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Tuesday 18 June 2019

Closing a chapter

Today I had my last day at my job in Kolbotn. I do not manage to work 140% any longer, so I have resigned from the 40% position in Kolbotn, and today i said my goodbyes. The principal waited for me to come in the evening, gave me flowers and some very nice words. My colleague Per gave me flowers, My pupils gave me flowers and some other gifts. I have been there for about three years now, and it was strange to be there for the last time. We had an hour in the classroom, and then the two classes joined, and we had a party to mark the end of the school year and my leaving. I felt a strange mix of sad and relieved.

Back home, I got today's kind birthday month present; a drinking bottle. Since my kidney is not working as well as it should, I need to work on drinking more. I will try to keep this with me during the day, and hopefully it will help :)


Monday 4 February 2019

Evening meeting with the online pupils.

Getting a few things done at home at daytime before I drove to work. This time in a brand new Renault station wagon. Bjørn drove my car to the garage today so that they would fix the damage that was done when he was in the chain-collision some time back. They lend us this Renault while we wait for my car to be fixed. Though it is 3 years newer than my car, and would cost almost twice as much, I am happy to say that my own car is much to prefer.

Though I am not to fond of winter, I will admit that it can be beautiful.



Thursday 15 November 2018

From misty morning walk to Course in First Aid.

Thursday means walking before work. I should not bring my camera, because it means less exercise. But our surroundings at this place are so exceptionally well suited for photography, it feels like a waste not to.

Then to work where I did not go to Kolbotn after the workday, but stayed on in Askim to have another half planning day. Today was about first aid, and it was very useful to go through that again. Home at 8pm on a Thursday is quite good, so I also had time for a bit of housework!

Saturday 20 October 2018


We held a party here for those who helped us move, and their spouses. Some were busy, and a couple became sick a the last minute, but we had 12 guests here. It was a great evening. Bjørn and I made the food, Joanna and Anne brought cakes. It was supposed to be our way of saying thank you, and yet they brought a gift for us. A pretty darn good one: lots and lots of firewood! They are the best people ever. All those who came were my workmates with spouses, except for Bjørn's friend Merete. It was an evening of quality conversations, lots of laughter, lots of singing - included and old Polish song and an an old Bolivian one. And we sang the birthday song for Nina's boyfriend who thought noone knew he had his birthday today. Amalie's guitar and Bjørn's keyboard was also brought out, since we had so many musical guests. Anecdotes, poetry recitals and jokes. And everyone agreed it had been a good evening.

Making food....


The party lasted till 2am, and Anne and her boyfriend Morten slept over. When I finally hit the bed, I thought I'd fall asleep right away, but it took a little while. So happy it was such a success.

Me, Nina, Joanna and Lene


Me, Nina and Lene


Friday 12 October 2018

Work and rest

Had some extra lessons today in the top level class where I usually teach 6 lessons a week. Today I had 4 lessons there instead of 6, so I used the opportunity to talk to them about Henrik Ibsen, and show them half an hour of "A doll's home". Joanna asked me if I wanted to have some food she had got from a pupil, and that was good since I had forgotten my own lunch. I needed a bit of nourishment before my one-to-one pupil came at 4pm. I like that he is a lot less shy and timid now than he was when he started out. One can almost suspect him of thinking he could do worse things than studying on a Friday evening. He is a nice young man, and these are not the worst lessons I have had, though it is a little strange to spend Fridays evening teaching. Bjørn and I were invited to Anne and Morten for a traditional Norwegian meal, and I felt so bad about saying no, but I was not home until 8pm, and by then I was shattered. Bjørn stopped by Anne today anyway to pick up a couple of beds, a small table, a couple of nightstands and a carpet that she donates to our so far sparsely furnitured home.

There are some interesting opportunities for Bjørn now as well, I can only hope that my brilliant 49th year will also include him having a bit of good luck also.

At work, my colleague Per has hung a board on the wall where he puts up pictures he takes when he is out with his class, or from his lessons in biology. I just love that board, there is always so much fun to see there. I have told Per he has to keep it up, it really makes my day. Today this one made me laugh:


It reads: "This is a lemming. It can become very stressed. You musn't." I love my job.

