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Monday 1 April 2019


Working from home at day, and going into work in the evening to have the monthly get-together with our online pupils.

Me at work:


Monday 14 January 2019

Being madly effective.

Getting lots of things done. Lost another kilo. And walking 6km. It is still winter.


Friday 4 January 2019

Being the best me.

This year, the start of a new year really gave a boost. I think it is because this time the conditions are good for making this a year that matters and a year of positive change. At work today I had an SMS from my evening pupil who said he could not come because he was ill. So I left work a little earlier than usual on a Friday. I had brought clothes for the gym, and I dropped by the gym on my way home.


I was there for one and a half hour, and after the gym, I walked for a km outside to keep up the resolution of walking every day.

One thing that me and Bjørn talked about earlier was how we need to stop saving and putting aside for later things we buy or get that it seems to extravagant to use. Because too often we end up throwing away such things if they are edible, and we end up not using them at all if they are things. This evening we applied our new philosophy to a bottle of sparkling Martini that we got from Joanna when we moved in here.


Sunday 23 September 2018

A low key Sunday

I had arranged to meet Joanna at the gym at 9am, but woke up with a headache and needed a bit more time. I was there at 10am. Joanna and two other Polish woman who had come with her, were done at 10.30 and were off to church. I kept going till noon and then went home to Bjørn in Ås. He is now as ill as I was last week. He has been sleeping and watching TV. I have sleeping, reading, been teaching online pupils and hope I will get some housework done. Only one more week here now before we move to the vicarage.

Me after two hours at the gym:


Monday 21 May 2018

A slow day

Walked out in the woods and sat there for a couple of hours.


Tuesday 1 May 2018

Celebrating Amalie's birthday!

We met up with Amalie in Oslo and went to a Persian restaurant for dinner. Four hours passed in a heartbeat.



Sunday 29 April 2018

The Nordre Øyern locks

Today we wanted to get out and do something, and Bjørn suggested Nordre Øyern nature reserve where we have been many times and loved it. He then discovered that there is a museum and a wetland-centre at another part of the Nordre Øyern delta. I realised that was down by the Fetsund locks, a place I had wanted to go to for some time. So we decided to start there and do the nature reserve afterwards. However, it turned out there was enough to see and photograph down by the locks. It was 5pm before we left there, and then it was on time to head back. It was such a good day. The Nordre Øyern delta has Norway's richest variation in fish and birds.


Parking the car and starting the walk...

And saw this duck right away. They are everywhere - I still think they make for a good photo.

Its wife was out swimming

Many strange things out on the water...

And some not so strange

An unstable detour that was a bit scary for someone who is afraid of water, but we had not driven all this way to not explore everything we saw. And it provided some good photo opportunities.

A few birds along the way that gave me the chance to test the zoom function on this camera.

The detour took a detour to a tiny little island where beavers lived. And where the river mirrored the sky.

Detour ended, we continued walking along the banks...

Eventually the path came to an end, and we turned. On the way back, we rested for a bit on a bench


... while a bird was doing its thing above us.

Walking on, we encountered a charmer of a squirrel.

And then a bird who only was above water for a few seconds at the time before it dived under again. It took me forever to get a picture, and it is not in focus.

A one hour drive to Ås. We had an evening meal together and watched an episode of "Suits" before Bjørn drove back home.

Days like these make life worth living.

Friday 27 April 2018

Working late

Today was mostly about work. Came early, left very late. But did get lots of things done. When you start sending silly pics to tell your spouse you are still at work, it is on time to go home.


Monday 23 April 2018

That went quickly

Finished work, went to Ås, and was told that their home had been sold for the asking price.

Went for a walk. Was too stubborn to turn when I came to a mud pool. So I ended up slipping, and found myself sitting in the middle of it. Felt like a 5 year old, and had to laugh. Glad I was alone in the woods! So good to be out walking!


In the evening I was invited up for champagne to celebrate.


Friday 20 April 2018

Isle of dogs

Bjørn and I went to the movies after my work today. We saw "Isle of dogs", which we quite enjoyed.

Then bought some food and went down to the basement to eat before Bjørn went back home.


And a late night "cheers" from me...


Tuesday 17 April 2018

A day for work and selfies....


Saturday 14 April 2018

Mum turns 75

We celebrated at the place "Privaten" in Hurum. It was a great evening, and mum really enjoyed herself.





Friday 9 March 2018

A slight change of plans

Had planned on going to Hurum to visit mum today. But shortly after I got out of bed this morning, I received a text message from Espen, where he asked if I could walk Jazz this afternoon, so that he and Anja could go buy furniture. I would not want to go to Hurum in the late afternoon, so I postpone till tomorrow so that I can go there in the morning. I started the day by going to another round of shock wave therapy, and then a long walk.


Thursday 8 March 2018

Walk and work

Anja and Espen both had to leave very early today, so I walked the boys to school. I came back here just to take Jazz with me and go for a forest walk. Then a few hours here before it was off to work. Had a fun evening in the classroom. We had more snow today. It is just insane. I have liked this winter more than I usually like winters. But it has been five months. It would be good to see the end of it now.



Tuesday 3 October 2017

Autumn holidays and work

Got up early, which was tough. Went to work, and worked for eight hours straight. Online pupils, preparing, looking at pupils' papers, admin work and so on. Then to the pharmacy to get some stuff prescribed by the doc yesterday. Grocery shopping and home to Bjørn. Talked with him for half an hour before he had to go to work. So tired now, and will have an early night. Work again tomorrow.

