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Monday 3 June 2019

Weather could be better

I was up at 6.30am today, and one and a half hour later I was on my physiotherapist's torture bench. I have all the faith in the world in him, and he seems genuinely interested in helping me get rid of all this pain.

Yesterday was cold and rainy, but today's weather forecast said we would have 18 degrees and some sun. Right now it is terribly windy, chilly, overcast and a bit of rain, though a new look at the forecast tells me it is quite fine here right now. We have had 6 months of snow and winter, and I am desperate for some warmth and light. It drains me of energy to still freeze and look up at a grey sky. April was quite nice, but then we got a May that was colder than our April (for the first time in 150 years or so), and June now seems to do its best to be worse than May. I am inside, have made myself a cup of African herbal tea, and hope for better times.

...And now at the end of the evening, I can say that today was all about rain and wind.

But I did get yet another birthday-month present from Bjørn. This time a handmade Canadian romantic two-eskimoes-in-a-canoe figure. I am glad he can still surprise me :)


Sunday 10 March 2019

Ups and downs

I felt a little down this morning and shared my frustration with Bjørn. So he joined me for a walk. Brought my camera, and had a good time.

Hedge. Snow. Sky.


Rødenes Church


Winter still.




The beach.




Bet the trees long for spring.


When we came home, our neighbour-to-be was there with her dog, Buddy.


He came running through the snow as fast as his Corgi legs could carry him.


Quite a little charmer!


Fed the birds, photographed some of them. We have hordes.

After the walk we had lunch and did some things at home. Life was better by the time I went to bed....

Monday 16 July 2018

Ridderspranget, Valdresflye, Hulderstigen

A day of sightseeing. We got up early, pack our rucksacks and drove to Ridderspranget



From there we drove over Valdresflye, one of our 18 national scenic routes.



We drove over the mountain passage and back. At the end of it, we stopped for a walk on "Hulderstigen".





We would have been late back to the cottage as it were, and when we took a wrong turn and added 45 minutes to the drive, we returned back really late and soon went to bed.

Saturday 14 July 2018

A bit of welcomed rain

Today it was raining. Amalie and Bjørn were out for a short little trip, while I stay inside. How absolutely perfect to sit in a mountain cottage and read for a whole day! It was good to have some rain, this summer is so hot and so dry that nature is suffering. As are the farmers and their farm animals.

Friday 13 July 2018

A mountain walk

After breakfast we packed our rucksacks, got in the car and drove to the Peer Gynt Road which is a dirt road over a beautiful mountain area. It was so very difficult to decide where to park the car and start walking in the mountains because it looked perfect everywhere. But eventually we just decided for a place. The sun was shining, it was warm, moods were good, and we had a perfect day.


















Sunday 8 July 2018

Holmsbu, Støa and Rødtangen

Had a good breakfast at the cottage. Drove to Støa where we first went to the wonderful stone building that houses Henrik Sørensen's art. I have been there many times, it is always good.

Amalie and Ida outside the museum, enjoying the sun.

Then we walked down to the small houses at Støa where you find other art exhibitions, and a craft exhibition. The art exhibition have different paintings each summer, and this summer's was the best. I enjoyed most of the paintings there, and some I liked so much that I would have bought them if I had had the money and a wall to hang them on. Then we sat down in the sun and enjoyed the idyllic little spot that Støa is.

After Støa, we drove to the beach at Rødttangen. Astri and Ida went for a swim, claiming the water was warm and lovely. Me and Amalie stayed dry.

Back to the cottage, we made dinner, and then it was time to pack. Astri drove the girls to the bus at Sætre, and herself home. I stayed on to tidy and clean the cottage. I was done at about 9pm, and then I drove to my mother and said a quick hello before I drove back to Ås.

Bjørn's day has been spent at his father's and visiting his brother in his new house.

Friday 28 July 2017

Kuvauen, Hvaler

Last day at the Hvaler cottage today. It has undoubtedly been one of the best weeks of my life. I can't remember when I last was this relaxed and happy. A sad contrast to what it has been like to live at home for the last year. We relaxed to the max in the sun for as long as we could, cleaned the cottage to make it ready for its next visitor, and left. But on the way home, we stopped at Kuvauen, where we had not been before. We debated weather or not to stop there for some final sightseeing, or to drive straight home. We were both happy we decided to stop. It was beautiful there, and the wonderful holidays was extended with a few hours.

















We were home at around 6pm, and the rest of day was spent doing practical things, and then relaxing. And suddenly it was 3am!

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Skjærhalden, Hvaler

Just enjoying the cottage and relaxing. Reading, tanning, relaxing. Wonderful. The day went by just as smoothly as this ship that sailed by.