In the evening, I texted with Joanna for an hour's time. She told me a secret of hers, and we talked about it for a while. She is becoming a very good friend.

Friday 22 June 2018


Had a wonderful last day at my Askim job. For the first time this last half year, I have not been a contact teacher, so there was nothing I had to do today. I could just wander around, visiting the classes I have been teaching this year, say goodbye... and of course have a taste of their food since the classes in Askim also end the year with food. In Geir's class, there was crazy conditions and they were dancing and having a party. In Guri's class there was quiet conversation around the table. Both places there was lot of interesting food. It is an art to be polite enough to taste everyone's dishes without overeating.

I left work, got in the car and set off to Elverum. Three hours later I parked outside the in-laws house. They served food which I was not quite ready for, and I got to see what Bjørn and Per had been doing that day. In the evening we went to our hotel, and I was happy to have been able to book Elgstua again - I have been here once before with Bjørn and once with Astri. They win prices for their breakfast, the rooms are nice and the staff always friendly. And it is nice to have a weekend with Bjørn again.

Let the holidays begin!

Thursday 21 June 2018

End of school year in Kolbotn

Last day at my Kolbotn job this school year. Gave a flower to my partner-in-crime who has kept me with coffee every single evening at Kolbotn. My pupils had brought dishes from their home countries, which meant I did not leave the place hungry. Bjørn drove to Elverum to visit his father today and to help him out with some things. I will go there tomorrow after work, but then we will stay at a hotel.

Tuesday 12 June 2018


Not many days left of school now, so busy wrapping things up and getting ready for holidays. That includes tests, to see where they are now at the end of the school year.

And in the middle of it all - being super happy that I no longer work where I used to work.

Monday 7 May 2018

No pain, no gain.

That is so very true of treatment for plantar fasciitis. I had another round of shock wave treatment today, and it gives me enough pain to really feel I am alive... But it works. For the last couple of weeks, the plantar has been gone. As in completely gone. Not even a little tenderness. Nothing. I am so happy about that! The treatment is fairly expensive, but it has been so worth it. I never thought I would get to where I could walk around with no heel pain again.

Then I walked back to Ås via the grocery store. Had no internet in the basement, and while that normally would have made me rush off to work since today is for my online pupils, I decided to give myself a treat, have a cup coffee, cuddle up under a blanket and finish one of Per's books. That was perfection. I also fell asleep while reading, and I needed that bit of extra rest. Then it was off to work in Askim. First Monday of the week means we give the online pupils a chance to meet up and talk in the evening. We were at it till 8.30 pm, and then chatted away for a bit. I was back in Ås at 10 pm.

Meanwhile Bjørn had another evening at the beekeeper course. This evening they even learned how to make some of their own equipment. So cool!

Friday 27 April 2018

Working late

Today was mostly about work. Came early, left very late. But did get lots of things done. When you start sending silly pics to tell your spouse you are still at work, it is on time to go home.


Thursday 26 April 2018


Work in Askim, work in Kolbotn. That is pretty much it.

Tuesday 3 April 2018

A day...

I was so crazily sleepy when I woke up today, I wondered how i would survive a long workday. But some hours into my job in Askim, I woke up a little, and by the time I finished up in Kolbotn at 9pm, I was feeling OK. I am lucky to have a job that gives me energy instead of draining me of it.

Monday 19 March 2018

What a day!

I went in to work today. Since I am going back to my Askim job after Easter, I felt the need to find out what sort of classes I would have and to start preparing for them. I also wanted to have met my colleagues again and have that out of the way. It was a little scary to go back after such a long time. I need not have worried. I had just come into the the study room I sit in, when one of the teachers saw me, threw herself around my neck, and said "I love you" repeatedly. And then she said she hoped I was back to stay. Next came Lene and more hugging. Then Geir and more hugs.... and the day continued like that. So much love and friendliness, it was overwhelming. At one point, when I was having lunch, one of them said "Unni, being here again must feel like coming home!". And that was exactly how it felt. These are my people. I have missed them so much, and it was so good to be back. My boss asked to talk to me, and she asked me if I perhaps wanted a softer start than the one I had planned. Because our social welfare system offers the opportunity of not starting up with a 100% job when you have been away for a while on sick leave. They want to make sure that the employer starts up again in the best possible way, to make sure that the workload will be bearable. It was just such a tremendously good offer. And I felt such a relief when it was given, so I understood that it would be good for me to say yes to that offer. We then talked about what sort of tasks it would be good to have a break from, and found the best solution ever. I can not wait to start now. I used to be a little apprehensive, and wonder if I was ready for it. With this solution is place, I will cope without difficulty. I really do have the best work place in the history of work places.

