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Saturday 3 August 2019


Walked Aro for over an hour in the morning.


Caught in the middle of a yawn, looking funny


When I came home, we had breakfast. Love having the kids home, it brings life to the house! After breakfast Amalie and Benjamin took Aro out for a two and a half hours walk in the forest. When he came home, he was a little tired.


Dinner, and an evening of playing cards and drinking Gin :)

Sunday 28 July 2019

Kjetil visits

Bjørn's brother came here today. Always nice to meet Kjetil. He brought his dog along also. A male dog who came rushing in, and tried to dominate Aro. And Aro behaved well. Love that doggie!

Kjetil brought tools to help us in the garden, and a lot of help it was!

Kjetil's dog, Leo


Saturday 25 May 2019


Irene, Steinar, Eira, Axel, four of Irene's Albanian friends and me and Bjørn celebrated Irene's 60th birthday here today. I did not take a single picture of the event, but it was a very good evening. The Albanians did not sleep over as they had planned, because their babysitters needed them to come back for their kids. Steinar had terrible back pains, and needed to go home for his own bed also, so in the end we only had three people sleeping over; Irene, Eira and Axel.

Saturday 23 February 2019

Celebrating Kjetil's 50th birthday.

Irene and Amalie came also, and it was nice to see them both. I was still sick, and had some breaks where I went to bed and slept for a little while. Bjørn did all the cooking. I only set the table and let him do all the work.

We had a really nice evening. I can not remember the last time I laughed so much.

After breakfast - Ingrid played and sang. She is good at both.


I tried to take some pictures of Ingrid's dog, Leo:







Partying the night away!







Tuesday 25 December 2018


Amalie slept over from yesterday. And in the early afternoon, Bjørn's brother Kjetil and his youngest daughter Ingrid came here. Another nice and social day!

Sunday 9 September 2018

Impressed with myself!

Got up at 7.30am on this rainy and grey Sunday morning. As soon as I was ready, I went straight to the gym where I met Joanna. Spent two hours there before I headed back to Ås. I feel so good about myself!

Fresh out of the shower and ready to go back to Ås:


Back here I had breakfast with Bjørn and we watched an episode of "Suits" before I did a bit of housework. Then I went on to work with assignments from my online pupils. In the evening we were invited up to Anja and Espen for dinner.

Saturday 1 September 2018


Bjørn was in Oslo, helping Amalie out with her computer. I drove to our storageroom in Ørje to store away the beehive that Bjørn got from my colleague Trond yesterday. When back, mum and Per were here visiting Anja and Espen, so I went upstairs and joined them. Family time for about 5 hours. Then mum and Per drove home and Bjørn came back from Oslo. The last hours of the day were spent watching a couple of episodes of "Suits".

Friday 22 June 2018


Had a wonderful last day at my Askim job. For the first time this last half year, I have not been a contact teacher, so there was nothing I had to do today. I could just wander around, visiting the classes I have been teaching this year, say goodbye... and of course have a taste of their food since the classes in Askim also end the year with food. In Geir's class, there was crazy conditions and they were dancing and having a party. In Guri's class there was quiet conversation around the table. Both places there was lot of interesting food. It is an art to be polite enough to taste everyone's dishes without overeating.

I left work, got in the car and set off to Elverum. Three hours later I parked outside the in-laws house. They served food which I was not quite ready for, and I got to see what Bjørn and Per had been doing that day. In the evening we went to our hotel, and I was happy to have been able to book Elgstua again - I have been here once before with Bjørn and once with Astri. They win prices for their breakfast, the rooms are nice and the staff always friendly. And it is nice to have a weekend with Bjørn again.

Let the holidays begin!

Sunday 17 June 2018


Woke up early, I never sleep more than 6 hours these days, usually less. But I felt quite rested. Had breakfast, and then my brother came and invited me up to their breakfast as well. I had a cup of coffee there, and a nice chat. The weather was rough today. We have had rain, heavy rain, pouring rain, hail and a veritable hailstorm. A perfect day to move the rest of the stuff from my family's old house to the new.

We all went there, and me and Bjørn emptied the basement while Anja and Espen packed more of their stuff upstairs. Though I have not quite befriended the Caravelle yet, it scores some extra points for having been incredibly practical now that Bjørn has helped Amalie after the fire, and today when we are moving. We got all that was left in the basement, and a great deal of Anja and Espens things also into the Caravelle. When we came back here, we orded some food and had a meal before Bjørn left. I do look forward to the day when we live together again.

