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Wednesday 3 April 2019

Me here, he there

I started the day at the physio. He is such a service-minded fellow. When I am not able to come to him during work hours, he opens shop earlier. I was there at 7.15am. He used to work with rehabilitation at one of our best hospitals, and it does seem as if he knows what he doing. Then work before I came home. Bjørn was not here. He visited his father today, and then Kjetil, and was home late.

In the physio's waiting room in the early morning hours...


Saturday 30 March 2019

Going to Elverum

We drove to Elverum today to visit the in-laws. It is not particularly warm and cosy where we live either, but in Elverum it still seems like mid-winter, though it is only a two and a half hours drive north of here.


We had some hours with the in-laws, but in the late evening, we went to an hotel in Elverum to sleep over there. We had a couple of drinks in the bar before we called it a day.


Sunday 24 June 2018

Visiting In-laws

Another great breakfast, and then drove to the in-laws for coffee before we headed back to our respective homes. I drove first, stopped when I came to Kongsvinger (the town I used to work in before we moved) and waited about 45 minutes for Bjørn. When he came, we had lunch and said properly goodbye to each other for this time. It is unusually warm for a Norwegian summer.

Friday 22 June 2018


Had a wonderful last day at my Askim job. For the first time this last half year, I have not been a contact teacher, so there was nothing I had to do today. I could just wander around, visiting the classes I have been teaching this year, say goodbye... and of course have a taste of their food since the classes in Askim also end the year with food. In Geir's class, there was crazy conditions and they were dancing and having a party. In Guri's class there was quiet conversation around the table. Both places there was lot of interesting food. It is an art to be polite enough to taste everyone's dishes without overeating.

I left work, got in the car and set off to Elverum. Three hours later I parked outside the in-laws house. They served food which I was not quite ready for, and I got to see what Bjørn and Per had been doing that day. In the evening we went to our hotel, and I was happy to have been able to book Elgstua again - I have been here once before with Bjørn and once with Astri. They win prices for their breakfast, the rooms are nice and the staff always friendly. And it is nice to have a weekend with Bjørn again.

Let the holidays begin!

Sunday 25 February 2018

A picture postcard

Our last day in Elverum for this time. We had a long breakfast, and then set out to explore the world a little. Starting in Elverum, we went for a long drive in a truly amazing winter landscape.

First pit stop for photography.

Driving on

Second pit stop, and the gangster leaves the car.

Third stop is a resting place for drivers with a WC cabin and some very inviting benches.... And of course - trees.

Driving on...

And stopping for pictures again!

A little later, and a short stop by a snow-covered lake where we saw a hare's prints in the snow.

We had driven North-Northwest for a while, had crossed a lake and was heading South-Southwest towards Elverum again when I wanted to take a last set of pictures. I saw a place that looked nice, so we took off on a side road. It turned out we had found a place with cross county trails for skiing, but also a road for walking, Bjørn parked the car and stayed in it while I went for half an hour's walk in a breathtakingly beautiful landscape. When I came back to the car I was so cold that it was just insane, I had no feeling in my skin. But it had been worth it, both for the photo opportunities and for the intense joy of walking inside such beauty.

It was good to be back in the car and have the heating on, and feel how I slowly thawed...

We drove back to Elverum, and spent some hours with the in-laws again. Driving back home, it only took about five minutes before we hit the traffic jam of those going home from their winter holidays. The stretch from Bjørn's father house and down to the first light crossng usually takes ten minutes. Now it took fourty five. Bjørn decided to take us home via the small and icy roads on the West side of Glomma. A very wise choice. We had to drive slowly and carefully, but there was no jam. However, the two hours we should have spent gettting back to Ås, became five. That is Norway for you...

Friday 23 February 2018

To Elverum

Woke up often during the night, so the morning was a little rough. Did a little bit of housework, did some grocery shopping to fill up the fridge for Anja and Espen so they have food when they return from their week skiing in the mountains. Packed my bags - and waited for Bjørn. When he came, we drove to Elverum where we have booked a hotel for the weekend. It is the same hotel as where I stayed with Astri this summer. From the hotel we phoned my father-in-law and asked him if he was ready for a visit. Stayed there for some hours. There is a lot more snow here than at home. I have been thinking that we have a crazy amount of snow this year, but it is nothing compared to what they have here. And I got a snap-chat picture from Anja that showed what 1.5 meters of snow look like, because at Gålå where they are, they have more snow than in Elverum. I have to say that I really like winter this year. It is a proper winter, like we had when I was young. Lots of snow, stable cold temperatures, so the snow stays for weeks and weeks, and all that happens is that more snow is added to it. And it is not too cold, we are at between minus 2 and minus 5, so it is possible to be outside. The only bad part about it is that it takes a lot of shovelling. My mother recently shovelled snow until she almost fainted, and she got sick. It is heavy work just to make sure you have a way out of the garage for your car, that you are able to walk from garage to your house and so on. My father in-law has quite a few meters to clear from his door to the garage, and it has been very heavy work for him. He is not at all amused.

