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Sunday 12 May 2019

Spring at the vicarage

It is interesting to see all the flowers and plants that are popping up everywhere.









Monday 25 March 2019

Spring has sprung

Was working from my home office, and needed a walk.

Had a stroll in the garden, and was thrilled to see the first flowers bloom in the garden. I have of course never seen this garden in spring before, so every little plant and flower that pop up, will be a nice surprise. And it is especially good to see the first ones now after a long winter.



Then I left the garden, and found our first wild springflower as well, the "hestehov". In Norway we can not really be sure that we have seen the last of winter until mid May, but it is so good to see that spring has taken up the fight with winter.


Monday 29 August 2016

Facing fears

One lesson. Pressure treatment. A meeting.


Because I have wanted to avoid the low-life neighbour, the garden has become overgrown and horrible. I hate to live like this. To have a shabby home and garden stresses me to no end. So I asked Bjørn to come with me out and do some gardening. Worked in the garden for an hour, and parts of it were much improved. My mood lifted a little.

Saturday 15 August 2015

For Cassie!

From my garden!


Saturday 23 May 2015

Reaction to a very stressful week

Today was all about collapsing. In the morning I drove to Askim to buy birthday presents to mum. The plan was to visit her today, but I was too busy collapsing.

In the afternoon me and the boy went out to do a bit of gardening. I planted flowers in a couple of pots and in a flowerbed. We also mowed the lawn, which was a popular activity. It was nice to have company in the garden, and gardening is always therapy for me.


Sunday 26 October 2014

Doing things in and around the house

This weekend has seemed so long already! Today we have been quite active. I have done quite a bit of housework while Bjørn was raking leaves. Now and then I went outside to help him. I drove off about ten barrels full of leaves. It is crazy how much has fallen down in a short period of time. And after I had a close look at the lawn, I decided to mow it. I do not think I have ever done that after August before, and here I was doing it on October 26th! In 12 degrees! I wonder if this year will be a freak incident, or if climate change is completely changing our seasons already? I did a bit more gardening also and am happy about how much better everything looks.

In the evening we watched the film "Hope Springs". It is about a couple who has been married for 31 years , and where all that is left of what they started out with are the daily routines. A little shallow at times and some situations are exaggerated, but it has its moments.

Saturday 21 June 2014

Rose bonanza!

I told Bjørn earlier this spring that I thought perhaps the climbing rose would have to go because I would rather have Clematis in front of our house. There are so many things about roses that I do not like, the plant lice being the worst. But I told him I would first watch them in bloom before I made my final decission. The roses are now blooming. They will stay!

Maya is a little rose in herself, of course.....



The bumble bee love the roses as well. There is one inside this rose.





And a couple of other flowers while I am at it. The first one comes with a bumble bee!



Saturday 14 June 2014


We have found a gardener closeby who offered great service and who had healthy, thriving plants. I went a little crazy.


Garden, with flowers old and new!









Wednesday 28 May 2014

Home, sweet home....

Spring has sprung and I think we are seeing the start of summer. For every passing day, I am feeling more at home. Usually May has been a hellish month for me, since that is when grading has been at its most intense. This year, with a new job, I have had time to be in the garden. And I do love it there. Now that we have arranged the furniture and tidied up inside, I like the house also. It is practical, easier to keep clean than our last home and it has become a good place to live. But back to the garden.... It is great. There are lots of flowers popping up everywhere; I have had some very nice surprises: Astilbes (not yet blooming), lots of roses, peon (not yet blooming either), Irises, four common lilac trees.... and a lawn that looks great when mowed. And not to forget the bumblebees and all the amazing butterflies! The one on the last picture here is a beautiful swallow-tail. Which reminds me that we have a swallow nest up on the roof. I love swallows, they are such amazing air acrobats. Their song is beautiful and lately we have woken up to it every morning!

I will get some more plants in a few days, but here are some pictures of the Berg house and garden as it is now:

















Monday 8 July 2013


It is Monday today, so obvioulsy we have just been through a weekend. Not sure where it went to. Oh wait: Washing, lawn mowing, forest walk with Bjørn and Jardar. And yesterday Irene came to pick up Jardar so we had half a day of nice chatting. We also had someone knock on our door, wondering if the Collie they had found wandering about was ours. They had decided to go where it lead them, in hope that it would go home. It had walked to us with great determination. We thought we knew where it belonged and pointed them in the right direction. We also said that if they did not find the owners, they could bring it to us and we could take care of him until we found its owners. They did not come back though, so it probably belonged to who we thought it belonged to. It has good owners, but that is Collies for you... they are the exploring types :)

Saturday 2 June 2012

It's magic!!

This is the first weekend since end of August when I do not have work! I have of course taken a few weekends off since then, but never without knowing that when I have taken the weekend off, it will mean a heavier workload through the week. This weekend, I have no work hanging over me. I have no exams to read for. I simply have a weekend off. It is an amazing feeling!! No way to describe it!

