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Saturday 19 January 2019

Winter wonderland...

Moving forward with the house project, it really is becoming the perfect home now. It will take a lot of time still, but it is coming along, and turning into the perfect home.

Today's walk took me into the forest and on snowfilled paths where it was difficult to walk.







Monday 14 January 2019

Being madly effective.

Getting lots of things done. Lost another kilo. And walking 6km. It is still winter.


Saturday 12 January 2019

Amalie and her friends visiting

Today Amalie and her two friends Ida and Yoomin came here. I know Ida from our stay in the cabin in Holmsbu this summer, and Yoomin we have met several times. It was so nice to have them here. I picked them up from the train station, we shopped groceries and when we came home,we made dinner. How nice to have dinner with the girls, and then an evening of chatting.

Amalie and Yoomin






Monday 7 January 2019

Starting 2019's second week.

The first one went fairly well. I lost a kilo, which was good, and I have walked every day. Today the walk needed to be in the morning since I had to go into work in the evening. It was foggy and uninviting outside. I walked 3.7 km.



The evening work was a get-together for our online pupils. It is useful to get to see them now and them.

Sunday 6 January 2019


A quiet day. Walking 2 km down to beautiful Tjuvholmen.






Wednesday 2 January 2019

2019th's first the second!

Once again I was up early. We wanted to do something together, but were not full of energy, so we settled for driving to Ski to see if there was something interesting at the New Year's sale. We did not find much of interest, but I did find some woollen slippers to wear on the rather cold floor here at the vicarage. We also had lunch there, which was nice.


Living up to my resolution of getting out for a walk every day. I walked 3 km. today.


Sunday 30 December 2018

Walking on ice

Bjørn and I went for a walk. It was very icy, and Bjørn fell a couple of times and hurt his back, so the walk was cut short because he was in pain. We took some pictures along the way, and until he fell, it was a nice walk.

Thursday 27 December 2018

My day of doing nothing.

One day a year it must be allowed to do nothing. Today was my day of laziness. And with a year of 140% work, neighbour hell, moving out and moving in, Bjørn's recent surgery and my own health issues, I made plans quite early that this should be a day of not feeling guilty about doing absolutely nothing. And I followed through! No alarm clock, which was heaven. Woke up, read a little, slept a little more.... We got out of bed at 1.30 pm. Then to the sofa for more reading and more sleeping. Eventually a dinner followed by reading, TV and sleeping. And then going to bed. OMG what a treat!!!!!

But I did take a photo out of the window to test my new wide angle lens!


Sunday 2 December 2018

A strange way to spend the 2nd.

Waking up, having breakfast and after a while I drove Bjørn in to Ullevål hospital in Oslo. I never drive in Oslo, so that in itself was quite an ordeal. I stayed on while he got a room and while they did a lot of different tests, He will have surgery tomorrow morning. When I drove back home, I was of course lost, and had to drive around in very busy streets downtown. Goodness that was stressful. Driving home, I was so tired, I was worried about Bjørn and I was hungry since I had not eaten all day. And then Joanna phoned me. She knew I had been to hospital, and she figured that I had not had time to eat, so she told me to stop by her house, and she would make me dinner.

If it is one thing that life has taught me, one piece of life wisdom I wish I had learned sooner, it is that even for an introvert as myself, the one most important factor for a happy life is to have a strong social network. I did not have that before I started working in Askim five and a half year ago. My life has changed in so many ways during these years, and to some extent I am a very different person now from what I was when I moved. But making so many friends, and having such a strong, extensive and dependable social network makes such a huge difference in my life.

Joanna made dinner just for me and served fried cod and salad. It was so good. Both the food and having someone to talk with.


Then home, where i spent some hours in the kitchen, listening to radio and wrapping Christmas presents, talking with Bjørn and falling asleep.

Saturday 17 November 2018


After a nice Saturday morning, I went to Oslo where I met Astri. We had dinner at Jaipur and looked around in a couple of shops. Big mistake of me to look in book stores for Christmas gifts since I find about one hundred things I want myself for every potential Christmas present.