Sunday 23 July 2017

Sun, sea birds and social life

Woke up to beautiful sunny weather. Have been out on the veranda the whole day. Our friend Erik is a bus driver, and his route goes out to this place, so he had his break here today. Short visit, but so nice to talk to him.Irene was already here when he came, she spent the whole day here. So good to have entire day out in the sun, and with good people!

And the birdies were right there. This place gives the best photo opportunities!

Saturday 22 July 2017

Relaxing to the max

A day in the sun. Tanning, reading, watching the birds. Ending the day with a glass of my favourite red wine. I already feel so much better.

Friday 21 April 2017

A perfect day

I took today off work. I have worked a lot lately, and most of it I have taken out as pay, but I also have a few hours that I can take as time off. Today I had to go to Sarpsborg to fetch a thing I can use for self-treatment at the state treatment central. Bjørn was my designated driver, and though I lead him astray at first, we eventually found the place we needed. Having had the thingy handed over, we were back in the car. It was noon, and since I had a day off, we wanted to do something with it. After a bit of pondering, we decided to go to Halden. It was Bjørn's idea, and it was a brilliant one. Halden is my favourite town in this county. I would not mind moving somewhere close to Halden.... Off we drove. We strolled around in Halden, and took some pictures. These are taken by Bjørn.

When weather went from sunny spring to hail-ridden winter, we found a place to have coffee - a very atmosphereic place with very good coffee: Bryggerihuset.

When we drove home from Halden, we chose the scenic route, which made for a very nice trip. And we stopped in Ski to go to the mall there. Bjørn who is now very active in Halden's Red Cross, and who will soon spend and outdoor training weekend with them, needed some equipment and some boots. I needed some clothes. So we did a bit of shopping, and we both found what we hoped to find.

On our way home we saw what we usually see: Wildlife. But this time Bjør had his zoom ready!

Home late, after what feels like a holiday!

Tuesday 17 May 2016

Norway's National Day

As usual, we escaped from the madness by going for a walk. Today's walk went into the Trømborg hills, and we walked 23 km. It was for exercise and not for cosiness or fun.

I learned something about myself on this walk. When we have walked for 16 km, and we are a little lost and have to make several attempts at finding the right path - I can get just a tad sulky. I'm fine once we're back on track though.

I brought my camera, and there were some nice views along the way, but I did not want to slow us down by taking pics all the time. The few I took was when we had to make shorts stops for other reasons. The walk was very varied and we went by a few very nice places, but I will have to photograph all of that the next time!

Lots of moorlands, and as always, there are some good souls who have worked to make it possible to cross them.


A popular tree!


The view from where we had our first rest.


The view from where we had our second rest



Friday 3 July 2015

The Coastal Highway, summer holidays day 7

Waking up at cosy Oscarbrygga after a good night's sleep. Enjoying the breakfast platter that we brought with us from the restaurant yesterday, taking in the morning view and then.... back to the car and driving North. Today we had two goals for the day. We wanted to walk on the Svartisen glacier, and we wanted to at least make it up a few of these crazy stairs.

But there was a lot of fog, and heavy rainshowers were being turned on and off with unpredictable intervals. To do these walks in rain and fog would not have been much fun, so yet again our frisky walking plans were stopped by lousy weather. But in case the weather should pick up we drove towards the stairs, and the scenery along the way was wonderful.

An arm of the Svartisen glacier


At one point the rain turned into a light drizzle, so we found a place to park so we could get out of the car,


We used the opportunity to take pictures.



This river was running quite fast, and at the end of it we heard a loud sound of waterfalls, but we could not see the source of it, so we followed the river upstream.


And it ended here. The waterfalls were bigger than the picture make they seem, and this close, the sound of them was really something!


Even though it would be a detour, we decided to continue on this road and see where it lead us.


The road soon took us uphill; in to and up to the mountains. The landscape was stunning. I took no photos, because we were surrounded on all sides by amazing and mighty nature and any small little part of that I would have been able to capture, would not have given the slightest little inkling of what it was like to be in the middle of that scenery. A high quality wide angle lens was put on my wish list for when I eventually decide what kind of camera I want next.

After a while the road got worse and the signs telling us we could drive on at our own risk got more frequent. We would not have managed to drive at all had it not been for having Bjørn's SUV. Eventually we came to a place to park


and a big sign telling us we had entered Làhko national park (protected area), the youngest national park in Norway. We parked the car and walked around for a couple of hours. Again we wished we could have stayed here for days.

It was a cold summer in Northern Norway, so still plenty of snow.




A dam


A Bjørn


More of Làhko




We went back to the car and wanted to drive further into the mountain area, but obviously this was not the right summer to do so....


And here is a picture taken with Cassie in mind, since she told me that we needed to take more pictures of the two of us together :)


We drove to the hotel we had booked for the night. The least OK hotel of the trip and it was at the most boring place. It took us a little while and a bit of a drive to find somewhere to eat, but eventually we found an Italian place. Had dinner and went back to the hotel where we had an early night.