I woke up at 07.30, but drowsed till 09.45! Oh the laziness, oh the luxury! And even before I got up, I saw the sun and felt the warmth of summer :D I got up feeling rested, energetic and happy. I have had two cups of coffee and half an energy bar and am now very ready to get started.

Ah...... No longer quite as energetic! Bjørn and I have spent 6 hours working in the garden. Oh, so has Maya, by the way! Bjørn has been lawn-mowing like a madman. I have tidied up in flower-beds, dug up plants and planted them at better places and then I have started working on a big area of shrubbery and young trees. At first I thought I would just cut it all down, but when I discovered it was possible to drag them up with roots and all, that seemed a better way. That has been hard work though, and this is where Maya comes into the picture. Whenever a young tree was so well rooted that I had no chance of pulling it out of the ground, I asked for Maya's assistance. She is a lot stronger than me and she is stubborn as hell. She has been working like crazy. I only had to show her the tree I wanted uprooted and ask her to do it for me, and she'd get the work done. I love my hardworking little doggie!

Thursday 31 May 2012

Green, green grass of home...

Had first lesson and last lesson today. And in between, Hjørdis and I started working on the oral exams that we know are bound to come.

Came home, had dinner, fell asleep..... When I woke up, I went out and did a few hours more of lawn-mowing. It cannot have been part of the Universe's big plan that people should have lawns this big. When the lawn finally was done, I got started on my flowerbeds. One was in pretty good shape already, so I just got rid of the few weeds that had popped up since last time I was there. The other is the big one right next to our door. That one is completely overgrown. It was so good to get started. Kept going till 21.30. I have promised myself that at 21.30 each evening, I will call it a day and spend the rest of the day relaxing. Relaxing will mean blogging, watching movies, doing French, photographing and so on. Now I will spend a bit of time working on the pictures I have taken over the last week.

Thursday 22 September 2011

Nightly discoveries....

Bjørn and I were out in the garden. He brought flashlights. I brought my camera.











Sunday 30 May 2010

Visting mum in Hurum

Graveyard where my brother, father and grandparents rest.


Dropping by a gardener


Helping out in the garden





My childhood home





In the background - my grandparents' old home.


Mum is fond of "things".









Monday 15 June 2009

Garden frenzy

A couple of my hostas





For various reasons I was very late with lawn mowing this year. It looks like a jungle here. I started mowing yesterday, and it is not too difficult to see where I have been and where I have yet to go :) Going out for more mowing the minute I finish my blog entry for today :)






Some flowers...




And here is why our cars are no longer in a garage. Material to be painted (I am getting there :D)



Monday 1 June 2009

Must not overdo it

I was very active yesterday inspite of having been down with the flu for a week. I was just so frustrated with not getting anything done. I walked the dogs, painted outside walls, did some gardening.... and had some sort of black out. Felt strange, went into the bedroom... and when Bjørn woke me up he told me I had been in the bedroom for close to an hour. I don't remember anything. Felt worse when I got up today. Have needed to walk the dogs, but other than that have been trying to rest a little.

Anyway - some pics from yesterday....

Rhododendron blooming


And the cat is of course also blooming




Sunday 24 May 2009


No longer frost at night and I have started planting in some pots (whatever will the cat do with herself now that I have taken her recreational pots and made them into flower pots?)







To make up for depriving the cat of her pots, Maya took over a flowerbed-in-the-making.




Monday 18 May 2009

Garden, May 17th


Hostas are above ground already. Early for this part of Norway. I have 6 hostas. Really like them.


Astilbes also coming along nicely. These are three out of eight.


Tulips soon gone.....


Big rhododenderon still not blooming


But the small one has started


Looks as if there will be quite a few sweet cherries this year :) I got this tree from a class of mine some years back. they knew I enjoyed gardening and they told me to think of my sweet pupils each time I had a cherry. For three years now it has given me A LOT of tasty, yummy cherries :D


Sunday 26 April 2009

Sunny spring Sunday!

Wonderful to wake up to a garden where flowers are slowly starting to bloom:

First spring flowers DSCF2276.JPG

And then we went to find a post...... We thought it would be a short walk this time, but ended up walking for almost 4 hours! It was great! We did find the post and along with it, a magnificent view.


We left home at 10am and were back here at 2.30pm. Went straight out into the garage to make preparations for some serious painting of new walls tomorrow.... I then longed for a shower, but since we ran out of oil on Friday and hence have no hot water, I had to do it the old fashioned way; warming water and using a basin. It took forever, but it worked :) Then dinner, and a lot of internet and sofa :) It has all been good :)

Saturday 25 April 2009

Life is good!

I had plans to be up early and work a lot. Instead.... lazily waking up, reading a book on modernism for an hour's time before even getting out of bed..... Getting up to a wonderful, perfect, sunny spring day. Going upstairs, putting on Grieg - loud - and listening while reading 50 more pages in my German novel (which is quite an enjoyable read, while giving me the nice experience of being able to read a whole novel in German) And now that the sun has warmed up the air, I plan on going out... do some gardening and go for a walk with doggie. Life is oh so good!