The streets were crowded, so the Christmas hysteria has already started. We sat down for a cup of coffee, and then it was the train back home. Bjørn came to pick me up at the railway station. He had been to Fredrikstad today to buy a birthday present for my brother who turns 40 on November 21st.

Home and an episode of the excellent French "Le Bureau" before bed.

Oslo is ready for the Christmas crowd


Thursday 15 November 2018

From misty morning walk to Course in First Aid.

Thursday means walking before work. I should not bring my camera, because it means less exercise. But our surroundings at this place are so exceptionally well suited for photography, it feels like a waste not to.

Then to work where I did not go to Kolbotn after the workday, but stayed on in Askim to have another half planning day. Today was about first aid, and it was very useful to go through that again. Home at 8pm on a Thursday is quite good, so I also had time for a bit of housework!

Thursday 8 November 2018

Misty morning walk.

Following up on my plan to walk before work on Thursdays and Fridays. The rest of the day was work as usual, but the morning was exceptional. Too bad I only had my phone camera.




Monday 5 November 2018


I have been keeping myself busy today. Got up at 7 and started working with the online course. When Bjørn woke up at 8, I made breakfast for us. After he left, I continued with housework and unpacking and getting organised in our new home. This is the most practical home we have ever had, and there is enough space for everything to have a place. I could live here for quite some time! I also went shopping, read a bit; finished the Murakami Per lent me, and got so incredibly much done of all that needed doing. Bjørn was at his thing in Mysen, and after that he visited Merete. When he came home I made dinner (gulash) and a few cookies. Been ages since I made food from scratch. The kitchen we live in now inspires!



Saturday 20 October 2018


We held a party here for those who helped us move, and their spouses. Some were busy, and a couple became sick a the last minute, but we had 12 guests here. It was a great evening. Bjørn and I made the food, Joanna and Anne brought cakes. It was supposed to be our way of saying thank you, and yet they brought a gift for us. A pretty darn good one: lots and lots of firewood! They are the best people ever. All those who came were my workmates with spouses, except for Bjørn's friend Merete. It was an evening of quality conversations, lots of laughter, lots of singing - included and old Polish song and an an old Bolivian one. And we sang the birthday song for Nina's boyfriend who thought noone knew he had his birthday today. Amalie's guitar and Bjørn's keyboard was also brought out, since we had so many musical guests. Anecdotes, poetry recitals and jokes. And everyone agreed it had been a good evening.

Making food....


The party lasted till 2am, and Anne and her boyfriend Morten slept over. When I finally hit the bed, I thought I'd fall asleep right away, but it took a little while. So happy it was such a success.

Me, Nina, Joanna and Lene


Me, Nina and Lene


Saturday 13 October 2018

Happy life!

There is something to be said for walking up together in a home where you enjoy being! No alarm bell today, and slept till 9am. A slow toast breakfast while planning the day and our priorities. More unpacking and moving in. We carried in the beds and nightstands that Bjørn got from Anne yesterday. Then we explored the storage building that comes along with the house. Quite a few useful things there. More unpacking, lunch. I concentrated on emptying the smallest livingroom and making it habitable. Meanwhile Bjørn went to Anne to pick up more of the furniture she is giving us. And then he went in to Askim to be on a stand, handing out info about the Autism organisation at a theatre where they currently have a play about a person with autism.

It feels great to have a life I am happy with. It has been a while. My 49th year has so far been my best year ever.



Tuesday 2 October 2018


It is a good thing my autumn holidays is this week. There are a few things to do right now. Joanna came over to help us out. I had told her we no longer had a big car to use for the move, and she told us we could borrow a big car from one of her Polish friends. We did, and Joanna came with us and helped us fill it. Then she helped us unload it when we came back here. We had a lot of fun along the way.




Joanna left at around 6pm, and about an hour later, Anne came for a visit. We chatted for three hours, and the she said we needed to get things done. We had found most of the boxes marked "kitchen", so we unpacked all of those and found places for everything in our kitchen. That was quite fun. Anne left after midnight, and then Bjørn and I went to bed. If this day is anything to go by, life here at the vicarage will be quite social. And a lot of fun.