I was at work till 4pm, and then Bjørn came to pick me up. We went to the mall in Ski, and I picked up three books at a book sale. I should not, I have so many unread books at home. But they were SO cheap, and they were all quality books. I think I was a good girl to only pick out three. Bjørn paid for them, which was a nice gesture. Then we went for a meal before he drove me back to the parking lot at work where my car was. back at Ås, I went for a short walk, since I want to try to do a bit of walking every day. Then I logged on to the net to talk with Bjørn about our Easter holidays. He was booking place on a ferry from Sweden to Finland. We chose a ferry that goes in the evening and that will be in Turku on Sunday morning.

Three perfect days in a row. When did that last happen? There have been many enough horrid days in a row earlier, so I think I deserve it.

Tuesday 13 March 2018


Most of the day was spent at work. I went to Kolbotn quite early. Went to the mall there first and posted invitations for my mother's 75th birthday. Had lunch and a cup of coffee at the cafeteria there before I walked to work. Had a very nice evening with my wonderful evening class. Back here quite late since I was commuting by train and bus. I just did not have it in me to dig my car out of this week's snow today.

Thursday 8 March 2018

Walk and work

Anja and Espen both had to leave very early today, so I walked the boys to school. I came back here just to take Jazz with me and go for a forest walk. Then a few hours here before it was off to work. Had a fun evening in the classroom. We had more snow today. It is just insane. I have liked this winter more than I usually like winters. But it has been five months. It would be good to see the end of it now.



Tuesday 13 February 2018

A wintery winter

We now only have one car, and that car is with Bjørn. So when I needed to go to work today, I went by bus and train. I left Ås early since I did not know how long it would take. It was a much nicer way to travel than by car, and I was in Kolbotn a lot earlier than expected. After a week of many extraordinary tough ordeals, I decided to treat myself to lunch.

Espen said the mall at Kolbotn was one of the nicer ones, and that he goes there if he needs to kill time waiting for a train. So I went there and found a place to sit and have lunch. Sitting there alone, knowing I would not go home to a crazy neighbour after work, thinking that perhaps I would be able to improve my health in all ways from now on made me feel good. I had 45 very uplifting minutes there before I walked to work.


The way home took a bit more time since there were fewer trains that late. By the time I got on the bus, it had started snowing. And when I got off the bus, it snowed a lot. This really is the winter the keeps on giving.

Heading to my Ås home:


Thursday 19 October 2017

Seminar in Oslo

No classes today neither in Askim nor in Oslo. The day was spent in Oslo with two colleagues. we attended a seminar about pedagogical use of digital teaching aids. That was so interesting, I had a great day and was very inspired. Home late, and it was nice that Bjørn also had come home and do not have to work tomorrow.

Tuesday 3 October 2017

Autumn holidays and work

Got up early, which was tough. Went to work, and worked for eight hours straight. Online pupils, preparing, looking at pupils' papers, admin work and so on. Then to the pharmacy to get some stuff prescribed by the doc yesterday. Grocery shopping and home to Bjørn. Talked with him for half an hour before he had to go to work. So tired now, and will have an early night. Work again tomorrow.

Me at work.


Friday 1 September 2017

Oh, sweet Friday!

Work from 8am till around 4pm. Then home, and entering coma. I have a pulled muscle in my back, so I have not slept for three days. No sleep, and tons of work - I am SO tired!

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Secret Mission

Work from 8 am till 6pm. Then off to my Wednesday Secret Mission. Home at around 10pm.


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