In the evening Bjørn and I went to our favourite restaurant in Elverum, an Italian place. And then back to the hotel room. Been a nice day.

Saturday 26 August 2017

Mushrooms and in-laws

On a spur of the moment thing, we decided to go visit the in-laws in Elverum. I also really miss walking since my silly body has made that rather difficult lately. On the way to Elverum I decided to give it a bit of a try, and walk for a few kilometers. It was so very good to be out in the woods again. And I was fascinated by all the hundres of mushrooms we saw along the way.

And also a worn and torn little butterfly.

Not to mention a camouflage grasshopper

The water that has given name to the walk - Damtjenn

On the water, there were water lillies. I think they look good in black and white.

It was good for the soul to be walking in the woods again.

Then we drove on to Elverum and spent the day with Bjørn's father and Inger. We were home late, but did not manage to go to sleep right away.

Saturday 14 May 2016

Father-in-law's birthday.

Got up early for the three hour drive to Elverum. Went to visit father-in-law who turns 76 today. Another relative of Bjørn was there also, which was nice. Good dinner, cake and company. I live frugally and keep losing weight these days, but it was good with a break from the diet!

Spent the night there and slept like a log.

Saturday 26 December 2015

Visiting in-laws

The four of us went to Elverum to visit the in-laws. Three hours of driving each way. They were good to accept guests because neither of the were in good health. Father-in-law have had bronchitis for a while, and it had taken its toll. Our multihandicapped foster child does not really have "subtle" in his tool box, so he looked at Per and said "Poor man, he is old and sick. He will die." The stay was nice all the same, and we got a very tasty Christmas dinner. That was good since I had missed out on the Christmas food earlier.

On the way home we dropped Amalie off in Oslo, and this time she is moving back there for good, after a period of living with us.

Home, putting the youngest one in bed, and collapsing in the TV-room, watching an episode of "Love/Hate".

Saturday 27 June 2015

The Coastal Highway, summer holidays day 1

The day started in the most worrying way when the water that was not in the taps yesterday still was not in the taps today. We had to leave, our Hungarian friends were staying.... in a house with no water. We postponed our parting with almost three hours, phoned our friendly neighbour and at least made arrangements that Zoltan and Leila could go there to fetch water. It still seemed a horrible thing to leave them in such a sitution. In the last minute, right before we could not delay leaving any longer, tap water came back. Fingers crossed they will have no more problems.

At half past eleven am, we left home. I was driving Bjørn's car for the first time, and was happy the take-off was still relatively uneventful.

Our holidays will be spent along Kystriksveien (The Coastal Highway), and the only goal for the first day was to get to where it started. Having waited for as long as we did meant we could not have many breaks along the way. The one longer stop we made was at Bjørn's father. We were there for 50 nice minutes before we pretty much did the rest of the route in one go. From we left home till we arrived in Steinkjer, it took ten and a half hour. We have driven past so much beauty on the way; the whole drive was a Kodac moment. BUT no time to take pictures!

We came to our hotel one hour before they closed for the evening. Steinkjersannan hotel had used to be baracks for the military. As an hotel, hey had gone for the wood-theme :)




The view from our room


Sunday 29 March 2015

Elverum and in-laws

More Easter, and today we went off to Elverum. I started the day with an hour's walk with Maya, so that she could be alone for a bit. Then we took the three hour drive to Elverum to visit Bjørn father and Inger. The reason why Maya stays at home is their cat, who is not much fond of dogs. Elverum had a lot more snow than Marker, and it was a bit like being back to mid-winter. Seeing Per and Inger again was nice, and it was good to catch up on things. It would have been nice to have them a little closer. Home in time for the dog not to go bananas.

Thursday 8 January 2015

A long day...

Up early. Bjørn made breakfast and we ate together. He woke up the kid and drove him to a baby-sitter while I walked Maya. Our friendly neighbour saw me walking and stopped his car for a nice chat. Home, shower and getting dressed. The moment I was ready, Bjørn came back, and a few minutes later, came Irene. Then a three hours drive to a funeral in Elverum; Bjørn's aunt passed away this Christmas. Funerals are always emotionally draining. It was nice to meet members of Bjørn's family that we had not seen for many years though.

After the funeral me, Bjørn, Irene and the in-laws went out for dinner at Elverum's Italian restaurant. Then three hours to get back home. Picked up the kid and had strenuous/demanding/interesting/challenging/difficult/rewarding...etc evening before he went to bed. It was a little over the top today.

Then some adult time. Which was spent working, talking, watching 1/3rd of a film and collapsing.