Me at work.


Monday 14 August 2017

New year!

January 1st is of course the start of a new Year, but as a teacher, the school year is more important. So today marks the start of the New Year for me; the school year 2017 / 2018.

And a new look to go with it.


Friday 14 April 2017

Mum turned 75!

Monday 8 August 2016

Sightseeing the shit out of Sweden.

In Stockholm, and the morning was so warm and nice that we had our breakfast outside. Holidays, sun shining, planning a cool day.... It will go down in history as an especially nice breakfast!


Since the sun was shining and it was so warm, we decided to spend the first part of the day outdoors. At the hotel we found pamphlets for a man I had never heard of - Carl Milles. Sweden's most important sculptor. And his home and sculpture-filled garden was in Stockholm. That sounded like a good way to start the day. We spent hours there, it was a great place. The one not-so-great thing was that one whole hour was spent at their cafeteria, waiting for a small lunch. It was extremely expensive, and it tasted very little. Not at all worth it. But it was good to sit down, and we did have a view of the park.

Inside the entrance hall, there were some artworks that were not made by Milles. A couple of nice things:

A very small selection of Milles' sculptures:

A few other details from the garden:

Our next stop of the day was the Kallnäs Tower - Sweden's tallest TV-tower. It was getting colder and more cloudy, but we still had an excellent view from the top. Not an easy place to take pics, though.

It was still early afternoon, we had nothing more planned for the day, but it was way too early to go back to the hotel room. We wanted to drive around the island of Djurgården, but soon found out there was no way to do that. We parked by this charming house while figuring out what to do next.

Bjørn remembered that I have always wanted to go to Uppsala, a University city north of Stockholm. It is a city with so much history, and a city that kept coming up when I was studying runology, Saga literature and Swedish literature. I thought it was a little late in the day to be heading for a city that was almost two hours away by car, but I had no better suggestion, so we headed towards Uppsala. Bjørn drove, so I looked at my mobile to make sure we drove in the right direction, and to search a little for what it would be best to see in Uppsala in the early evening. Being who I am, one of my first searches was "runestones". And lo and behold - google gave me lots of hits for Sigtuna. A town in Uppsala County that was not as far away as Uppsala city. I should have remembered Sigtuna from my studies also.... It is a Mecca for people interested in history, and no other place in the world has as many rune-stones. It has the oldest original main street in Sweden, lots of old ruins... No doubt, this was where we needed to be.

We spent almost four hours in Sigtuna. I fell in love with the place. We saw lots and lots of runestones, and I am still pretty good at reading the inscriptions and understanding what they say. I am better at reading runes than I am at understanding Old Norse, but I was fairly impressed with myself all the same! We were both charmed by Sigtuna, and we agreed that we have to come back and spend a long weekend there some day.



It was late evening when we left Sigtuna, and drove back to the hotel. We had not eaten much, so we stopped by a kiosk to buy a nibble, and finally crashed at the room at around 11pm.

We sat in bed for about an hour, watching Swedish telly (the advantages of going to a country where you understand the language!), snacking, chatting - and deciding what to do tomorrow.

Saturday 25 June 2016

Turning 47

It was not at all bad!

We got a train into Oslo, and went to Peppe's for lunch. We had arranged for Amalie to meet us there for lunch, on the way she had bumped into Irene, and the two of them came singing a birthday song. Now that was quite enjoyable! Irene had to go, since Eira and her boyfriend took part in the Pride parade in Oslo this day. We had lunch, Bjørn rushed off to our hotel to put the suitcases there and get the key to our room, and then we met up again in front of the Ibsen museum - my chosen treat of the day.


The museum was interesting, but small and very hot. I was very surprised that we have not given Ibsen a much better museum - and one with air condition. Right next door to the museum was Ibsen's apartment; the last place he lived in his life. We had a guided tour there. Very cool, I especially enjoyed the HUGE picture of his arch enemy August Strindberg that hung above his desk in the room where he wrote his last plays. I learned a few things, but could have wished for the guide to be more knowledgeable.

We walked over to our hotel were I got to see our room. Bjørn had booked at one of Oslo's best hotels, and the room was as could be expected - a very nice one!

On to the restaurant "Mother of India" where we also celebrated Amalie's birthday. I had a starter and a main course, and planned on stopping there. But the restaurant had taken it upon themselves to give me a birthday dessert also :) I was very charmed. Stealing Amalie's picture:


To round of the day, we had a walk. We said goodbye to Amalie at the metro station and strolled on down to Aker Harbour. We sat there for a while, talking and watching the fjord, and then we went back to the hotel.

A perfect birthday!

Thursday 23 June 2016

A bit of Zen

Went to the hairdresser this morning. Told her I wanted my hair to be really short, and found a colour to make this silly grey go away for a bit....

I am alone at home today, and knew what I wanted to do. I went to the grocery store to buy some Wasa-to-go and something to drink. I had already packed a few other things before I left home.

Drove to a dirt road, parked and followed it into the woods.


It is amazing what you see when you walk alone and pay attention. So many beautiful butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies! Two deer! Forest pigeons... Not to mention all the flowers!




It was good for the soul. After four kilometres, I found a place to sit. I took out my breakfast and my current read, and sat reading for one and a half hour before I headed home.


Pure perfection!


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