At the dinner table..


Monday 23 April 2018

That went quickly

Finished work, went to Ås, and was told that their home had been sold for the asking price.

Went for a walk. Was too stubborn to turn when I came to a mud pool. So I ended up slipping, and found myself sitting in the middle of it. Felt like a 5 year old, and had to laugh. Glad I was alone in the woods! So good to be out walking!


In the evening I was invited up for champagne to celebrate.


Saturday 14 April 2018

Mum turns 75

We celebrated at the place "Privaten" in Hurum. It was a great evening, and mum really enjoyed herself.





Saturday 24 February 2018

Visit here, visit there...

Today was all about being social. Bjørn has never had much contact with his family, but was reacquainted with some of them a few years ago when he went to two funerals in a short time. He met three female cousins that he has wanted to stay in touch with since then. They all came to his birthday party when he turned 50, but that is two years ago and we have not seen them since. Two of them live in Elverum, and today we had arranged to see them both. We slept a little longer today, had a slow start and a long breakfast. This hotel has a prize winning breakfast buffet, and it is well worth spending some time on. After breakfast we bought a few things and then finally were on our way to the first cousin: Elin. We were there at around noon. It was very nice to get to know her better. Her son, daughter-in-law and grandchild also dropped by for a visit, and it was nice to say hello to them as well. Lots of coffee and a bit of cake - a lot of talking - and suddenly it was on time to leave to be in time for dinner at the next cousin's place. Half an hour later we arrived at Mette and her husband Jan's place. Another very nice visit. Dinner, dessert, cake and lots of talking that only ended we realised it was 9.30 pm and time to go back to the hotel.

Friday 23 February 2018

To Elverum

Woke up often during the night, so the morning was a little rough. Did a little bit of housework, did some grocery shopping to fill up the fridge for Anja and Espen so they have food when they return from their week skiing in the mountains. Packed my bags - and waited for Bjørn. When he came, we drove to Elverum where we have booked a hotel for the weekend. It is the same hotel as where I stayed with Astri this summer. From the hotel we phoned my father-in-law and asked him if he was ready for a visit. Stayed there for some hours. There is a lot more snow here than at home. I have been thinking that we have a crazy amount of snow this year, but it is nothing compared to what they have here. And I got a snap-chat picture from Anja that showed what 1.5 meters of snow look like, because at Gålå where they are, they have more snow than in Elverum. I have to say that I really like winter this year. It is a proper winter, like we had when I was young. Lots of snow, stable cold temperatures, so the snow stays for weeks and weeks, and all that happens is that more snow is added to it. And it is not too cold, we are at between minus 2 and minus 5, so it is possible to be outside. The only bad part about it is that it takes a lot of shovelling. My mother recently shovelled snow until she almost fainted, and she got sick. It is heavy work just to make sure you have a way out of the garage for your car, that you are able to walk from garage to your house and so on. My father in-law has quite a few meters to clear from his door to the garage, and it has been very heavy work for him. He is not at all amused.

In the evening Bjørn and I went to our favourite restaurant in Elverum, an Italian place. And then back to the hotel room. Been a nice day.

Wednesday 14 February 2018

What a wonderful world...

This has been a truly remarkable day. Very fitting for a day that marks the start of a new kind of life.

I got up a little earlier today, so my nephews had not gone to school yet. The youngest came running to me as soon as I came up from the basement and told me he had made me a gift. This was what I got:


A little later he came with a sheet of paper that was folded over and over, and wrapped in sticky tape. Also a gift. It took a while to unwrap, but when I did, the sheet of paper had a sentence written on it: You are the world's best aunt:


If that is not a perfect start of my Ås life, I don't know what is.

Jazz had got a stomach flu during the night, and needed to go out all the time. I told Anja I would take her for a walk, and that I would stay at home to look after her and let her out whenever she needed. As soon as my family had left for school and work, I took her for a walk. It has been at least a year I think, since I just went outside alone for a walk. I have missed it. And not only a walk. but a walk in a beautiful winter landscape. It was good for my soul, for my body, for my mood.... It really did lift my spirits. I let Jazz run free for most of the walk, and she did her whippet thing and ran like crazy.





Back, made coffee and sat in the living room looking after jazz. That was needed.

