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Sunday 12 January 2020

Another very uneventful Sunday

And thank goodness for that. Hung-over and tired from yesterday. I went for a short walk with Aro, but that was about it.



Sunday 27 October 2019

A good Sunday.

Lazy morning, reading in bed for an hour before I got up. Breakfast, And then we drove to beautiful Rømskog for a forest walk.




Home, made dinner, did housework and had a retro-moment, finding good old "Helmer and Sigurdson" in the NRK archives. Perfect!

Thursday 3 October 2019

Back in Norway

A cosy day at home. Walking Aro, who was glad we were back.


The misty morning sun


Spending time with Amalie and Benjamin. Unpacking.

Friday 27 September 2019

Anniversary trip, day 2

No alarm clock set today. We will do things differently than what we normally do abroad. Normally we would be up really early, have breakfast at the hotel and then hurry out to see and experience as much as humanly possible. This time we will go for relaxation and more laid back days. Both because we want this to be pure luxury, but also because my joints are working against me, and if I do too much, there will be a lot of pain. I will try to be as good to myself as I can, while still feeling we made as much as we could out of these days. We slept long, had a nice long breakfast in our room, and then eventually we ventured out.

Here is our hotel seen from the outside:


The entire top block there is our hotel room. Yay!

There are so many things I would want to do while here, but there will not be enough time to do all of it, nor would I have the health to do so. So - we have made priorities, and will just move down the list and see how far we get. The number one priority for me is to find my old school and the house I stayed in when I lived in Oxford. So that is what we set out to do. We walked the scenic route into the city centre. Here it is still more late summer than early autumn, and I had to peek in to the beautiful entrance to Christchurch meadows and take a couple of pictures....



But before we passed the city centre to stroll northwards, Bjørn needed to stop looking like a hobo. We stopped by a hairdresser.


The hairdresser did well!


Then we headed northwards towards St. Giles Street where I went to school for six months. I was wondering if I would remember anything from the city after 28 long years, but as I walked on, the architecture was oh so familiar.



What I had not remembered though, was that Tolkien and C. S. Lewis' favourite pub, The Eagle and Child, was so close to my old school. I knew it was nearby, but I had not remembered that it was practically next door. Visiting that pub again, was also on the list, and since it was raining, we decided to do it right away. When we went there 28 years ago, it was a lot more quiet, and we got the same table as Tolien and Lewis used to sit by. But now it was crowded, and it was obvious that it had become a tourist destination. But we found a table, had a beer and the local lunch "Toad in the hole".





The last picture was taken to be sent to Amalie. While we were at the Eagle and Child, she sent us a message to tell us she had got the Ph.D position she had applied for! So this is the proud and happy parents pic!

When we went back out, it still rained, but not quite as much. It was not at all difficult to find my old school, I recognised it right away. It was no longer a school, but "The Oxford internet institute", whatever that is.


Sweet nostalgia! And there was more to come. Like when we passed one of my favourite pubs from back then, The Royal Oak.


And when we walked the road I walked up and down to school every day, and I recognised the buildings along the way.


And then we were there, after a walk that was longer than I remembered, and that had been awfully wet and cold. Staverton Road!


Silly me had thought I would recognise the house I lived in, so I had not checked which housenumber I lived in before I left. And they looked so much the same, that I simply was not able to find out which one. But it might have been this one:


A very nice trip down memory lane it had been. I am so happy we managed to do this, and my number one goal of this trip was now checked off. We were in Staverton Road, we were cold, wet and tired, and started the walking towards the city centre again. On the way, it started pouring down, and when we reached The Royal Oak again, it was so good to use my old favourite pub to get a break from the rain, some hot chocolate, and some drinks :)




Right next to us, the "Us Democrats abroad" had a political meeting. That was quite exotic for us!

We went in to the city centre, walked around for a little bit, found the Covered Market which we also want to check of our list, but now it was too late and it was closed. We continued to stroll around in the city centre, and found a new shopping mall! The only thing I had seen that was not there the last time I was in Oxford. At the top floor of the shopping mall, there was a luxury cinema. They were showing the "Downton Abbey" film, after some back and forth, we decided to buy tickets for tomorrow!

It was getting late, we were tired and headed back to the hotel. We bought some groceries on the way there. We walked a different route back, and it took us over the river.


Back at the hotel we had some more of all the food they had left us, and we watched Brexit debates on TV before we went to bed. It had been a perfect day!!!!

Sunday 1 September 2019

Sunday walk

Put Aro in the car, and drove to one of my favourite areas - Rømskog. So many interesting paths going in to the forest there. And Rømskog has so much wildlife - even wolves! Me and Aro decided to explore!

We found a path that looked promising, and started walking.


What an amazing dog we have!


The mushroom that screams "DANGER!"


A lovely path, but it ended too soon, and we wanted to walk more. Back in the car, and a few more minutes of driving before we found another path. And here we saw many nice brooks.


And a small waterfall.


And after a couple of kilometers, a pond.


And someone jumped into every little puddle of water there was...


Darkness fell, and we had to go back home. Aro had been running around for some hours, and was tired and happy. He expressed his gratitude in the evening, by keeping his protective paw on me :)


Sunday 25 August 2019

Back home.

Came back home from the babysitting. And enjoyed the outdoors with Aro!


