house now, seems so silly. On the other side, of course: Neighbour. Living next to a madman takes its toll, especially on me. We talked with our agent for an hour, and decided not to start the sale process just yet. We will take one day at the time, and just see. The Police has also finally decided to do a bit a more, and there is hope of getting a restraining order now, which will be a step in the right direction.

By now it was time for breakfast / lunch, and we had a gift certificate at home for lunch at the local boat café. We have another neighbour that is very nice, Bjørn was there to fix his daughter's computer problems a while back, and the neighbour wanted to give him something back. Since he owns the boat café, we got a gift certificate for lunch there. They have excellent food, and it is always a treat to be there. I had their fish soup, which was amazing. Then coffee and cake, which also was perfect. And a nice end to our days of a less rigid regime.

Back home, I followed my physio's orders, and sat in a chair while watching Game of Thrones for the rest of the evening.

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