Then Bjørn phoned me, he had started looking at cars, we do need two. We talked about prices and car loans and discussed how we should go about getting hold of a car that was good, yet not too expensive. We agreed to use a lot of our savings since it was better than a loan which in the long run would be more expensive. Shortly after we hung up, he phoned again. The insurance company who had looked at his old car, told him they deemed it a total wreck and that it could not be repaired. They would trash it for him - and as compensation, he would get a sum of money. We had no idea that our insurance covered this kind of accident. And the money we get back will go a long way in getting another car. For so long, life has been about being unlucky and on the wrong side of the margins. To have such good news was almost unreal.

May the good times continue!

Monday 12 February 2018

Leaving the hospital

I saw the doc in the afternoon. Was told I had a strong psyche who had been able to withstand so much pressure over such a long time, and that a collapse in this situation had to been seen as a normal reaction from my body to the experience of living under extreme conditions for so long. My vitals were good and I was ready to go home.

But in the meantime I had communicated a lot with those nearest and dearest. My brother and his wife had told me to come to them instead of going home, and my brother added that I should never need to go home again or see the bloody neighbour again. I will live with them till the house is sold. And I had talked to Bjørn who promised me that he will be OK living alone for a while, and that it would in fact be better for him not to have me to worry about on top of everything else. My wonderful sister-in-law came to hospital to pick me up. She has done a lot of travelling to the hospital for us over the last week. And she makes it sound as if it is no problem, and that this is what you trust the people in your network to do - be there for you.

The collapse and the hospital has been a turning point. I have realised just how absurd and horrible a condition I have been living in for the last three years. There are good reasons to stay home and struggle on. But none of those reasons are more important than my health and my sanity. I have gained a lot of weight because I no longer go out. I do not sleep. I am ill all the time. I am scared and stressed all the time. It came close to killing me. This was a wake-up call, and now I need to turn my life around. Telling myself that I never will see the crazy fuck of a neighbour again, lifted an enormous weight off my shoulders. It has been enough now. Life has to start again.

Getting ready to leave hospital...


So, back to Ås for me. And my sweet, dear husband who is bruised, battered and in pain from the car accident, drove here with all I needed. He had asked me to make a list, and had packed bags and a suitcase and driven here when what he should have done was to rest and recover. Six days after the accident, he looks like this...


Here at Ås they still have Jazz...



But they also have two relatively new "pets" - two stick insects. I saw them when they were very small and could fit on a finger nail. Now they are not so small. They are strange and fascinating creatures.


Bjørn went home, and I soon went to bed, ready to start a new kind of life.

Thursday 21 December 2017

Visit from Irene

Irene visited. And of course she admired the Christmas hat I got from my boss, Lene. She did look lovely in it.


Saturday 16 December 2017

My brother's Christmas concert

Excellent, like every year. I am so proud of him. I went with Bjørn this year.

I have stolen the pic of the artist from the concert's FB page.


Thursday 23 November 2017

Ten years since my father died

.... and my cousin Gard sent me this picture of me with my parents.


Sunday 12 November 2017

Stressful week, fun weekend

The week was horrendous. One thing is that working 140% is quite a lot of work. But there has been some extra stuff to deal with this week. Not to mention that the neighbour is batshit crazy. Among other things he goes in our trash cans and brings our trash with him to his home.

But then came the weekend. I stayed late at work on Friday, but we had a couple of hours of relaxation before bedtime. On Saturday we went to Hurum to celebrate the 80th birthday of my mother's cohabitant Per. Met one of mum's friends who I have not see for about 20 years, so that was nice.

We were home late, slept in on Sunday and then Anne came, as agreed. The three of us drove to Ski were we went out to eat at an Indian restaurant before we went to Ski Concert house. My friend and colleague Geir's wife sings in the Follo Chamber choir, and they were performing Carmina Burana this evening. The food was good, the concert was excellent.

Sunday 29 October 2017

A week of work and a weekend in Ås.

Not much to say about the week. Now that I work 140%, the weeks fly by so fast. Never a break.

Bjørn was away over the weekend, and since the raving mad neighbour is his raving mad self, I spent the weekend in Ås with my family. My adorable nephews are growing up so fast! They are still adorable though!

I came there Friday after work, and when Bjørn came back on Sunday afternoon, I met up with him and we went out to eat before we drove home.

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