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Visit from the in-laws

Bjørn went to see Joseph again today. While he was gone, I was running around like a mad woman, doing housework and gardening. It was already fairly OK here before I started, and by the time I was done, it looked oh so good. About half an hour before Bjørn was home, my in-laws arrived. They have been here before, but then the house was pretty much a storage place and they had not seen our house furnished and put in order. They were impressed with every room and said we had been able to make it perfect here. Yay. So think I. I have grown so very attached to this house.

Friday 3 January 2014

Visit from the in-laws...

While I was at work, Bjørn went to Elverum. His father wanted to visit us, but he could not sleep over. Since it is a three hour drive, he felt it was a little too much for him to do six hours in a day. Now that it is winter, it would mean doing most of the drive in darkness, so I can understand why that was not tempting. Bjørn offered to go there, pick them up and drive them here... and then home again in the evening. When I came home, they were already here. They were very enthusiastic about this house and they liked it even more than our house at Børrud. We had a very good dinner, dessert and chat. It was nice to see them again. In the evening, Bjørn drove them back, and since he had then spent 9 hours in the car that day, he slept over there. I had an evening alone, and had lots of great plans. Instead I fell asleep shortly after they left and slept like a log all through the night... and beyond.

Sunday 17 November 2013

Getting there....

Bjørn's brother, sister-in-law and two of their children visited us today, only to help us pack. That was so very welcome. Lots of work was done, and though there is still a lot to do before we can leave the house, at least now we can see the contours of the end to the packing part of moving. We were quite tired at the end of the day, and went to bed early.

Saturday 2 November 2013

The 2nd!

As always, we wanted to have some together time on the second. since Bjørn was not at all well today and needed to be at home and since I was not all that well either, we stayed at home. We made a nice dinner and watched "Luther". It was a nice and quiet day. I also had brought my first pile of work with me home. It is ridiculous, I could do it while watching TV, and it took about one and a half hour and a whole pile was done. I LOVE this job! Bjørn's brother dropped by here with cardboard boxes for our move. He joined us for dinner. Always good to have him over :)

Sunday 23 June 2013

A good day

Slept longer than planned, but was up at 8am. Went for a nice walk with Maya. Came home to breakfast, had a shower and then we were off to The Glomdal museum in Elverum. We have both been there many times before, along with the forest museum right across the river, it is one of the best museums in Norway (not only subjectively, it has won prizes). The Glomdal museum has a large collection of authentic old Norwegian buildings from around year 1600 - 1900. There are lots of exhibitions, many of them focused on traditional arts and crafts. We went there today because Bjørn had heard on the radio that they were exhibiting some clothes from the 18th century that were unique and that would only be on display for one single day. What we did not know, was that they had a special day there today with all sorts of exhibitions and activities. All the old buildings were open and inside each of them, was someone who you could ask about the building and who could tell all sorts of interesting things. It was a very diverse day. We saw an exhibition about Vietnamese people and culture in Norway, one about gypsies in Norway and we saw the permanent exhibition with traditional Norwegian furniture and craft from the 16th century and till now. It is a good one. We walked around and looked at many of the houses and went inside quite a few. We saw a dance group that danced some traditional local dances (average age of the dancers must have been 70, and what they lacked in style, they made up for in charm!). We looked at the animals that always are there during summer... and yes, we did find the clothes collection. It was a very enjoyable visit.

















Bjørn's dad and his Inger live in Elverum, so we had sent them a text message to hear if they were home and asked them if they wanted to go out to dinner with us. Our favourite Italian restaurant is in Elverum. They came, and we had an excellent meal together before Bjørn and I headed back home.

Now we're having coffee and we're watching "The Abyss" while I am blogging. Maya, poor thing, has been home today while we've been out, and she is here to tell me she has found today's lack of action disturbing.

Sunday 24 June 2012


After breakfast and a walk with Maya today, we went to Elverum to visit Bjørn's father and Inger. Mahnaz came with us this time, which was nice. We were at their place for a while and then we took them with us to the Italian restaurant Milano where we had dinner. When we came back home, Bjørn and I watched a movie and here we are. I am a little sleepy and am hoping to go to bed early this evening.

Heard some Dylan in the car to Elverum, and was reminded how much I like his music.

Saturday 1 January 2011

New Year's Eve

I got a lens for Christmas from Bjørn.

THANK YOU, I love it!


And with our New Year's guest Jardar looking cool, it came to good use!


Me, I just look older.


Sunday 8 November 2009

Meeting Astri

My new determination to make every day count has lead to a nice weekend. Spent Saturday in Oslo with my friend Astri. We had a long and wonderful dinner at an Indian restaurant.... Sunday we went to visit father-in-law and his cohabitant. Has been nice to do other things than work. It does lead to work piling up, but I will try not to worry (I do though)

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