Tuesday 30 July 2019


Started the day by going in to Ski for some X-rays. Bjørn drove me there since I did not want to have the car for the rest of the day. Had breakfast at the mall in Ski and then got on a bus to Oslo. The bus replaces the train as it does every summer because there is work done on the railroad tracks. They told me the bus would take me to central station, but it stopped at Brynseng, so I had to find the closest metro station and go on from there. Met Astri downtown. We went to a pub for lunch and beer, and then, who should have thought, to a football match. Manchester United against the local Norwegian team from Kristiansund. Manchester has a Norwegian manager now, and he is from Kristiansund. Though not planned, Amalie and Benjamin were at the match also, and we were able to spot them n the audience. A lot of waving going on there for a while :) Manchester unexpectedly did not wipe the floor with Kristiansund, but they won 1 - 0. It was a cool experience to be there.


Walked down to the central station and got on a train to Lillestrøm where Bjørn picked me up and drove me home.

Saturday 6 July 2019

Rainy day woman

Needing to paint a very long fence on a summer where it is chilly and you get a couple of rain showers every single day is no easy task. Today I have painted for ten minutes. Only first stroke, but what is painted, looks good.


Have also weeded and finished planting in a flowerbed, moved my tomatoes to a sunnier spot, checked the bee-friendly flower-sprouts and done a bit more tidying. Have also had a long chat with the sweetest of neighbours, Mette.

And have strolled around in the garden, just enjoying living here, and looking at all the amazing flowers that are popping up everywhere.







Monday 1 July 2019

Me at 50, after a trip to the hairdresser.


Monday 1 April 2019


Working from home at day, and going into work in the evening to have the monthly get-together with our online pupils.

Me at work:


Monday 14 January 2019

Being madly effective.

Getting lots of things done. Lost another kilo. And walking 6km. It is still winter.


Friday 4 January 2019

Being the best me.

This year, the start of a new year really gave a boost. I think it is because this time the conditions are good for making this a year that matters and a year of positive change. At work today I had an SMS from my evening pupil who said he could not come because he was ill. So I left work a little earlier than usual on a Friday. I had brought clothes for the gym, and I dropped by the gym on my way home.


I was there for one and a half hour, and after the gym, I walked for a km outside to keep up the resolution of walking every day.

One thing that me and Bjørn talked about earlier was how we need to stop saving and putting aside for later things we buy or get that it seems to extravagant to use. Because too often we end up throwing away such things if they are edible, and we end up not using them at all if they are things. This evening we applied our new philosophy to a bottle of sparkling Martini that we got from Joanna when we moved in here.


Sunday 23 September 2018

A low key Sunday

I had arranged to meet Joanna at the gym at 9am, but woke up with a headache and needed a bit more time. I was there at 10am. Joanna and two other Polish woman who had come with her, were done at 10.30 and were off to church. I kept going till noon and then went home to Bjørn in Ås. He is now as ill as I was last week. He has been sleeping and watching TV. I have sleeping, reading, been teaching online pupils and hope I will get some housework done. Only one more week here now before we move to the vicarage.

Me after two hours at the gym:


Monday 21 May 2018

A slow day

Walked out in the woods and sat there for a couple of hours.


Tuesday 1 May 2018

Celebrating Amalie's birthday!

We met up with Amalie in Oslo and went to a Persian restaurant for dinner. Four hours passed in a heartbeat.



Sunday 29 April 2018

The Nordre Øyern locks

Today we wanted to get out and do something, and Bjørn suggested Nordre Øyern nature reserve where we have been many times and loved it. He then discovered that there is a museum and a wetland-centre at another part of the Nordre Øyern delta. I realised that was down by the Fetsund locks, a place I had wanted to go to for some time. So we decided to start there and do the nature reserve afterwards. However, it turned out there was enough to see and photograph down by the locks. It was 5pm before we left there, and then it was on time to head back. It was such a good day. The Nordre Øyern delta has Norway's richest variation in fish and birds.


Parking the car and starting the walk...

And saw this duck right away. They are everywhere - I still think they make for a good photo.

Its wife was out swimming

Many strange things out on the water...

And some not so strange

An unstable detour that was a bit scary for someone who is afraid of water, but we had not driven all this way to not explore everything we saw. And it provided some good photo opportunities.

A few birds along the way that gave me the chance to test the zoom function on this camera.

The detour took a detour to a tiny little island where beavers lived. And where the river mirrored the sky.

Detour ended, we continued walking along the banks...

Eventually the path came to an end, and we turned. On the way back, we rested for a bit on a bench


... while a bird was doing its thing above us.

Walking on, we encountered a charmer of a squirrel.

And then a bird who only was above water for a few seconds at the time before it dived under again. It took me forever to get a picture, and it is not in focus.

A one hour drive to Ås. We had an evening meal together and watched an episode of "Suits" before Bjørn drove back home.

Days like these make life worth living.

Friday 27 April 2018

Working late

Today was mostly about work. Came early, left very late. But did get lots of things done. When you start sending silly pics to tell your spouse you are still at work, it is on time to go home.


Monday 23 April 2018

That went quickly

Finished work, went to Ås, and was told that their home had been sold for the asking price.

Went for a walk. Was too stubborn to turn when I came to a mud pool. So I ended up slipping, and found myself sitting in the middle of it. Felt like a 5 year old, and had to laugh. Glad I was alone in the woods! So good to be out walking!


In the evening I was invited up for champagne to celebrate.


Friday 20 April 2018

Isle of dogs

Bjørn and I went to the movies after my work today. We saw "Isle of dogs", which we quite enjoyed.

Then bought some food and went down to the basement to eat before Bjørn went back home.


And a late night "cheers" from me...


Tuesday 17 April 2018

A day for work and selfies....


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