Monday 1 October 2018

New home

Today we moved into our new home, and that was quite an ordeal. We woke up in Ås, packed a few things and went to the Church administration in Ørje to pick up the key. And then we drove straight to the vicarage to have a look at our new home. It is amazing!

From the (huge) garden:

The house

The kitchen

We will use this room as a small livingroom

And this will be our dining room

This will be Bjørn's man cave.

Will be library and my study

One of the two big unrenovated bedrooms upstairs. Will be guestroom

The other unrenovated bedroom. Will also be guestroom.

Upstairs livingroom. Will be TV room

One of the renovated bedrooms.

I can not believe that we are allowed to live here!

Having walked through house and garden, we went to Bakergården for brunch.


Back to Ås to pack most of the things we have there. Packed them in the Caravelle, and Bjørn drove off to bring them to the house while I continued packing and cleaning.

He went to the storage room to pick up our beds, so we'd have somewhre to sleep this night. I continued in Ås. In the kate afternoon I got a text message that his car did not start and that he was stuck outside the warehouse. It took me a couple of hours before I was there to see if it was the battery and try to start it with my car's help. It made no difference. A painfully long story made short - we got help, and at 2am we were ready to go home. Bjørn then remembered he had forgotten his medication in Ås. I offered to drive back there, and did so while he drove home. I was back in our new home at 5am. Bjørn had unloaded the car and carried our double bed upstairs to our bedroom. How he had mamanged, I really do not know.

Anyway, we fell asleep at around 5.30 am. Exhausted, but glad to be in our new home.

Monday 13 August 2018

Last time at Bergly

Bjørn was at Bergly to hand over the keys to the new owners today. The house is officially not ours anymore. I went to the physiotherapist and did some exercise. Then I carried some boxes from the van and in to the basement apartment here at Ås. I went to the library in Askim and then to the storage space in Ørje to empty the van.

Eventually we both came back to Ås, relaxed a little, showered... and went out to Ås Bistro to celebrate the start of better times.


Saturday 11 August 2018

The Masters of Tetris

After the moving people had done their thing on Friday, the storage space was filled to the brim and there was no more available space. Anja was there to oversee it all, and she sent us a picture yesterday evening to tell us we had no more space to store stuff. And we still have plenty of things left in the house. Bjørn was confident he'd be able to store things better and planned on spending most of the day doing so. Geir N (the Geir I sit next to in the teachers' study room) phoned me and asked if we needed help today. I told him about the plan, and he said he'd love to come and help. He was confident that his unsurpassed skills in Tetris would make him the right man to help out with the storage room. I started the day gathering more boxes to pack stuff in, and then driving to the storage space in Mysen. I waited there for Bjørn and Geir. Bjørn brought the Caravelle full of things that needed to be there and Geir came to help carry. Then Bjørn and Geir drove to the Tetris challange in Ørje while I went to some shops to find things we need for the move. I later joined Bjørn and Geir in Ørje to do what little I could. And to take pictures. By the time they were done, almost half the room was freed up, ready for more stuff.



I drove back to the Mysen storage room and did a few last things before I went back to Ås. We only have tomorrow left, and Bjørn is close to collapsing.

Friday 10 August 2018

Moving and going to a wedding

The first part of the day was spent moving.The truck from the moving company came. Anja were there to help out. I did practical things like getting us insurance for our two storage spaces. I then drove to Askim, showered, changed into a dress and waited for Bjørn to come. We were going to Eira and Axel's wedding. Funnily enough, when Bjørn had come home after being at the storage room, he had parked in the garage, and then power had gone, so that he no longer could open the garage door. He phoned to tell me. We were running short of time, so I told him to take a taxi and I would drive and meet him half way. So he did, I drove us to Sarpsborg and we came to the wedding just in time. Amalie was also there, looking as beautiful as ever.

Since the bride and groom are both transsexual, it was a Pride-themed wedding. Bjørn was so worn out that he fell asleep a couple of times, and he was completely shattered at the end of the day. Pride.jpg


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