Wednesday 1 July 2015

The Coastal Highway, summer holidays day 5

Another nice hotel breakfast at the Scandic hotel. Today's plan was to walk up on the tallest of the seven sisters (six mountains in one monutain range). But it was cold, rainy and very foggy. Since these are real mountains and not just hills, it would be dangerous to walk up there in the fog, so we had to change our plans. Instead we decided to go for tomorrow's plan today and took the ferry over to yet another island; Dønna.

First we drove to the old Dønna farm and the church that once belonged to it. The farm house today is also a guesthouse. We had coffee and I had a waffel while we waited for the guided tour in the church.

Dønna Farm


Dønnes Church, from around year 1200 (though restored through the times)




A gravestone with an unusual epitaph. Someone had not been too happy about living....


Inside the Church. We were not allowed to photograph the strangest thing, the mausoleum. Behind a heavy door were lots of caskets in all sizes. People with money and power could once be buried inside the church, and some of them are still there.





Enjoying some nice flowers before leaving the church.


After the tour we followed a sign pointing to Dønnes mountain. A steep walk up, and we were followed by hundreds of flies. they had made stairs to facilitate the walk up! The view from the top was great. Pictures not even close to being representative.



The Dønna man (not too hard to see the shape of a man lying on his back)


The seven sisters from the tale of Lekamøya


On the top was also a small house where they sold coffee and cake, and it opened today for the first time this summer. We had a nice rest before we walked back down. Then we drove to see the 1600 year old phallus that we had been told we should see. It is the biggest one in Northern Europe, if my sources are correct.


A couple of more pictures from Dønna




Then we crossed the bridge to the next island on the trip - Herøy. A truly beautiful place that I would have loved to explore more. Unfortunately rain started pouring, and there was so much of it that we soon could not see a thing. I only managed to take a few pics.



We had dinner on Herøy, drove back to Dønna and then got on the ferry back to the mainland and our hotel.

Sunday 28 June 2015

The Coastal Highway, summer holidays day 2

From Steinkjer to the island of Leka.

Got up, rather reluctantly, at 7am. Showered, had a nice breakfast with lots of salmon, and then were on our way. Again, lots of wonderful scenery on the way there. it is like driving through a national romantic painting.

Shortly after we left Steinkjer, I wanted a stop for some photographing




Next stop was at a bird reserve. A tranquil place.


A nice horse that posed for the photographer


A few chosen shots from hours of beautiful scenery




The ferry to Leka


In the late afternoon, we arrived at Leka, the island that has been given the honour of being Norway's geological national monument. Yes, the whole island. It was a truly amazing place. We took a ferry to the island, and drove to the camping where we had rented a cabin. The cabin was bigger and nicer than what we had thought. It had a small kitchen where we could cook our own food. After we had put our things there and had a five minute rest, we went for a drive around the island. The landscape that met us was nothing short of stunning. Leka has mountains made of stone that you otherwise only have inside of the earth's crust, and in air, they corrode and break up into many pieces. The result is a rock formation that is unique, and it gives a rare opportunity to explore stones as they are on the inside of earth. This is so because back in pangea, a small tectonic plate was flipped around so that what today is the alien looking mountain area on Leka, is actually the side of the tectonic plate that earlier was under water. Leka will be one of the highlights of this holiday, and a place I will always want to return to. At daytime, the mountains seemed a warm kind of yellow. But with the evening sun they became a warm kind of red.

We went for a walk on the heather on the Northern side of the island. While there, Zoltan phoned to tell us that parts of the house was without electricity. I walked around and explored, while Bjørn was on the phone with Zoltan. It was a magnificent walk.








In the early evening we went on a guided 45 minute bus trip (it was the first time they had such a guided trip there). They talked about the special geology at the place, and we were also taken to the place where one of Leka's famous stories took place - the mountain where a girl who had disappeared was found high up - in an eagle's nest. When the bus trip was done, we parked the car and went for a walk in the alien landscape. It was amazing. What a day, what a place!

The mountain area from he earth's core.... From the guided tour. Close to the top on the tallest moutain is where they found the girl in the nest.



Pictures from our walk











We drove around a little more. Daylight 24 hours, so difficult to call it a night. We found the sign pointing to the Leka Lion


And there it was


It was midnight and time to go back to the camping for a snack and some sleep. We both wished we had planned to spend more time here.

Saturday 14 June 2014


Norway has it, and often on the same day....







Saturday 7 March 2009


Just read a weather report. It said that the snow we have had today is just a start. We can expect up to 20 new cm (we're at around 60-70 now) over the next few days. And it will get a lot colder again. If a non-Norwegian would like to take me in, let me know....