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Monday 3 June 2019

Weather could be better

I was up at 6.30am today, and one and a half hour later I was on my physiotherapist's torture bench. I have all the faith in the world in him, and he seems genuinely interested in helping me get rid of all this pain.

Yesterday was cold and rainy, but today's weather forecast said we would have 18 degrees and some sun. Right now it is terribly windy, chilly, overcast and a bit of rain, though a new look at the forecast tells me it is quite fine here right now. We have had 6 months of snow and winter, and I am desperate for some warmth and light. It drains me of energy to still freeze and look up at a grey sky. April was quite nice, but then we got a May that was colder than our April (for the first time in 150 years or so), and June now seems to do its best to be worse than May. I am inside, have made myself a cup of African herbal tea, and hope for better times.

...And now at the end of the evening, I can say that today was all about rain and wind.

But I did get yet another birthday-month present from Bjørn. This time a handmade Canadian romantic two-eskimoes-in-a-canoe figure. I am glad he can still surprise me :)


Wednesday 3 April 2019

Me here, he there

I started the day at the physio. He is such a service-minded fellow. When I am not able to come to him during work hours, he opens shop earlier. I was there at 7.15am. He used to work with rehabilitation at one of our best hospitals, and it does seem as if he knows what he doing. Then work before I came home. Bjørn was not here. He visited his father today, and then Kjetil, and was home late.

In the physio's waiting room in the early morning hours...


Thursday 28 March 2019

My back is a lot better

Oh, that really makes a difference. The physio is my hero right now. It made it easier to get through teaching the whole day.

Wednesday 27 March 2019


Went to a new physiotherapist today since my doctor tells me I should. He was an OK guy, and just this first time made a huge difference for my back pain. He also started treating the arm that I can no longer really use. I will continue going to him.